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Decorated cementina tiles: endless solutions for timeless interiors

Eclectic, fun, functional: cementina tiles have won a place in our hearts... and in our design projects!

Dialoguing with the past, rediscovering it and reinterpreting it in a contemporary key: the most interesting design projects have succeeded in reinventing the retro style, maintaining its decorative expressiveness but bringing it up to date through original combinations with modern furnishings, design details and practical, versatile solutions.

Historic flats and old dwellings regain their original charm thanks to careful restoration work: rather than distorting the original design, the designers aim at preserving and enhancing the most precious elements, antique furniture, architectural elements and decorated floors, such as handmade cementina tiles and majolicas... indelible traces of time passing and beauty remaining. 

Decorative tiles ideas

Unfortunately, few people are fortunate enough to own a historic home, which has a natural and timeless charm... so why not recreate the same retro atmosphere in our own home, using contemporary materials with a similar decorative impact?

Let's start with floors and walls: in the world of design and finishes, in recent years there have been many creative solutions capable of recreating the decorations of classic handmade cementina tiles with extreme plausibility, but ensuring superior functionality and resistance.

Among these, porcelain cementina tiles are the most effective solution both technically and aesthetically: inspired by Mediterranean atmospheres, Liberty style, Art Nouveau or the more recent Optical trend, ceramic cementina tiles offer maximum versatility and expressiveness for designing unique and personal spaces in your home, without sacrificing practicality and durability. Small sized decorative floor and wall tiles can be used on their own, for a full immersion in the past, or in combination with other effects and materials for a more modern, refined or eccentric result.

Marca Corona has always been attentive to the theme of decoration and has developed a real range dedicated to small decorative sizes: the 1741 Line, a series of porcelain tile collections that combine high impact aesthetics, Made in Italy quality and maximum strength and versatility. Ceramic proposals differ in style, patterns and sizes, but all share the same mission: to design simply unique residential and commercial interiors.

And precisely the progenitor of this range, Terra, has inspired the latest decorative innovation from Marca Corona: the Terra.Art cementina tiles.

Decorative tiles ideas

Terra.Art is much more than a simple homage or reinterpretation: it is a collection inspired by the past but aimed at contemporary trends, focused on fresh, refined and enveloping colour.

Terra.Art porcelain floor and wall tiles can give a vintage-chic personality to different everyday environments, recreating unusual graphic effects.

Innovative and versatile, Terra.Art succeeds in enhancing the personality of any room and adapting to the style of its décor, thanks to the variety of patterns proposed and the simplicity of the sizes chosen, the classic 20x20 and the original 25x21.6 hexagon.

The colour palette is made up of 7 fresh and irresistible shades, ranging from the warm Tramonto, perfect for Mediterranean atmospheres, living areas and offices, to the fresh Oceano, Cielo and Menta designed to infuse relaxation and airiness into bathrooms, reading areas and living rooms, without forgetting the neutral Sabbia, Crema and Bianco, perfect for decorating the sleeping area, the living room or intimate spaces... unable to choose the most beautiful shade! 

Decorative tiles ideas

And there are many more decorative offerings by Marca Corona!

For a more Mediterranean and intense style, you can draw on the Storie d’Italia collection, 20x20 floor and wall tiles with lively plain backgrounds and 7 geometric-floral graphics, to be used individually or mixed for an even more striking effect. The two finishes available, matte and glossy, make these decorative cementina and majolica tiles truly versatile and attractive.

For very eccentric and creative souls, Marca Corona proposes Paprica, small sizes that reinterpret the optical style of the ‘80s through eye-catching geometric graphics. Original, irreverent and witty, Paprica cementina tiles create surprising optical illusions, ideal for enhancing hidden corners, niches or for separating different areas in open spaces of any size.

A versatile decorative solution, suitable for different styles and atmospheres: modern and sparkling in the total look version, more minimalist in combination with stone or cement effects, decidedly trendy with matching or contrasting shades, extremely refined when combined with marble or wood-effect floor tiles!

With the Ossidi floor and wall tiles, planners and designers can give residential and commercial interiors an incredibly welcoming vintage personality: in the 20x20 size or 18.7x32.4 cm diamond size, these new Marca Corona cementina tiles feature neutral shades and retro accents, in dusty finish backgrounds or decorations with geometric-floral patterns.

Decorative tiles ideas

The whole range is designed to create original colour-blocks or graphic carpets, to be combined with reclaimed furniture and design elements. For lovers of industrial style, an eye-catching glossy finish is also available, designed to emphasise the expressiveness of the colour palette. 

When talking about decorated cementina tiles, how can we not mention Terra? The Marca Corona collection most loved by designers and architects, used to realise endless projects all over the world. Boutique hotels, restaurants, shops and above all private residences are transformed into retro-inspired design gems.
An example? Casa Moreno, a beautiful holiday home located in the heart of Rome, the eternal city... just like the style of the Terra cementina tiles.

Decorative tiles ideas

With the Marca Corona cementina tile collections, style, durability and practicality go hand in hand: ceramic is one of the safest and most reliable materials, which is why it is the ideal solution for commercial and public projects, where resistance, safety and hygiene represent main priorities and the aesthetic factor makes a difference.

Discover all the Marca Corona decorative collections and
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