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Floral tiles design: Indoor Garden trend comes from Nature

Green gardens and lush landscapes come to life on the latest generation of cement-effect ceramic tiles

Floral tiles capture a fashionable decorative trend inspired by the world of nature and design, extra-linked to a new way of living in the home.

Originally intended as a cocoon, mainly for weekends or holidays, the home has rapidly evolved into a multi-functional space to be lived in 24 hours a day: a place to work, a place to rest or the perfect setting to cultivate new domestic hobbies such as cooking, reading or gardening.

Starting from the new needs arising during the lockdown and its aftermath, the latest trends from the world of interior design reinterpret this strong demand for fluid, functional spaces that convey relaxation, optimism and serenity.

Floral tiles design

Floral tiles design as green inspiration

Indoor Garden trend responds very well to these new living needs: the magic and lively atmospheres of unspoiled, lush landscapes inspire the design of relaxing, stylish settings, reworking nuances, shapes and tactile sensations belonging to the world of Nature.

Even the world of ceramics was not indifferent to this rediscovered man-to-environment connection: in the last year we have witnessed a veritable passion for nature, with encaustic floral pattern tiles, wallpaper wall tiles, ceramic collections inspired by impressionist paintings and bright wildlife patterns, chosen to decorate modern residential projects - particularly appreciated by those who are not lucky enough to live surrounded by greenery.

Floral tiles design

The surprising floral pattern designs of Marca Corona collections

Multiforme, a new cement-effect series and a tribute to the reassuring beauty of Nature

Marca Corona has always been particularly attentive to the latest trends and suggestions from the world of design. It presents numerous ceramic collections inspired by the fascination of Nature, such as Lilysuite, a series of 50x120 floral wall tiles with elegant and irreverent decorations; Soul Bay, 40x80 panels inspired by Biophilic Design, another furnishing trend inspired by Nature and aimed at psycho-physical wellbeing; or the most recent Multiforme, displayed on the occasion of Cersaie 2021.

The Multiforme decorated tile series offers a wide and incredibly expressive range of cement-effect surfaces, designed to meet the most diverse design needs: a collection that is far away from the idea of a cold and aseptic cement of post-industrial inspiration!

The Multiforme tile collection uses no less than 3 ceramic technologies (stoneware, white body and glazed stoneware), 8 sizes, 21 colour shades and an infinite variety of nature-inspired decorative patterns, for a truly unique and striking total look effect.

Ideal for recreating the Indoor Garden atmosphere in your home:

  • the sophisticated Fronde 120x278 cascade decoration;
  • the precious Bouquet wallpaper effect pattern;
  • the bright and deep Foliage pattern, featured on the cover of this article.
Floral tiles design

Nature, however, is not only leaves and flowers... but also breath-taking sunsets, crystal-clear waters and stormy clouds: evocative landscapes with bright, luminous colours, skilfully replicated in the decorations of the Multiforme brick-effect strips, with their glossy, silky finish, available in eight shades.


Thanks to its extreme versatility, ease of installation and maintenance, Multiforme, like a neutral canvas in the hands of an artist, succeeds in adapting perfectly to any type of requirement: it immediately transforms any environment - from the bathroom to the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom - into a modern space with great aesthetic effect.

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