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Transform your rooms into trendy and charming spaces with the new Marca Corona relief tiles

The new Terracreta relief tiles are the flagship of Linea 1741 by Marca Corona.

Geometries, engravings, "raw" decorations and conciliatory tones: from the tactile exploration of clay and the study of ancient craftsmanship comes a collection designed to include, shape and make precious any interior design project with ease.


For this new ceramic series, too, presented on the occasion of Cersaie 2022, the choice was made to work in parallel on the influences and precious heritage of Sassuolo ceramic district, while keeping an eye firmly set on the future of stylistic and technological innovations that are now a must in the project design of modern, avant-garde spaces.

Following the success of Terra and Terra.Art, the Terracreta collection of small size tiles is also intended to dominate as a top product for the decoration and renovation of private homes, commercial establishments or high-end hotel projects, thanks to its vast decorative range and application versatility.

Let's now see in detail all the advantages and features of this new collection inspired by the charm of handcrafted tiles.

Terracreta, the imperfect charm of the handmade

Thanks to a careful study of the material and advanced technological innovation processes, the relief tiles of the Terracreta collection faithfully interpret the features and imperfections of natural clay and handcrafted ceramic tiles.

The special raised and irregular edges and hand-made decorations are skilfully rendered on different surfaces of the collection, for a totally realistic handcrafted final result


Terracreta decoration proposal

Terracreta deliberately presents itself as an apparently very simple collection, yet including a rich variety of decoration proposals, from square size to hexagonal stoneware tiles. Details are given below:

  • 2 small sizes, 20x20 or hexagonal;
  • 3 types of decoration patterns: the relief tiles reproduce the inclusions of vitreous grit, the plasticity of modelled clay and the handmade decorations of handcrafted majolica, respectively;
  • 4 neutral plain tiles, evocatively natural and dusty.

Each decoration or colour variant meets the requirements of functionality and practicality typical of the Marca Corona collections: Terracreta ceramic tiles thus ensure maximum ease of installation and maintenance in any design context.

In this regard, let's find out together how best to use the Terracreta collection depending on the target environment, and how to combine it with other effects and materials for a truly impeccable result!

Every room, its right style: create the perfect mix and match for your project with Marca Corona

Terracreta relief tiles can be used in different contexts and utilisation such as:

  • shower corners, walls and floors in bathrooms or laundry rooms, thanks to the majolica-effect decoration that makes these types of spaces precious to the eyes;
  • walls of living rooms or lounges with an ethnic and vintage flavour, where tiles with sinuous motifs are perfect for adding character;
  • residential and commercial kitchens, clubs, boutiques and shops. The mixes of patterns, colours and textures are in fact ideal for design niches, carpet effects or original trendy tops.

And speaking of mix and match... you've chosen your favourite Terracreta  decoration, but have no idea how to best match it in your project?

No problem! Marca Corona has created Stili di Marca to accompany industry professionals and design enthusiasts to discover the most popular furnishing styles through a collection of varied inspirations obtained by combining different ceramic surfaces.

The aim of the project is to provide versatile solutions that can be adapted to the most diverse needs, thanks to the infinite decoration potential of our porcelain stoneware collections.

With Stili di Marca you have at your disposal a rich choice of effects, colours and decorations that are constantly being updated to furnish and enhance the best features of every environment, also taking into account the different aesthetic tastes and design trends: from Indoor Garden to Minimal-chic and Industrial style, passing through the warm tones of Nordic furnishings or the timeless elegance of luxury and glamorous decorations of Neoclassical inspiration.


Marca Corona always has the answer to your every need or wish.

Be conquered by Terracreta and our Stili di Marca.

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