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Read our advice on how to renovate your home in an ethnic style!

An ethnic-style home recalls atmospheres and suggestions of faraway exotic places. Anyone who has visited Morocco will have been enchanted by the settings of A Thousand and One Nights, the decadent splendour of the imperial cities, the enveloping scents of the local markets and the suspended atmospheres of the lush Riads, hidden among intricate narrow streets.

Undoubtedly the most characteristic and evocative element of Morocco is the Riad, from the Arabic 'gardens' or 'leisure', a complex of rooms, interior gardens and courtyards, almost always multi-storeyed and embellished with fountains and decorated tiles. All Riads display certain essential traits typical of theMoorish ethnic style, regardless of their size and the personal taste of their inhabitants: essential and severe lines, intertwined domes and arches, stucco and ceramics with refined decorations and relief patterns.

Ceramics is chosen for its durability and versatility and it is one of the most popular materials used in Moroccan-style constructions: ceramic floor and wall tiles can feature an infinite number of different decorations, geometric patterns and 3D reliefs, inspired by motifs from the past or by entirely new trends.

Porcelain stoneware tiles can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor applications, resistant as they are to the elements and to large temperature fluctuations: ceramic is perfect in lending continuity to the hybrid spaces of the Riads and in resisting the differences between day and night temperatures typical of this part of North Africa.

Ethnic style: Moroccan Style decor

Ethnic style: everything you need to know

The Moroccan ethnic style, so lively, chic and elaborate, has managed to win everyone over, from fashion trend setters such as Yves Saint Laurent, owner of the famous Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, to politicians, prominent personalities and above all, internationally renown architects and designers.

Thanks to them, the Moroccan style has also landed in the West, and is increasingly used in contemporary interior design projects looking for new ideas for home décor.

Evocative and cosy, ethnic furniture is now also incredibly popular with the general public, who aim to reproduce it in their living spaces, to a greater or lesser extent.

But what are the indispensable elements for creating Moroccan-style exotic atmospheres at home?

Fundamental are the concepts of space and airiness: to convey senses of freedom, you need to look for high ceilings, large bright rooms, domes and arches, perhaps overlooking lush gardens or small exteriors, with attention to the smallest details.

If you only have a small space at your disposal, focus on open spaces - doors are absolutely banned, because they are barriers to movement and light.

Great attention must then be paid to the choice of colours, especially for floor and wall tiles: to design enveloping and conciliatory frames, you can choose warm, natural tones with a dusty finish; to create more lively and energising environments, on the other hand, you can bet on bolder and more flamboyant shades, inspired by the colours of spices, such as yellow ochre, orange and terracotta, or by the hues of the sea.

Ethnic living room with Marca Corona ceramics

Overclay floor and wall tiles are the ideal choice for renovating the living area with an ethnic-style décor.

This desert-inspired porcelain stoneware collection consists of:

  • a palette of 7 colours, among which Terra and Cotto stand out;
  • 5 large sizes that are practical and versatile;
  • 2 different finishes, for authentic and classy interiors.

For more eye-catching exotic interiors, on the other hand, one can opt for small-size decorated encaustic tiles, such as those of Terra.Art: a porcelain stoneware collection with vintage graphics, which in the Oceano version immediately brings to mind 'azulejos', a must-have in every traditional Moroccan and Arab construction.

Ethnic living room with Marca Corona ceramics
Ethnic living room with Marca Corona ceramics

These floor and wall tiles feature sunny colours and striking geometric-flowery patterns, perfect for designing lively decorative carpets in the living area, characterising the kitchen and sink area.

To emphasise the ethnic character of your home, you can then add ethnic pieces of furniture, , such as rugs, inlaid low tables to be matched with cushions and ottomans, handmade furniture, wrought iron lanterns and arabesque prints.
And you can enjoy with even more touches of style, such as natural, textured fabrics, such as wool, raw cotton or cactus silk, perfect for curtains, cushions and bed linen with an authentic flavour.

The perfect finishing touch to complete the furnishing? Choose lighting systems that allow the intensity to be graduated from natural to soft, not forgetting scented candles and incense.

Furnishing the bathroom in ethnic style

Are you thinking about how to transform your bathroom? Why not take inspiration from the fascinating Moroccan hammams and turn your bathroom into a temple of peace and wellbeing?

In the ethnic-style bathroom, a large shower or bathtub with whirlpool jets,, light effects, soft towels, bath salts and scented oils are a must.

As far as floor and wall tiles are concerned, you can opt for marble-effect surfaces with precious mosaics or stone-effect surfaces in natural shades, such as Foyer Royal or Soul Bay.

This new collection of wall tiles is designed to give environments a fascinating, almost dreamlike allure, thanks to its refined palette and surfaces with an authentic touch.

Ethnic style: Moroccan Style decor

Tiles from the Soul Bay collection fully express their exotic personality through Flowery, a decoration inspired by arabesque wallpapers.

A Thousand and One Nights Outdoor

The Vie della Pietra collection is the ideal choice for enhancing the ethnic-style furnishings in your outdoor environments: the luminous material nuances and authenticity of these stone-effect outdoor tiles bring to mind the lush, luminous courtyards of Riads and historical palaces of Morocco, exploiting all the technical qualities and reliability of porcelain stoneware.

If you want to redo your garden or other outdoor space in an ethnic style, focus on succulent or tropical plants, brightly coloured flowers, handmade terracotta pots and colourful curtains, a real tribute to Bedouin tents.
Also for outdoor environments, do not forget to add wooden or wrought iron tables, poufs and ottomans, making them more comfortable with the addition of colourful cushions.

For the patio or covered outdoor areas why not even consider an oriental rug? Afternoons in the garden are transformed into moments of pure relaxation, in a lovely escape from the city rush.

Ethnic style: Moroccan Style decor

Do you want to transform your home into a unique and fascinating ethnic-style space?

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