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The increasingly fashionable trend to create corners of well-being and peacefulness even in interior spaces is leading to a renewed interest in more convivial and emotional furnishing styles.

And so, among the small-size ceramic inspirations that architects and interior designers apply in their projects, decorative relief wall tiles represent a dynamic and never predictable solution.

From the triumph of colour to inlaid patterns in different textures, the small-sized decorative ceramic tiles lend specificity and character to the room, interacting in harmony with the other surfaces in a cohesive and convincing Mix&Match way.


Decorated, coloured or relief tiles? Space for fantasy and practicality in small size

Customised interior projects full of expressive ideas thanks to decorated, coloured and relief tiles in porcelain stoneware and small size.

From Mediterranean-themed details or indoor garden to bright, reassuring tones to textures that are soft to the touch and raw to the eye, wall tiling can only give room for imagination and practicality.


A look at tradition with decorated tiles

Starting with decorated tiles, these allow for the creation of evocative scenarios of rare beauty: timeless encaustic tiles, majolica tiles with Mediterranean atmospheres and Moroccan-style tiles are among the favoured options for striking furnishing with a vintage touch.

It is important to remember that each ceramic tile can be unique, with antique patterns or contemporary designs, allowing for original and customised compositions. The wide range of available patterns offers multiple opportunities to combine with the surrounding elements.

While decorated 20x20 tiles remain a great classic, over the years the world of interior design has welcomed many new size innovations, such as the hexagonal tile 25x21.6.

To this matter, the Terracreta collection shows a renewed ceramic interpretation of clay through the combined use of backgrounds and decorations.

The process enhances the material itself, focusing on the encounter between craftsmanship and technological vocation.

The attitude of Terracreta develops in a rising of style and design, expanding the expressive and decorative possibilities with brushstroke, tiled and textured effects to enrich rooms.

For example, on the Mediterranean style side, Terracreta in its Cesello, Intarsio and Dipinto variants, ranges within shades reminiscent of the typical colours of seaside villages, with refined and trendy tones that give a touch of exquisite liveliness to the whole.

An aesthetic with everlasting appeal, which we can also find in other forms - such as the brick effect tiles - through Linea 1741.

Ideal in combination with other ceramic surfaces, this proposal complements solutions of various kinds, from wood-effect flooring to resin-effect stoneware or limestone and Terrazzo.

Coloured tiles for eye-catching walls: the new combination of texture and colour

Among this year's trends is colour that moves, expressing joy and vitality.

There's more: colour becomes a must-have that brings comfort, glamour and luxury to the interior. Especially when it combines outstanding aesthetic performance with resistance to wear, damage or discolouration, as is the case with ceramic materials.

And from here, coloured porcelain tiles manage to transform an initially anonymous wall into an artistic surface, originating an exclusive and unexpected focal point.

The same occurs with different niches, partition walls, pillars and columns. They can be converted into precious details that give a twist to the overall design by offering more pleasantness and fascination.

Whether you are looking for a more classic style or a more contemporary one, decorative ceramic tiles fit every need, offering numerous colours and creative possibilities.

On the colour side, the use of bold statements, vibrant shades such as Viva Magenta Pantone 2023 or bright shades of blue, amaranth and green is more and more spread.
However, the sweet cozy option also remains, with contrasting natural and warm tones such as coral, white and cashmere.


The textural dimension of the different textures available must also be added:

  • shiny and glossy for a more glamorous touch
  • satiny and velvety for an unmistakable touch of comfort

The new proposals show the 6x24 cm rectangular brick in the foreground.

Miniature Soda brings the oldest techniques of master glassmakers to the world of decorative porcelain stoneware wall tiles. This gives rise to a new expressive force for high-impact surfaces.

The collection uniquely depicts the special delicacy and colour depth of glass, reinterpreted in a modern key for lively colour plays and original decorative wall niches.


Miniature Cera, as its name suggests, is a collection with a different tactile and aesthetic experience.

Light pigments with a velvety feel enhance trendy, bold tones in a refined proposal that enhances contemporary environments and can be easily combined with other surfaces and finishes such as:

to recreate the synergy and style you most appreciate.


Both Miniature Soda and Miniature Cera can be applied with different composition layouts and pattern combinations:

  • vertical
  • horizontal
  • offset
  • chevron

It is also possible to enhance the design of the pattern with a contrasting joint or to give a more homogeneous effect to the whole through tone-on-tone joints.


Relief tiles. Three-dimensionality for novel tactile sensations

The use of relief tiles in interior design projects is another growing trend that adds tactile sensations and three-dimensionality to walls, creating an unprecedented layout.

From this point of view, ceramics with a "rough" aspect is one of this year's leading materials because of its connection to nature and its appearance closer to the primordial state of the surface, i.e. fired and installed brick.

While fashion, furniture and design are certainly no strangers to seemingly "Spartan" stylistic choices, it is true that the raw look corresponds to a great deal of quality and sophistication, like other more glossy or "desirable" options.


For example, the aesthetics and potential of London bricks have inspired the new Miniature Fornace collection of decorative relief wall tiles.

As the title of this article puts it - "Perfect Imperfections" - the imperfections of the material become richness and originality, creating unique pieces that skilfully reproduce the ancient process of manual shaping.


Miniature Furnace is further enhanced by the perfect representation of an irregular surface, soft and pleasant to the touch and able to capture and multiply the perception of light in any room.

The selection of enveloping shades in this collection is designed to meet any design requirement, such as covering curved surfaces and volumes, allowing for greater flexibility.

In addition, Miniature Fornace includes the Formella decoration, inspired by the "frog" indent on the long side of most London bricks.

This special decoration can be used in combination with backgrounds or to cover the entire wall, creating an even more unique and refined effect.


Another option with hand-made fascination is Terracreta, a collection that also includes relief tiles in its variety: they feature all the typical peculiarities of handmade.

Including, shaping and making precious: Terracreta is a simple but, in turn, extremely precious collection in its expression.

Here, three-dimensionality is at the service of customisation, thanks to the Rilievo, Forma and Forma Vitrea proposals, available in the 20x20 size.

By using them, it is possible to create a wide variety of wall compositions and enhance sections that divide up spaces, including niches, corners and corridors.


The Terracreta Rilievo Lacca wall tiling option is characterised by a three-dimensional texture that gives maximum expression to the ceramic material.

Its intense shades of blue vibrate with deep reflections, restoring the effect of a natural colour shading with an evocative handcrafted flavour.


Inserting decorative wall tiles into your interior design project: the magic of Mix&Match

Decorative ceramic wall tiles represent a multifaceted, reliable and versatile design choice.

This is why they have made their way into interior design trends in recent years, winning over more and more architects, interior designers, planners and customers.

But how do you include decorative wall tiles into your project?

In fact, it is not always easy to regulate the various options and understand which features or advantages are right for you.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities of decorative tiles and find out how to integrate them into your overall project, download our detailed guide.

Explore many useful suggestions and combinations, get practical tips, realistic settings and be inspired by the countless possibilities of ceramic surfaces.

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