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Large porcelain stoneware slabs: continuous surfaces for new design perspectives

Multiforme Collection

Great protagonists of the "continuous surfaces" panorama, large stoneware slabs allow for innovation and amazement in any kind of architectural work, developing ever new and creative design perspectives. Also known as large size tiles or oversize tiles, large porcelain stoneware slabs have become the preferred choice of architects, designers, builders and customers themselves, who favour the use of these products in the design of both residential and commercial environments.
From this point of view, the world of large size ceramic slabs evolved towards different applications, often going beyond large decorated stoneware slabs for single-area use only. Let's find out together what advantages and opportunities these surfaces can bring to projects, also in the light of the new ceramic proposals available on the market.

Large size porcelain stoneware. What advantages for the projects?

Foyer Royal Green Ama
Foyer Royal Green Ama

Large size porcelain stoneware offers numerous advantages in terms of design and application, including:

  • very high aesthetic and scenic performance, thanks to the visual continuity obtained thanks to less joints or other breaking elements.
  • versatility of application, ranging from floor to wall tiles and furnishing elements
  • possibility of a coordinated total look, combining similar and/or complementary solutions in different locations of the project.
  • graphic and compositional variety, as large stoneware slabs have now reached a very high level of sophistication even on the pattern and creativity side.
    There are no longer any limits to the number of patterns available and more and more the ceramic surface fully replicates the material of inspiration, with the added bonus of more stable technical performance over time.
  • very strong and resistant material, it does not deteriorate as a result of stress, wear, weather agents or contact with chemicals. So, large size tiles can be used both indoors and outdoor.
    The latest production technologies therefore make it possible to have a material that can easily withstand the many threats of modern life.


  • contextual flexibility, because with large porcelain stoneware slabs it is possible to decorate environments of various types, including residential, commercial/retail, hotels/restaurant/catering (Ho.Re.Ca), large-scale works, workspace, wellness areas and more.
  • ease of installation and cleaning, a feature highly valued by both manufacturers and end users.
    By working with ceramic surfaces covering larger areas, cutting, handling and installation times are greatly reduced.
    On the maintenance side, porcelain stoneware is less porous than marble or stone, so only a few practical steps are needed to achieve a brilliant and safe result.

Staying with product characteristics and performance, large size porcelain stoneware is offered in two main sizes: 120x278 cm and 120x120 cm.

And hence another relevant factor, which distinguishes large ceramic slabs. In fact, despite their imposing size, they are very thin: 6 mm for the 120x278 cm and 9 mm for the 120x120 cm.
Therefore they are light and easy to handle; another reason why these solutions are indispensable in the construction world.

Multiforme Dune Fossile
Multiforme Dune Fossile
Overclay Cotto
Overclay Cotto

Different thicknesses accommodate different applications, where:

  • 120x278 in 6 mm is most recommended for wall tiling. For example, these surfaces make it possible both to reach the height of the ceiling, thus minimising material waste and the presence of joints, and to optimise the installation phase, especially in renovation projects. They are therefore particularly practical and easy to handle at every stage of design and implementation.
  • 120x120 in 9 mm is perfect for both floor and wall surfaces to be driven on.
    The 9 mm thick 120x120 surfaces are therefore just as versatile and characterised by maximum visual continuity, coordination and strength.

Each large size ceramic slab therefore represents the perfect synthesis of aesthetic research, technical excellence and technological avant-garde, with resistance and reliability performance typical of the best porcelain stoneware solutions.


Large decorated porcelain stoneware slabs: the quality choice for unmistakable style

We saw how the large porcelain stoneware slabs reflect a quality and avant-garde choice for interior and exterior architectural design, thanks to outstanding specifications such as safety, hygiene, versatility of application and style. On this last point, large porcelain stoneware slabs are suitable to decorate the room with an infinite number of proposals. Regardless of the square footage and the footprint of the project, these surfaces always succeed in adding value to the setting to be realised, thanks to the attention to detail and the aesthetic impact inherent in their structure.

Classic, industrial, minimal, ethnic or any other request, everything is possible with large size porcelain stoneware. Let us look together at some of these trends and the various design perspectives that choices such as total look or mix & match can suggest. 

Multiforme Dune Bosco

Large wallpaper-effect ceramic slabs: the nature-inspired fascination

Let's start with what is a trend but also a need that has been very much felt in recent years - for architecture as well as for ordinary society - and which has to some extent supported the adoption of the large, nature-inspired wallpaper-effect ceramic slabs. In fact, we witnessed a progressive increase in awareness of green issues, primarily the importance of protecting the fragile ecosystem in which we live with more conscious and nature-friendly lifestyle choices.

Multiforme Fronde
Multiforme Fronde

Hence, sustainability has also become a must for residential and contract housing needs, leading the world of architecture to an increasingly conscious and environmentally friendly approach, avoiding the use of delicate, less available raw materials such as quarry marble or wood from the forests.

At the same time, phenomena such as nesting, mindfulness and the growing desire to reconnect with dimensions of well-being even within the walls of your home, office or place of visit encouraged the adoption of colours and patterns previously only seen in nature: picturesque landscapes and decorations of foliage, ramage or bouquets of flowers have thus become a constant feature of interior surfaces.

Accordingly, there is also the Indoor Garden trend, interpreting this desire to find in the most frequented enclosed places as all the quietness and beauty of the most pristine environments.

With today's ceramic technologies and innovations it is certainly possible to create responsible surfaces that retain all the pattern and texture features available in nature.

The large wallpaper-effect ceramic slabs respond right to this request. In this way, inspiration from the natural world, increasingly present in interior design projects, can find a new, more sustainable and truly "green" approach. Looking at the "indoor garden" trend in more detail, there are various expressions: cottagecore, biophilic and floral.

The cottagecore style recalls the rural charm of country cottages: a clear reference to the bucolic and simple life in close contact with the environment.

Biophilic style once again captures the desire to reproduce nature, this time with a more decorative attitude that makes use of botanical patterns such as lush plants, foliage or leaves. This is then linked to the floral trend, characterised by the use of large size tiles with floral designs, which create exciting and realistic bouquets that can be enjoyed every day.


Multiforme Dune Deserto

A kaleidoscope of solutions from which to create new compositions and enhance any design environment, the Multiforme collection dresses spaces with new material sensations.

In the proposals of this collection, a range of large porcelain stoneware slabs decorated with a wallpaper effect with botanical, geometric and floral decorations, for natural and peaceful mosaics with a unique touch. We find, for example:

  • 120x278 cm large size slab in Fronde version
  • 40x80 cm size slab in Foliage and Bouquet versions
Multiforme Fronde & Multiforme Calce
Multiforme Fronde & Multiforme Calce

In addition:

  • the natural finish comes with a grip finish, which gives the surface excellent anti-slip performance for wet or watery environments (bathroom, wellness centre, swimming pool, etc.).
  • Porcelain stoneware, glazed porcelain stoneware and white body are the three souls on which the collection is based. Each carries its own distinctive colour palette, designed to combine perfectly with the others.

Multiforme interprets large size tiles by capturing a decorative trend linked to a renewed way of experiencing the environments around us.
A style linked to the desire to make contemporary residential and commercial projects, with a view far removed from the idea of a cold, aseptic result.


Multiforme focuses purely on the total look in lunar tones (blue, light blue, turquoise, green, grey, purple and pink), as illustrated above. If, on the other hand, you are looking for warm shades, where to turn? Marca Corona has the right solution, as well. Here is Multiforme Dune, the new collection extending the range with new explorations inspired by the warm colours of sand and ochre. Sunny tones, easy to combine and adapt to different styles and situations.

Sincere and sophisticated, Multiforme Dune bears vivid witness to the imperturbable beauty of natural sunsets and views, not just reproducing leaves or flowers, but also evocative landscapes in bright, luminous colours, replicated with master skill. The large 120x278 cm Multiforme Dune Bosco and Multiforme Dune Deserto decorated porcelain stoneware slabs are major examples of this.

Multiforme Dune can transform any space, adapting to every need, having rediscovered a connection with the environment. It is in fact an extremely versatile collection, which combines perfectly with a variety of materials and colours. From the bathroom to the living room, from the kitchen to the bedroom, each room will have its own distinctive and aesthetically striking personality.


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Large marble and stone effect slabs, reliability becomes chic

Our journey into the world of large porcelain stoneware slabs for architectural design continues by turning to textural patterns that are perhaps more traditional, but far from obvious.
Today, bringing the typical nuances of the primary elements close to us - to recreate that wellbeing associated with the beauty of nature, while respecting its importance - means choosing sustainable floor and wall tiles that enhance the very properties of naturally inspired materials, while preserving the dimension of uniqueness associated with them.

Arkistone Light
Arkistone Light

This is the case with marble-effect porcelain stoneware and stone-effect porcelain stoneware, which are conscious, innovative, reliable and timeless proposals suitable for creating chic spaces, emphasising the all-embracing aesthetic aspect or reinforcing the decorative elements around it.

In the large size slab version, the stylistic and technical opportunities increase exponentially:

  • great definition and elegance thanks to its thin and homogeneous thickness
  • possibility of application on a larger area, using less material
  • attention to detail and high visual continuity

Whether classic, modern, sophisticated or minimalist in style, the large fine porcelain stoneware slabs are characterised by their design and highly functional performance.

Always attentive to design needs, Marca Corona offers a well-stocked variety of large marble and stone-effect slabs with prestigious features, confirming its commitment to solutions capable of supporting architects and designers in their daily work of researching and developing the best furnishing options for residential and commercial environments.


The marble-look trend porcelain stoneware for floor and wall application exerts a particular attraction among architecture and interior design professionals, so much so that it is one of the most spread.
The demand certainly reflects the need to give a glamorous and fascinating touch to realisations, breaking down the technological and performance limits of the natural material "marble".
There is also a dimensional reasoning behind this, as this pattern applied to a continuous surface helps:

  • to extend the size of the space, giving more extension and airiness to the area.
  • to stabilise the rendering of tone and vein, a fundamental result that would not be possible with natural stone.

The large marble-effect slabs of Marca Corona have the ability to decline all the technical and stylistic peculiarities of porcelain stoneware in environments with a strong visual impact or in unexpected uses, such as a modern bathroom with unique aesthetic.

Foyer Royal is the collection that wants to amaze, through a precise yet surprising interpretation of the finest marbles. Genius and creativity for floors and walls, in large porcelain stoneware slabs designed to give interiors of all kinds an exclusive and scenic allure.

Foyer Joy & Foyer Elegance

5 different marble patterns of great aesthetic and performance quality, alternating more balanced and mainstream tones with stronger and more special accents:

  • Cozy
  • Delicate
  • Chic
  • Drama
  • Green Ama

The large, decorated Drama and Green Ama porcelain stoneware slabs are characterised by their ultra-expressive veins, which intersect with aquamarine (Green Ama) and purple (Drama) shades.

Dynamism is also everything in architecture and gone are the days when large porcelain stoneware slabs were only used in single-colour versions.

The revolution of colours and decorations has indeed given new impetus to design creativity, radically changing the approach of industry operators and end users themselves.

All five surfaces of the Foyer Royal series are produced in large rectified sizes, including the innovative 120x278 cm Reflex slab with 6 mm thickness, designed for contemporary indoor settings.

The Chic, Cozy and Delicate versions are also available in the refined Matt finish.


There are situations where lightness, thickness, visual continuity and technical performance are even more important when compared to the equivalent natural material. This is where large porcelain stoneware slabs come into play, a true revolution that has opened up new scenarios in the design of contemporary spaces.

Only a few millimetres deep and applicable without cuts, these surfaces interpret all the strength of the most fascinating rocks, for creations full of character and elegance.
In the past, floor and wall tiles with a natural texture were limited to certain geographical areas or attributed only to buildings of a certain size; thanks to the ceramic solutions of recent years, there has been a normalisation of this proposal, which is now among the most common in the residential and commercial sectors.
Large size porcelain stoneware is thus conquering the world of architecture and design, for both indoors and outdoors.

Further advantages of stone-effect ceramic slabs include:

  • versatility and ease of combination with other shades or textures
  • ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • very high strength and aesthetics, resulting in continuous surfaces with very few joints
Arkistyle Limy
Arkistyle Limy

The large stone-effect porcelain stoneware slabs by Marca Corona come from the selection of the most fascinating natural patterns.
Ideal for responding to distinct design needs, they can be used as a single total look or easily and immediately combined with all the other collections in the range, including the wallpaper-effect collections.

In this respect, the Arkistyle collection welcomes the inspiration of stone in a double, eye-catching reinterpretation.
A glittering of hues and textures, skilfully elevating the material nuances of natural inspiration through innovative colour palettes with multiple combination opportunities.

Arkistyle is a fascinating combination of two different types of stone-effect porcelain stoneware, for modern and refined surfaces:

  • limestone effect with slight fossil inclusions, which characterise the aesthetics of the product
  • Venetian Terrazzo, the wall and floor decoration with a strong visual impact, in a contemporary proposal characterised by multicoloured flakes

This is combined with the option of the large slab size 120x278 cm and the maximum fusion of indoor and outdoor, thanks to warm and cold tones that feed a multi-purpose colour variant.


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In&Out project continuity

Foyer Royal

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Stone look stoneware floor tiles for charming outdoor settings

Vie della pietra

Simply unique stone-effect surfaces for the Outdoors


Ultra-glam marble-effect porcelain floorings and coverings


Flooring and wall coverings in an exclusive stone effect


Marca Corona matches 3 contemporary stones, experimenting with chevron patterns and metal inserts


A cutting-edge colour palette for an original interpretations of natural stones

Motif Extra

Marble effect surfaces with eye-catching motifs and brightness


Luxurious marble coverings


The allure of cotto, the delicacy of powdery nuances


Authentic and authentic stone effect surfaces


Natural shades and versatile finishes for trendy floor and wall surfaces


Chromatic and textural shadings for a natural stone effect

Large size concrete-effect tiles. The striking look goes minimal

We now come to the most popular and sought-after look, even on the web. Whether large size tiles or other porcelain stoneware surfaces, the concrete effect remains the absolute cornerstone of most interior and outdoor design projects.
How come? For many reasons combining aesthetic peculiarities and technical aspects, such as:

  • material still relevant, even long after its actual application
  • excellent balance between essentiality and stylistic refinement
  • neutral tones, easily matched with furniture and accessories of all tastes and types
  • smooth, silky touch providing reassurance and long-lasting
  • easy to install and maintain

Therefore, while interest in the concrete effect remains unchanged, the universe that comes with it has certainly improved and expanded towards new opportunities. For example, the less is more logic - which has always underpinned the choice of this surface - evolved from a merely conceptual talk into a real commitment to the environment and the development of solutions more in line with today's society. On the other hand, the colour block approach became more versatile and lighter, making room for more variety, such as pastel colours and "digital" shades.

Today's large concrete-effect porcelain stoneware slabs are therefore a magnificent result of these innovative pushes, which fostered the creation of a state-of-the-art product that really performs in many respects. Suffice it to say that the concrete-effect floor has been joined by multifaceted wall tiling proposals, which further enhance the total look of rooms such as the bathroom, living or sleeping area.

For outdoor areas, modern technology allows for maximum fusion of in&out, avoiding the unpleasant interrupted solutions of the past, where ceramic surfaces were only designed for indoor use, completely neglecting what was installed beyond the entrance door. This option is particularly functional for facilities with a high level of personal statement, such as hotels, resorts, wellness centres, retail chains and structured workspaces.

Also as a function of a totally renewed industrial style trend, the canons have changed and are increasingly moving towards a cosier, soft and comforting living experience. To this purpose, the textural pattern of Marca Corona collections propose this trend through the concrete effect in warm, natural tones such as:

In all three series, large size porcelain stoneware is the protagonist thanks to the extra-large 120x278 slabs, available as floor and wall covering, for minimalist environments with a more enveloping accent.

The multifaceted nature of ceramics made it possible to enhance the texture of concrete, providing architects, planners and designers with surfaces that can be used in a heterogeneous manner, while continuing to be on trend with the latest industry proposals.

In this way, different spaces can be created emphasising the minimal appearance or reinforcing the decorative features that surround them.


Explore the Concrete effect collections

Multiforme Dune

In&Out harmonies for the highest design continuity


A game of decorative compositions.


All-colour decorated cementine tiles.


Concrete look floor and wall tiles oozing industrial style


Stoneware indoor floor and wall coverings in warm, enveloping shades


Colour, gloss and 3D for small size industrial bricks


Innovative textures and metal details for exclusive concrete-look surfaces


A cutting-edge colour palette for an original interpretations of natural stones


The allure of cotto, the delicacy of powdery nuances


Concrete effect tiles for modern and comfortable environments

Sustainability for porcelain stoneware and large sizes

Within a varied catalogue, the Marca Corona proposals range from large wallpaper-effect stoneware slabs, which decorate walls with flower and leaf motifs, to the stone and concrete effect, to satisfy every design requirement and guarantee continuous sensations of well-being that last over time. Creative passion, technology at the cutting edge and quality raw materials are the ingredients for highly-valued floor and wall tile collections, featuring superior technical performance and low environmental impact.


Sustainable surfaces, born with constantly evolving processing techniques.
Nature inspires us with its incredible patterns and motifs, but that is not all: we focus on the environment, with a conscious approach that enhances the beauty and performance of ceramic design creations.

Our production code of ethics is all round and extends to energy saving, material recovery, packaging and transport management.
As a confirmation, Marca Corona is certified according to the highest standards for eco-friendly and responsible practices within the company.

These include ISO 17889-1, the new standard on "sustainability of ceramic tiles".
Developed following a life cycle analysisapproach, ISO 17889-1 defines metrics in line with the highest international benchmarks and meets requirement 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030/2050 Agenda and the World Green Building Council.

The standard is made up of 38 indicators, with a rewarding scoring mechanism to enhance the level of sustainability of products.


Watch the 120x278 Slabs video tutorials

To support customers and project designers in choosing and using the Large Slabs, which require specific handling, storage, and cutting procedures, please consult the dedicated Brochure and Video Tutorials.

Large stoneware slabs await you in the new Marca Corona showroom

Would you like to be able to discover large stoneware slabs in person and understand which ones to use for your projects?
If you are a planner, architect or designer, come and see the new Marca Corona showroom: a multifunctional space where you can experience our surfaces first hand and have all your application questions answered.

The new showroom - the result of a project by Dainelli Studio for Marca Corona - is waiting for you in our Sassuolo headquarters , with a newly built area totally dedicated to the universe of large size porcelain stoneware, from large stoneware slabs decorated with botanical and landscape patterns to stone effect and much more.

Along with the style, creativity and innovation of our collections, you will find manifold architectural ideas to inspire you to rethink design with new horizons.



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