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Porcelain stoneware for outdoors: the best outdoor solutions

Arkiquartz Pumice

Living outdoors in style and safety, can we?
When choosing outdoor flooring, it is important to be able to count on solutions that put aesthetic beauty and technical performance on an equal level. In this respect, porcelain stoneware once again proves to be an easy and versatile material for exterior design. Available in manifold effects ranging from stone to concrete and wood, it can be installed using four different installation methods and managed in a few simple steps for cleaning or maintenance.
Let's find out more about these ceramic surfaces and all the possibilities they offer outdoors.


Porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoors: technical characteristics

Arkistyle Collection
Arkistyle Collection

First, let's see what the main technical characteristics of porcelain tiles for outdoors are.

Starting with the thickness, there has been a significant evolution in recent years, also linked to improved finishes. For example, the 9 mm size with the grip finish has expanded from indoor (for wet areas) to outdoor use.

At the same time, the outdoor range was extended with greater depths for an even more solid and versatile result.

We are talking about porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoors with a thickness of 20 mm (2 cm) and a textured finish, specially manufactured to meet the specific requirements of architecture and landscaping, whether in residential, commercial or public areas. This means:

  • resistance to  heavy weights
  • inabsorption
  • anti-slip and fireproof properties
  • robustness and durability against weather agents, temperature sudden changes, chemicals, stains and mould.

People often think of outdoor flooring only in view of the summer season, as the time of year when they are most used for gardens, swimming pools, hotels, seaside establishments and holiday homes.

In fact, it is important to consider that these surfaces must perform well over the long term and it is precisely in winter where their reliability is crucial.
Frost and rain/snowfall can prove to be serious enemies, especially in driveways, walkways and other pedestrian areas.

Having porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoors with impeccable technical characteristics helps to combine maximum strength with durability.

Think for example of water drainage, which in addition to being facilitated by the design of the walking surface with the appropriate transverse or longitudinal slopes, can certainly benefit from the use of outdoor flooring with a high drainage advantage. In this regard, the typical advantages of porcelain stoneware include:

  • almost zero water absorption
  • the fact of being frost-proof
  • high resistance to breaking loads

Moving from thickness to size, 15x30 cm or 15x15 cm are frequently used in porcelain stoneware for outdoors. In this respect, too, there is no shortage of innovations, and the range of porcelain stoneware for outdoors is constantly expanding, offering sizes from small to large to suit different uses.

Multiforme Dune Tufo
Multiforme Dune Tufo

Possibilities, even rectified, to date include:

  • 120x120 cm
  • 60x120 cm
  • 90x90 cm
  • 80x80 cm
  • 60x60 cm
  • 45x90 cm

What is the advantage of using a larger surface area as opposed to a smaller one?

As with large slabs, the advantages are manifold. In addition to the aesthetic impact of better homogeneity and optical effect, there are also technical superiorities concerning cleaning, maintenance and installation. A larger surface is in fact easier to wash, as there are fewer joints; it also has a greater grip and is therefore safer against slipping or coming into contact with water or other liquids.
Speaking about installation, waste is greatly reduced and it is also easier to give continuity to the flooring without the need to supplement with very small cuts.


Wood, stone or concrete-effect porcelain stoneware. Which one to choose?

While technical performance is certainly a very important aspect in outdoor architectural design, no less so is the beauty and visual appeal of the solutions adopted.

Aesthetics we know is a very subjective matter, often prone to various influences from the latest design trend. The same applies to new ceramic inspirations.

Following the trend leitmotif, the three most debated styles in porcelain stoneware outdoor flooring are for certain:

Each one for its own peculiarities can make a great contribution to the final result. Let's find out together which one to choose and why, depending on the intended use.

Multiforme Mica

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware: the evergreen always in fashion

The forefather of nature-inspired materials, stone-effect porcelain stoneware is an evergreen that is always popular in outdoor flooring projects.

Where does this success come from? Many architects and designers see it as the perfect combination of performance and aesthetic requirements, especially outdoors. Customers, in turn, identify these surfaces as durable, beautiful, manageable with little maintenance and always functional in any outdoor context: courtyards, patios, swimming pools, gardens and green areas, driveways and pedestrian zones.

Arkiquartz Titanium
Arkiquartz Titanium

The popularity of this option is therefore certain, but what makes stone-effect porcelain stoneware better than its natural counterpart?

First and foremost, ceramics is more resistant to atmospheric attacks and harsher thermal differences, thus guaranteeing constant and continuous reliability over time. Added to this are the waterproofing and anti-slip, anti-mould and anti-stainproperties, which are really essential in every season. Last, countless porcelain stoneware stone-effect tiles today:

  • achieve extreme realism compared to the natural material of inspiration
  • are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and patterns, with an extremely attractive, realistic and striking application result.

In this sense, the Arkiquartz porcelain stoneware collection expresses a very contemporary and technologically advanced material, inspired by the natural stone of Mediterranean origin Kavala Stone.

As such, this collection is characterised by a strong three-dimensional appearance, with the traditional cracks and indentations typical of the inspirational material re-proposed to the utmost reality, conveying all the typical flavour of rough stone.

In fact, Arkiquartz renders the appearance of quartzite, thanks to careful graphic processing and top attention to detail, which brings all the characteristics of this mineral to life on a visual and factual level.

In addition, special technical features allow the surface structure to maintain a soft touch, while ensuring excellent anti-slip performance.

Again, the 9 mm and 20 mm thicknesses are enhanced by finishes such as:

  • grip R11 (9 mm), ideal in all outdoor/indoor spaces that are characterised by a strong presence of water and humidity (such as thermal baths, spas, swimming pools) and/or intense traffic, such as in commercial activities where very low slip levels are required to ensure the safety of visitors and guests.
  • textured R11 (20 mm), available in 45x90 and 60x120 cm sizes. Specially designed for outdoor stone-effect floors that require a high level of technical and stylistic performance.

In the latter option we find the Leaf decoration, with its original foliage pattern recalling craftsmanship and precious refinement. This striking surface is available in the 60x120 cm size only, with 6 different graphic patterns that match the other surfaces in the collection.

Arkiquartz reaffirms Marca Corona's path towards architectural solutions capable of enhancing rooms with a decorative touch. Stone-effect porcelain stoneware thus acquires a further vocation, thanks to accurate creativity, for stunning in&out projects.

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Stone look stoneware floor tiles for charming outdoor settings

Vie della pietra

Simply unique stone-effect surfaces for the Outdoors


Marca Corona matches 3 contemporary stones, experimenting with chevron patterns and metal inserts


Authentic and authentic stone effect surfaces


Natural shades and versatile finishes for trendy floor and wall surfaces


Chromatic and textural shadings for a natural stone effect

Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware. The never-obvious standard

Multiforme Dune Tufo

Now defined as "a great classic", concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is a standard that is never taken for granted, both by designers and by users themselves.
Why? In the world of porcelain stoneware outdoor flooring, it is a well-established choice for versatility: the concrete effect adapts to any context, offering a great advantage in terms of design and stylistic performance.

Multiforme Dune Tufo
Multiforme Dune Tufo

But this is not the only reason. An important consideration on the subject of safety and reliability is also necessary.

Porcelain stoneware is completely fireproof, hypoallergenic, does not emit harmful substances and is very resistant to shocks and abrasions, as well as to temperatures of up to 150°C.

On the other hand, temperature sudden changes are not a problem even when falling, because this material is not afraid of frost or ice; shape and colour remain unchanged over time, which is not really the case with "standard" concrete where shrinkage, cracks and loss of strength are the order of the day.

Also in this line, another advantage of concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is that of usability and user experience. Ceramic surfaces are more pleasant to touch, especially when this is not mediated by other objects.
Reasons why stoneware is often used in outdoor flooring adjacent to pools or other environments, even non-water environments, where "walking barefoot" is the norm.

Finally, the very low moisture absorption index (less than 0.5%) gives porcelain stoneware a liquid-repellent identity, making it particularly suitable for outdoor floors that are highly exposed to atmospheric precipitation and the use of chemicals.

Having ascertained why concrete-effect ceramics are better than other possibilities, let's look at their frequent use in porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoors, especially in case of:

  • swimming pools
  • gardens
  • raised floors
  • pedestrian and vehicular entrances
  • courtyards and highly stressed play/entertainment areas

From a stylistic point of view, the concrete look was originally born as an early representation of the urban aesthetic, before flowing into the big industrial style trend and being later included in the recent Scandinavian and Japandi fashions.

Multiforme Perla
Multiforme Dune Tufo
Multiforme Dune Tufo

Returning to industrial style, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is the material that best expresses the evolution of this trend, which is still very much in vogue and among the most sought-after on the Internet.

The industrial style is slowly moving away from the style we all knew, made up exclusively of minimal atmospheres and recurring shades of grey. Aesthetics became softer and lighter, at times also influenced by the natural world, both outdoors and indoors.

In fact, we are now talking about industrial green, as a more adaptable proposal that includes the warm shades of beige and brown (resulting, for example, from the combination with wood-effect surfaces) together with more comfortable decorative elements that interact with the surrounding nature, also to facilitate maintenance and routine cleaning.

This softer interpretation explores the concept of "subtraction" that adds value to environments: there is a return to less is more.
The aim is to have a more liveable and functional space, reducing waste and pollution.

Hence, the increasingly common direction in architectural and landscape design is that of sustainability. Even outdoors, the materials used for flooring are environmentally sustainable, produced responsibly and with an essence that combines strength and durability.

In this sense, Marca Corona has for decades been creating porcelain stoneware collections for outdoors and indoors that are the result of a sustainable and conscious process, where material recovery and recycling is almost total.

In fact, the fired and unfired scraps of the processing are totally reintroduced into the production process to make new bodies.

Among the latest collections launched at Cersaie 2022, Multiforme Dune fully responds to these best practices, being made of porcelain stoneware from recycled material, with a significant reduction in environmental impact.

Multiforme Dune represents the new discovery in the world of concretes
Inspired by warm, enveloping nuances, it extends the variety of the Multiforme collection by adding sand and desert tones, which combine very well with the concrete-look porcelain stoneware tiles in cold shades such as Multiforme Lichene and Acquario.

Multiforme Dune Creta & Frammenti
Multiforme Dune Creta & Frammenti

With its multifaceted soul, the Multiforme Dune collection blends perfectly with manifold materials and colours, adapting to different situations and styles. This allows a great deal of  design freedom, for intervening in the most diverse contexts and create interesting realisations characterised by the seamless combination of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Multiforme Dune is therefore designed to give full expression to the concept of maximum continuity between outdoor and indoor.

The availability of 9 mm and 20-mm thick surfaces dedicated to outdoor use, including trims for swimming pool settings, makes it possible to rely on high-performance materials, as they are unaffected by temperature sudden changes and frost, can preserve their aesthetic features over time, and are extremely safe in terms of slip resistance.

In this sense, the Multiforme Dune collection is equipped with multiple finishes in the range.

Of these:

  • grip (9-mm thickness) is particularly suitable for environments characterised by the presence of water and humidity

  • the textured finish, in sizes 120x120 cm and 80x80 cm, is extremely compact and highly resistant to loads and impacts.


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Multiforme Dune

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Wood-effect porcelain stoneware, refined charm inspired by nature

Inspired by one of nature's best-loved materials, wood-look porcelain stoneware also provides great satisfaction in outdoor flooring.

Outdoor settings such as garden, swimming pool, terrace or balcony are enriched with styled atmospheres, thanks to extremely cosy and bright veins, knots and colours.

With their wooden look, porcelain stoneware tiles for exteriors enhance the colours of their surroundings, surprising every eye with fascinating chiaroscuro effects.
This vivid, iridescent texture comes along with maximum performance, resistance and anti-slip safety.

Fiemme Grey
Fiemme Grey

In contrast to its natural antecedent, wood-look porcelain stoneware is a very practical and easy-care material. By exploiting the astonishing technical properties of the 20 mm (2 cm) thick surfaces mentioned above, it is indeed possible to bring all the nuances and textural sensations of authentic wood into exterior realisations.

An example of this possibility is the Elisir Royal collection by Marca Corona.

Elisir Royal is Marca Corona proposal for interior design projects between memory and future. These wood-effect porcelain stoneware flooring represent an extraordinary execution, thanks to technical excellence with an ultra-realistic appearance:

  • extremely natural, soft-touch surface
  • satin-finished in the light, with different gloss values and chiaroscuro effects
  • manual workmanship inspired by oiling and planing
  • anti-slip grip finish
  • safety, hygiene and health for all types of outdoor and indoor destinations

Elisir Royal stands out for its refined colour variation and incredible versatility of installation, which allow the creation of decorative carpets in the most different styles.

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Wood look floor tiles for enveloping outdoor settings

HiThick: porcelain stoneware for garden, swimming pool and beyond

HiThick is Marca Corona's outdoor project designed especially for open-air spaces. Design solutions for excellent aesthetic and technical results, with great versatility in every application.

Whether it is wood-effect porcelain stoneware, stone-effect porcelain stoneware or concrete-effect porcelain stoneware, HiThick is the perfect synthesis of performance and prestige thanks to its complete line of 20 mm (2 cm) thick porcelain stoneware surfaces in rectified size, capable of combining Made-in-Italy style with maximum strength and safety.

Arkistyle Sand
Arkistyle Sand

Why choose HiThick?

  • continuous surfaces between indoors and outdoors
  • ease of installation on grass, gravel, screed and raised surfaces
  • easy maintenance and cleaning
  • resistant to temperature sudden changes, temperature difference,
  • stain, mould, UV and frost-proof
  • anti-slip
  • LEED V4 certification

Easy installation and a choice of four different types of installations, together with intuitive maintenance and cleaning, make HiThick a practical and optimal solution for every project requirement.

With installation on grass , it is possible to create outdoor flooring for paths, barbecue areas and gazebos. In this context, architects, landscape architects and designers can rely on HiThick to design exclusive and cosy gardens and green areas.
Japanese walkways, walkable areas with irregular perimeters and steps are just a few of the stylish details that can be developed with Marca Corona surfaces.

Installation on gravel proves to be useful for ever-changing applications.
This installation method ensures proper drainage due to the clearances between tiles, allowing water to pass into the ground.

In the presence of sand, the installation method remains the same of that on gravel: surfaces are applied dry on the chosen support, without the need for adhesives, and can be anchored even more firmly by means of anti-slip kerbs. The simplicity and speed of installation and the absence of surface joints make this system immediately usable and easily repositionable over time.

Installation on screed is particularly recommended for external driveway paving with low vehicular traffic.

Installation on screed of HiThick enables the implementation of safe, high-load resistant driveway areas. Impervious to oil or fuel stains, HiThick's practicality expands the ways of outdoor living, both public and private.

And last, raised installation is facilitated by the HiBase system.

For raised installation projects with uneven floor levels, Marca Corona offers HiBase, an innovative raised installation system consisting of a load-bearing structure and height-adjustable supports that ensure perfect flatness and stability of the walking surface.

It can be shaped during construction, is practical to install and easily repositionable over time. HiBase is suitable for multi-size installation and is resistant to different types of load, depending on the actual weight distribution on the surface.

Raised installation with HiBase can also include the use of sound-absorbing panels to improve floor insulation and geotextile to prevent insects from rising and dirt from falling through the clearances.
This state-of-the-art installation system developed by Marca Corona allows irrigation, lighting and piping systems to be housed below the floor level, thereby optimising space. Tiles are installed on load-bearing supports and are easily removable to allow inspection and maintenance of the elements underneath.

Specific solutions that make the difference and provide answers to the most specific and advanced outdoor furniture needs: from installation systems to facilitate application to trims to finish any project and embellish any outdoor relaxation place.


 HiThick is therefore ideal for:

  • swimming pools and solariums, thanks to its anti-slip properties and numerous trims to complete the installation.
    In this respect, the surfaces of the HiThick line have excellent anti-slip performance, do not absorb water and are not affected by moisture, guaranteeing maximum safety around the swimming pool, even when barefoot and wet. Style and sophistication can be found right down to the smallest details, thanks to the availability of matching corners and drainage gratings.
  • seaside establishments, where the maritime environment and the force of weather agents require outdoor floors resistant to salt, surface scratches and humidity.
    The thickened surfaces of the HiThick line remain unchanged and secure over time, giving seaside establishments and private beaches a modern and sophisticated style.
  • green and recreation areas
  • terraces and balconies: Weather resistance and ease of cleaning make HiThick the ideal solution for covering terraces and balconies as well: maximum freedom in designing and delimiting these meeting spaces thanks to the availability of kerbstones and wall caps.

In the spirit and code of conduct of Marca Corona, HiThick is also about reliability and respect for nature. A state-of-the-art technical solution with reduced environmental impact: the HiThick collections are all fully recyclable, hypoallergenic, free of asbestos and chemical surface treatments, and therefore safe for man and the ecosystem.

Explore all collections, looks, colours and sizes.


In&Out harmonies for the highest design continuity

Multiforme Dune

In&Out harmonies for the highest design continuity


A game of decorative compositions.


Stone look stoneware floor tiles for charming outdoor settings


Wood look floor tiles for enveloping outdoor settings


Marca Corona matches 3 contemporary stones, experimenting with chevron patterns and metal inserts


Authentic and authentic stone effect surfaces


Natural shades and versatile finishes for trendy floor and wall surfaces


Chromatic and textural shadings for a natural stone effect


Concrete effect tiles for modern and comfortable environments

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Porcelain stoneware outdoor floors: discover them in the new Marca Corona showroom

Now that you discovered all the best porcelain stoneware solutions for outdoor use, you may be wondering where you can test them for real. Marca Corona offers you the opportunity to touch and contextualise the various surfaces in order to find the most suitable ones for your outdoor projects.

Are you an architect, planner or designer?

Our showroom in Sassuolo awaits you with a completely new area dedicated to 20 mm (2 cm) thick porcelain stoneware outdoor flooring, together with many architectural inspirations - in&out.

This new space, entirely designed and realised by Dainelli Studio, explores a new way of thinking about design, making use of the superior technical qualities and vast decorative apparatus of our porcelain stoneware tiles.

You will therefore find a multifunctional space ready to welcome you and help you to fully express all the creativity, style and innovation you wish to apply in your creations.



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