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Multiforme Dune: the new dimension in resin-effect stoneware

An unprecedented exploration of resin-effect porcelain stoneware for chic and trendy settings

Resin-effect stoneware floor and wall tiles are an increasingly popular solution in modern interior design projects.

With the Multiforme Dune series, Marca Corona expands its exploration into the world of resins, extending the already rich range of proposals of the Multiforme concrete and resin effect collection: a range of colours, finishes and decorations to meet any design and aesthetic requirement, for surprising combinations with high technical performance.

But what are the characteristics that make resin-effect porcelain stoneware so popular and beneficial?
Let us look at some of them together.


The advantages of resin-effect stoneware flooring

If you are looking for a floor to create your contemporary setting, the resin effect is the best choice.

Tiles that are easy to install make it possible to exploit all the advantages offered by porcelain stoneware, namely:

  • easy installation;
  • resistance to wear, shocks and sudden temperature changes;
  • durability;
  • sustainability;
  • ease of maintenance and cleaning;
  • extreme versatility, making it possible to create neutral and cosy atmospheres or more modern and sophisticated environments.

A further advantage is the effect of visual continuity, which makes it possible to multiply the perception of space in smaller rooms and to create stylistic consistency between different uses, both indoors and outdoors.

This effect is linked to the wide range of sizes and finishes, thanks to which it is possible to combine two different surfaces that share the same graphic pattern, achieving maximum stylistic and visual fusion.

The decorative proposals of Multiforme Dune

The Multiforme Dune resin-effect collection ensures maximum freedom of expression and endless combinations. This is made possible by the plurality of solutions and decorations on offer, including:

  • a palette of warm shades with soft accents, ranging from shades of beige to enveloping marsala;
  • a selection of 120x278 large slabs with styled flowery decorations, exotic desert-inspired shades, sophisticated geometric patterns and fascinating tesserae, for a free creative flair;
  • three finishes, including 9 mm Grip finish and 20 mm textured finish.
    The 9 mm Grip finish can be applied indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it is particularly suitable for damp and wet areas, thanks to its anti-slip features.
    The 20-mm thick textured finish is suitable to all outdoor uses. Designed to resist temperature sudden changes and frost, it is also available with special pieces for swimming pools.

From beige or dove grey resin-effect stoneware floor tiles to large landscape-themed stoneware slabs, Multiforme Dune responds well to any style or preference, creating fascinating designs with character and originality.

Trendy colours and decorations inspired by nature: create your dream project with Marca Corona

The resin-effect porcelain stoneware Multiforme Dune series is among the most versatile collections conceived by Marca Corona: its extreme adaptability makes it matchable with many other ceramic effects, such as the warm and cosy wood-effect slats or the styled marble and terrazzo effect slabs, for ever-changing and equally reliable projects and following the latest trends from the world of interior design.

These are all the possibilities achieved with Multiforme Dune floor and wall tiles:

  • customising exclusive settings, such as boutiques, restaurants or high-end hotels, making them cosy and styled;
  • designing home or work spaces, ensuring maximum practicality and roominess;
  • decorating outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, gardens or verandas, thanks to their striking geometric attitude and resistance to weather and atmospheric agents.

To make the most of the full potential of Multiforme Dune and the entire product range, Marca Corona suggests Stili di Marca.

Stili di Marca is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the latest trends, to be consulted to find inspiration and discover in detail installation patterns, material environments and new suggestions.

This initiative is designed to support professionals and design experts at every stage of the realisation of a project. Particular attention was paid to the many furniture styles, together with the possibility of harmonious and creative combinations of colours, decorations and sizes.


Explore the decorative structure of the Multiforme Dune collection and the other porcelain stoneware
series by Marca Corona with our Stili di Marca proposals.

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