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Ceramic surface trends after Coverings 2024. The new tiles in the spotlight

With the 2024 edition of Coverings over, all that remains is to explore the new products presented there. So let’s take a look at what’s new in tiles, collections and more.

A global stage for experimentation and learning about the latest ceramic tile trends, Coverings 2024 featured various solutions shaping the future of design.

The new Marca Corona products were a part of this panorama thanks to constantly evolving processes and technologies that allow for the creation of surfaces that are always connected and on the cutting edge for spaces with unparalleled allure, beauty and versatility

This direction is evident in the theme for 2024 underlying the development of the collections introduced during the Coverings 2024 trade show: Joy of Nature, that is to say rediscovering nature through the connection between interior and exterior, with floors and walls sporting natural looks.

From here, continuing along the path of flexible and multifaceted design, Mix&Match has expanded into new dimensions, complementing the concept of indoor garden and outdoor living in new and original tiles for indoor and outdoor areas.

Let's take a closer look.


At Coverings 2024, trendy ceramic tiles with the latest from Marca Corona

As anticipated, at Coverings 2024 we revealed the latest products from Marca Corona for the current season.

Trendy ceramic surfaces that capture the eye and the imagination, inviting you to join the new sensory experience guided by the Joy of Nature.

A creative, functional journey that not only promotes authentic inspiration for our surroundings, but also ensures conscious, reliable design solutions for both interiors and exteriors. 

Elisir Touch: the evergreen wood effect with incredible fidelity

And starting precisely from fidelity to the original material in its density and depth, the Elisir Touch wood-effect collection tells the story of contact with nature.

The oak inspiration behind the collection’s design comes to life in the texture of the light-coloured knots, with an almost total absence of dark knots, which combines with the soft touch typical of untreated wood.

This characteristic gives the surface an absolute realism, replicating the original material not only in appearance but also adding the attentive colour research of Marca Corona.


Arkigeo: uncommon stone-effect stoneware with accurate characteristics

The rhythm of time brings us to the second of the new Marca Corona tiles presented at Coverings 2024.

Here the inspiration comes from the long sedimentation of limestone. The natural stone-effect Arkigeo porcelain stoneware collection is an accurate and innovative reinterpretation of this process, with traits that clearly emerge and elevate the solution’s elegance.

Hints of veining are also present in Arkigeo, giving it even more richness of detail, distinguishing it from common stoneware effects. The result is therefore a refined, authentic surface that conveys a high level of contemporary sensitivity and a new expressive and stylistic buzz.

Longarine Brio: the new elongated brick in Marca Corona’s 1741 line

The decor and design lines have also expanded to include a product with a specific design featuring a totally new essence for Marca Corona.

We're talking about Longarine Brio, the new refined 7.5x60 cm small-format collection, a part of Marca Corona's 1741 line.

The design has an original narrow, elongated brick with a unique colouring.

Designed to furnish contemporary spaces and be easily combined with other material looks, Longarine Brio can be used:

  • On both floors and walls
  • On both flat surfaces and curved volumes

allowing you to customise each project to your liking.


How to combine the ceramic tile trends of Coverings 2024?

Looking beyond the trends at Coverings 2024, it's important to know how to mix and match these ceramic tiles for  results that are always different and captivating.

All Marca Corona collections are created to be used with the others in the range, guaranteeing ease of combination and versatility between the various effects, such as marble, terracotta and concrete, wallpaper and many others.

The variety of formats – from large slabs to decorative tiles in a small format – and the extensive selection of colours available in our catalogue allow for a range of combinations that is always new, capable of satisfying different tastes and needs.

If you don't know where to start or if you’re looking for more ideas for your own projects, our Mix&Match - Marca Styles guide contains all the latest advice for matching your compositional needs with the design freedom of our collections, thanks to:

  • Style suggestions
  • Laying diagrams
  • Details 
  • Minimal and reference surfaces
  • Real settings

Don't miss out on this great opportunity, get your free guide by clicking the button below. 

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