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The Biophilic trend bursts into interior design

Planners and designers are increasingly concerned with the wellbeing of people in their living spaces, aware of the crucial role interior design can play in improving our lives.

Biophilic interior design

Architecture and design are allies when it comes to rethinking settings, and draw their inspiration from oriental cultures, with a view to recreating harmony and intimacy between Man and Nature, encouraging a slower pace, rest, contemplation and sustainable choices.

Interior design projects focus on natural materials, pleasantly tactile textures and relaxing colours able to complete settings and satisfy the desire for an inviting, welcoming space in which to reconnect with our inner selves. Interiors – including workplaces and commercial settings – become places of meditation, places to rebalance energies, find inspiration and reconcile body and spirit.

This trend can be summed up in a single term: “Biophilia, noun. In psychology and in biology, a love of life, an innate tendency to focus interest of life and vital processes”. (
In architecture, this love of life and all living beings is embodied in an innovative approach to designing spaces, founded on Man’s relationship with nature and design.

Biophilic Interior Design above all underlines the definitive move beyond the distinction between indoors and outdoors: homes and offices open out onto courtyards and gardens, while nature peeks into interiors thanks to the large, bright windows and the choice to bring authentic materials and plant elements indoors.

Patios, winter gardens and greenhouses are called upon to transmit positive vibrations, establishing new links between indoors and outdoors. Outdoor environments are characterised by furnishings in neutral colours, inspired by the natural world, and in aquatic nuances and sophisticated, versatile shades of colour.

Biophilic interior design


In perfect Biophilic Lifestyle, the Soul Bay collection is inspired by the principles of sustainability and reconnection, and is conceived specifically to embellish places designed to take care of body and soul, such as spas, resorts, wellness centres and private bathrooms.

A collection of white-body wall coverings with a minimal elegance, in fresh colours enhanced by graceful relief geometric patterns.

Soul Bay pays homage to maestro Pinuccio Sciola, the first artist to have given a voice to stone, through his Pietre Sonore (Sounding Stones) carved works displayed in his Giardino Sonoro (Sound Garden) in San Sperate and in numerous international exhibitions.

Just as Sciola’s “sounding stones” are a celebration of nature and material, Soul Bay surprises the observer with expressive, vibrant, irregular, worn surfaces. And just as each Sounding Stone has its own unique, unmistakable sound, the ceramics in the Soul Bay collection offer new visual and tactile emotions every time.

Biophilic interior design

The new Marca Corona wall coverings come in the elegant 40x80 size and in five sophisticated, fresh, trend-inspired colours - Pearl Grey, Talcum, Rope, Mud and Watery Blue. The magic is completed with two classy textures, the diamond-cut Form and the ultra-tactile Line, designed for laying both vertically and horizontally, to bring pace and vitality to walls.

Designers and lovers of the Biophilic trend can bring an extra personal touch to settings, thanks to two different patterns inspired by ancient oriental cultures and featured on a light background to show off the material: while Flowery offers a new take on beautiful floral and arabesque wallpapers, Japanese transfers the geometries of Japanese fabrics into delicate, shimmering reliefs.

But design ideas don’t stop here: in addition to possible pairings with a variety of flooring materials, Soul Bay offers the opportunity to play around with the walls themselves, by combining different 3D patterns and nuances. Why not go as far as a total palette gradient effect, featuring all five tones in the range, for a strikingly innovative, yet incredibly sophisticated look?

Discover our take on the new Biophilic Interior Design trend.


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