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Raised floors
for indoor application

Marca Corona is a reference partner for the development, production and installation of raised floors, namely advanced and reliable technical solutions, which are becoming commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings.
The installation of raised floors is incredibly quick and easy, thanks to the rectified sizes and to many technical components and practical accessories.


Functionality and versatility for architects and designers

Thanks to the extraordinary advantages offered in terms of functionality and versatility, both in interior and exterior contexts, Marca Corona solutions fulfil any plan, style and structure requirement: architects and project managers can therefore find the best solution for their project and take advantage of the qualified support of Marca Corona's Project Division.


The main advantages

Efficient organisation

This installation system allows for the creation of a clearance under the floor, in which it is possible to install services (electrical, plumbing, data transmission, conditioning, etc.). Raised floors make it possible to organise space in a practical manner and to easily upgrade services as technology becomes more advanced. Raised installation is the ideal solution for prestigious renovation work, since it contributes to preserving the original construction.

Versatility for your project

Marca Corona presents an extensive range of rectified sizes that can offer the utmost freedom of design and the best aesthetic results.

Perfect for interiors and exteriors

Owing to the characteristics that are typical of porcelain stoneware, raised floors are suitable both for interior environments, of a commercial nature and therefore subject to frequent traffic, and for exterior installation.

Thermal and acoustic protection

Floating or raised floors are patented technology that can improve energy performance and reduce noise transmitted from floor to floor: the gap between floor and base can, in fact, offer better thermal and acoustic insulation.

In order to meet the most complex and modern design needs, Marca Corona has developed state-of-the-art solutions and created a Project Division that provides expertise and top-quality after-sales care for architects and designers.
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