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Arkistyle: limestone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles as a striking connection between indoors and outdoors

A new stone-effect porcelain stoneware with a refined and modern look for Indoor & Outdoor projects

For a functional, elegant and timelessly stylish project, stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are the most suitable choice to combine the authentic beauty of natural stone with the durability and practicality of stoneware, a material now widely recognised as among the most reliable, sustainable and versatile on the market.


With the Arkistyle collection, Marca Corona adds a new stage in its exploration of the world of stone, proposing an unprecedented combination of two fascinating variations: Limestone, characterised by inclusions of slight marine fossils, and a captivating reinterpretation of the Venetian Terrazzo floor, featuring multicoloured flakes and a distinctly chic contrasting effect.

Along with wood-effect porcelain stoneware, stone-effect floor and wall tiles are the most appreciated and used in indoor and outdoor projects, thanks to their ability to reproduce with extreme realism all the beauty and elegance of the materials from which they take inspiration. 

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are suitable for any aesthetic and functional requirement, succeeding in enhancing any type of furnishing style, almost like a tailor-made suit, elegant and at the same time comfortable.

Are you intrigued by the world of stoneware?

Discover the full potential of Arkistyle and why including this type of finish in your project will prove to be an excellent choice!

Why choose stone-effect porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles


Stone-effect stoneware tiles meet any design need, thanks to their far greater degree of resistance and porosity than natural stone.

The technology behind porcelain stoneware enables this material to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions such as temperature sudden changes, humidity, water and much more.

Thanks to these peculiarities, porcelain stoneware tiles are the perfect choice for tiling both indoor and outdoor settings, lending themselves to the realisation of original installation solutions and multiple possibilities of customisation of spaces. These include:

  • living rooms and open plans;
  • pathways;
  • gardens and terraces;
  • bathrooms, wellness centres and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

A further factor to consider is that the processing of stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles has rapidly evolved over time in step with consumers' needs, allowing them to match the beauty of natural stone while guaranteeing excellent technical performance and Made-in-Italy quality.

Take, for example, the Venetian Terrazzo floor, which is extremely beautiful yet delicate and not very functional: by choosing Arkistyle stone-effect porcelain stoneware, the same result can be achieved, but with a floor that will last for many years, is easy to clean and much cheaper.

Renew your rooms with Arkistyle: all the decorative proposals for a cover project

As already mentioned, the Arkistyle collection is at its best in seamless projects between Indoors and Outdoors: this is because the collection itself offers an incredible variety of finishes, sizes, thicknesses and decorative options specifically for outdoor settings, offering maximum freedom of stylistic fusion and a pleasant effect of continuity between the indoor and outdoor worlds.

The collection consists specifically of:

  • Limestone and Terrazzo: two reinterpretations of the stone effect, both authentic and elegant;
  • seven colours that reinterpret all shades of stone with extreme likelihood;
  • unusual and versatile sizes, including Esagona, the hexagonal size that lends itself most of all to original installation solutions and different textural looks;
  • trims and decorations designed specifically for outdoors to ensure the best realisation of projects with high aesthetic and functional value.

Trendy colours and decorations inspired by nature: create your own project with Marca Corona

Don't be fooled by the sober and rigorous look of the decorations or by the neutral and calm nuances of Arkistyle: even the stone effect allows you to create original, designers environments!

Having a clear idea of what to choose for your own project, however, is far from simple: for this very reason, Marca Corona has developed the Stili di Marca project, a veritable guide on all the possibilities of combinations, installation layouts and colour and effect combinations to realise a cover project.


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