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Mediterranean trends: colour and radiance with the Storie d’Italia cementine tiles

Discover the Marca Corona majolica and cementine tiles to decorate your Mediterranean-style home.

Looking for new ideas to bring light and personality into your home? The Mediterranean look is the perfect style for a home by the sea or even for your home in the city. Bright and welcoming, you'll feel like you're on holiday all year round!

This lively and carefree trend takes inspiration from sunny Mediterranean views, the bright colours of the land and the sea, and from the fusion of cultures of the different populations overlooking the Mare Nostrum. The design is typically Italian with strong Greek, Moroccan and Middle Eastern influences, a mix that is more than capable of breathing life into a style that is unique and coveted throughout the world.


Mediterranean-style projects are characterised by a number of highly distinctive elements, first and foremost the importance of natural light and the desire to be carefree. As soon as you cross the threshold of a nautical abode, you immediately perceive a feeling of relaxation, lightness and harmony, thanks to the pairing of muted colours with more vibrant shades and the utmost attention to detail for an authentic look.
Just like white has the power to illuminate and make any area appear larger, intense shades inspired by nature, such as sky blue, ochre yellow and cactus green, are perfect for giving warmth and comfort to domestic interiors. A dull and heavy choice, there is absolutely no room for monocolour here.

As for the furnishings, our gaze inevitably falls upon natural materials: wooden furniture, wicker chairs, terracotta pots and exquisitely embroidered fabrics perfectly showcase the real character of this trend with a retro slant.
And it's the green light for floral choices such as evergreens, colourful flowers and aromatic plants with an enveloping scent, rosemary and lavender being the clear favourites. The palpable air of well-being is further emphasised by the choice of fresh and lightweight fabrics, such as linen and cotton, and by the presence of airy curtains and textiles in pure white shades.

But where exactly do you start when reinventing your Mediterranean-style rooms? When we think about this mood in particular, our thoughts inevitably turn to the ancient glazed majolica tiles and the small hand-decorated tiles, found in every home in the Far South.

However, when making our home improvement choices, it's not only the aesthetics that are important. By all means, say yes to the highly decorative flooring and features, but we also need something that is functional, durable and good value for money.
The extreme delicacy, sourcing difficulties and the high cost of handcrafted majolica and cementine tiles unfortunately make them an impractical and outdated solution.

No need to worry though, because here comes high-tech performance porcelain stoneware, a natural material that is reasonably priced and above all able to faithfully replicate traditional decorated ceramics! Transforming your home into a sunny, carefree and retro-looking environment has never been easier... or more fun!

cement tiles design by Marca Corona
cement tiles design by Marca Corona

Marca Corona has interpreted the Mediterranean style in its own way with the porcelain floor and wall tiles Storie d'Italia, the new collection of cementine and majolica tiles from the 1741 Line.
Porcelain stoneware floors and walls represent a journey along the Peninsula, a rediscovery of the Italian ceramic tradition, a selection of the best decorative art that this beautiful country has to offer.

In Storie d’Italia, a simple small square is enriched with sunny colours, expressive patterns and bright glazes to add an original and vintage touch to new interior design projects.

This cheerful and eclectic collection features bright solid-coloured backgrounds (yellow, blue and green) and 7 geometric-floral graphics, to be used individually or combined to create an original ensemble.

The two different finishes available, matt or glossy, make this decorative design even more versatile and attractive, perfectly in harmony with the Mediterranean Style.

Perfect for tiling both floors and walls, Storie d'Italia can be used to bring style and personality to any room in the house: the bathroom shakes off any hint of anonymity or sterility to become transformed into an airy and customised environment; the kitchen is not just functional but cheerful, perfect for experimenting with new recipes and getting together with friends and family; the living room and bedroom radiate new sensations of relaxation and intimacy, ideal for recharging energies.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the warmth and cheer that fills every corner of a Mediterranean-style house.

cement tiles design by Marca Corona
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