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Ventilated walls

A ventilated wall is a solution for cladding buildings that consists in a series of layers with ventilation gaps in between: the outer façade is made up of several layers, each with a particular function and composition, installed dry by means of mechanical suspension and fixing devices to create an air gap between the cladding and the underlying wall. If compared to conventional walls, ventilated walls guarantee better thermal, hygrometric and sound-proofing properties.


Versatile and ground-breaking solutions

Ventilated walls are designed on the basis of the aesthetic and functional requirements of each building and fulfil the needs of contemporary architecture by granting breathability of walls and by protecting the cladding against meteoric water. Being light and safe, this technology ensures that walls have the essential properties needed to offer a positive effect on the well-being of those living or working inside the building.


The main advantages are

Protection against atmospheric agents

A ventilated wall protects the brick structure against freezing and rainwater seepage, also in the event that wind is particularly strong, hence drastically reducing damage and maintenance costs.

Thermal protection

The ventilated system allows for optimal usage of the thermal capacity of a wall, thereby improving the energy performance of the entire building. Correct thermal insulation reduces the effects of external irradiation and prevents the formation of thermal bridges and mildew that may lead to cracking and dislodging of parts of the façade.

Acoustic protection

the various layers forming the façade insulate the building against outdoor noise, and absorb it to reduce disturbance inside.

Healthiness of environments

Breathability and air circulation between the wall and the cladding maintain optimal humidity and temperature conditions therefore reducing the formation of mildew.

Prestigious appearance

Marca Corona elegance and style also find their place in ventilated systems to offer impeccable surfaces with characteristics that remain stable over time. This system is recommended for both new buildings and for renovation since its impact on the existing structure is very small.

Porcelain stoneware, the ideal solution for ventilated walls

Thanks to its technical and aesthetic properties, Marca Corona porcelain stoneware is the ideal material for ventilated wall systems. Being particularly resistant to wear, abrupt temperature changes, chemicals and atmospheric agents, Marca Corona ventilated wall systems are a technologically advanced solution. Designed to resist any climatic situation and to prevent damage both to the structure and outer cladding, ventilated surfaces optimise thermal, technical and aesthetic performance of buildings and ensure the best in terms of practicality and durability.

The Project Division of Marca Corona offers a variety of services for development of ventilated wall systems that are both aesthetically excellent and technically reliable, amongst which:



In order to meet the most complex and modern design needs, Marca Corona has developed state-of-the-art solutions and created a Project Division that provides expertise and top-quality after-sales care for architects and designers.
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