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Versatile, decorative and high-performing, the collections of Marca Corona create scenic atmospheres with a bold impact, becoming the stars of the contemporary home.

Ceramic Wallpaper Effect

While tapestries and wallpapers were once synonymous with a classic style, bringing to mind nostalgic visions of the interiors from yesteryear, today we’re witnessing an overwhelming revival of the wallpaper effect, which has once again come back into style. Never truly abandoned by the most sophisticated interior designers, wall coverings with a wide variety of decorative wallpaper motifs indulge a desire for spaces with a bold aesthetic impact, which can be customized according to individual tastes and preferences to create stunning original atmospheres.

The chromatic variants in the Iridea collection have been studied to adapt to different environments and needs with soft tones easily integrating into the space. This renewed focus on wallpaper — a trend that was highlighted during the recent Salone del Mobile 2024 — has also piqued the interest of ceramic brand Marca Corona, who in order to properly celebrate this desire for decor has dedicated several eclectic collections to the theme, interpreting home surfaces with an authentic beauty and contemporary spirit.

And for those looking to explore the intriguing allure of wallpaper-effect ceramics, Marca Corona offers different expressive articulations through their collections LilysuiteMirabilia and the surprising Iridea (pictured in opening), launched at Cersaie 2023 and taking home the ADI Ceramics and Bathroom Design Award.

Ceramic Wallpaper Effect
Ceramic Wallpaper Effect

With the Iridea collection, Marca Corona has chosen the chromatic movement of a degradè to enrich its wallpaper effect. Designed to conjure emotions through delicate and subtle shades of color, Iridea emphasizes the idea of wall coverings inspired by wallpapers, embracing a hypnotic gradient effect that adds dynamism to surfaces by capturing light in a unique way. The color palette, both multifaceted and versatile, explores pastel nuances like sea blue, meadow green and sand alongside caramel and sugar, to be admired in striking degradé effects.

Ceramic Wallpaper Effect

Four variations on the theme delicately rework the colors of the backgrounds, giving rise to Degradé OceanoDegradé AlgaDegradé Cannella and Degradé Alga-Oceano, formats that are highly decorative — especially when laid vertically.

The pattern of light engravings — a three-dimensional striped relief imprinted on solids and gradations — lends a tactile pleasantness to the surface, maximizing the sophisticated match between material and color that defines Iridea's personality.

Lilysuite, an elegant alternative to the exquisite color experiments of Iridea, is a wallpaper-effect collection created by Marca Corona to express the Indoor Garden trend through the naturalistic scenery of an enchanting garden. The series, made of white paste, alongside the fresh colors of Azure, Rose, Orange, White, Vanilla and Clay, features a mix of decorative inserts with a floral theme, interpreting the call to nature by enhancing walls, nooks and any hidden corners of the room.

Both the Biloba decorations with delicate and textural foliage reliefs and the impressionist-like depictions of Villa are perfectly coordinated with the six colors in the collection, not to mention the brand’s other lines of wall tiles, evoking the materials of wood, concrete, stone and marble.

Ceramic Wallpaper Effect
Ceramic Wallpaper Effect

Mirabilia also embraces a 360° exploration of the botanical style, resulting in a lush gallery of graphics inspired by the wallpaper aesthetic.

Studied down to the smallest detail to evoke the beauty and regenerative power of nature, the five figurative subjects in the collection lend themselves to both horizontal and vertical installations, becoming the stars of sophisticated boiserie effects.

The range includes the Floral Bay theme with delicate floral hatchings, Wild Foliage and Coral Jungle evoking visions from an exotic world, the romantic British-inspired pattern of Clorofilla, and the soft blue-green hues of delicate watercolor petals in Floral Clouds, all of which can be matched with the other textural looks from Marca Corona.

Ceramic Wallpaper Effect

And don’t forget that the Marca Corona ceramic collections revisiting the wallpaper effect — perfect for enriching and enhancing the most varied domestic settings, like hotels and commercial spaces — add to the impeccable aesthetics with all those advantages of a durable and high-performance material that’s easy to lay, easy to clean and easy to drill, facilitating the installation of faucets in the bathroom.


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