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Brick effect tiles: vintage suggestions looking into the future

Metropolitan atmospheres are the timeless charm of trendy interiors

Brick-effect tiles reveal all the expressive potential of porcelain stoneware, a material that offers great versatility even in solutions other than large slabs.

To this effect, the small size, known as brick, is now the protagonist of the most styled and avant-garde interior design projects, thanks to its ability to easily recreate atmospheres with a vintage feel but incredibly up-to-date, original, and sophisticated.

Whether flats, offices, coffee shops, or boutiques, porcelain tiles can be adapted to any environment or use, creating irreverent compositions with the artisanal charm that has become so popular in recent times.


Irregular reliefs, glossy surfaces, captivating patterns, dusty and desaturated colours, or brighter and bolder colours... the world of porcelain bricks is full of possibilities to satisfy the most varied tastes and needs. So how do you choose the right one?

Marca Corona offers a wide range of brick-size porcelain tiles, combining the functionality of this material with aesthetics and charm. The brick mood with British influences makes it possible to create an industrial-style environment or one with vintage decorations, enhancing the craftsmanship factor thanks to the typically Made-in-Italy workmanship.

So how can the aesthetics of brick installation be recreated with ceramic tiles? Let's find out together.

Glossy bricks for fresh and bright interiors

Highly polished, versatile, shameless: lacquered effect bricks are the ideal choice to bring light and colour into your environment.
From the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the bedroom, the glazed effect recreates an intimate and informal atmosphere, thanks to innovative colour plays and vivid and original colour nuances.


The Multiforme 1741 collection is one of the latest proposals from Marca Corona and offers a range of glazed bricks in 7.5x30 size, perfect for creating lively yet balanced settings that are never excessive nor banal.

What makes this series so popular is its extraordinary graphic and decorative richness: the Multiforme bricks bet on vibrant colours, made even more vivid and deep by a concave structure with worked corners, reinterpreting the unique flavour of handmade imperfections and contributing to the general feeling of movement and brightness.

Simply perfect for recreating intimate, retro design spaces!

If you are leaning more towards a modern style with industrial-chic influences, the Regoli series will fully meet your expectations.

Perfect for furnishing rooms with a more modern and assertive character, Regoli bricks emphasise the tactile dimension and all the authenticity of irregular and imperfect brick, thanks to 3-D reliefs and intense and trendy colour shades, ranging from chalk white to an expressive and very refined black colour.

Eclecticism and coolness for your rooms: a journey around the world with brick-effect wall tiles

If you prefer softer, more subdued effects to shiny surfaces, no problem: matt finishes will enhance your interior design project without sacrificing a touch of style and personality.

To do so, you can choose to rely on the Chalk and Bricklane collections, both originating from the expertise of Marca Corona.

The aim of the Chalk collection is to recreate clean and relaxing environments, but just as impactful: among the numerous sizes available, the 7.5x30 cm brick is perfect for application on the walls of homes or commercial premises. It reinterprets all the charm of walls, unplastered and then repainted in more dusty and desaturated tones, for a perfect balance between imperfection and personality.

Inspired by the famous street in London's East End, famous for its characteristic bricks that decorate the exteriors and interiors of buildings and shops, the Bricklane collection transforms every indoor and outdoor space into an evocative, solid, and welcoming space, skilfully combining aesthetics and functionality and giving a pleasant effect of visual continuity between indoors and outdoors. It is no coincidence that it is one of the preferred series by designers and planners to transform commercial and public areas into spaces with a decisive and unmistakably British character, or to enrich residential projects with authentic and effective urban-style walls, combined with industrial-inspired materials such as stone or cement.


Let yourself be captivated by the graphic and chromatic richness of Marca Corona
bricks to personalise any of your projects!

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