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Concrete Effect: minimalist floors for contemporary spaces

Multiforme concrete-effect porcelain flooring

Concrete-effect tiles are increasingly in demand. What is the reason for their success?

Let's start by considering their aesthetics. The style of concrete is associated with refined material suggestions, avant-guard architecture, the interior design of large contemporary spaces, a call for modernity that imposes itself as a trend.

The elegance of the inspiring material is complemented by the superlative performance of porcelain stoneware: ceramic exploits its potential to the full to create surfaces and coverings that are as incredibly intriguing as they are durable.

Choosing a concrete effect floor means taking advantage of a privileged starting point in the design of a space. The refined neutrality of its sober and delicate appearance is the most congenial solution for enhancing furniture elements and walls of all hues.

Why choose a concrete or resin effect floor for a contemporary space? Here are some suggestions.

The textures of the concrete effect enhance a minimal but never boring space

Tile textures and patterns are an indispensable resource for characterising simple yet visually striking minimalist spaces.

The characteristic features of concrete are easily recognisable. The material elements create an immediate connection with people, projecting an intense and familiar sensory perception.

Multiforme 1741 concrete-effect tile collection
Multiforme 1741 concrete-effect tile collection

One of the secrets to emphasise the texture of a concrete effect is to choose warm-coloured or natural-looking elements such as wood or walls as a counterpoint brick effect.

Concrete-effect stoneware floor and wall tiles from the Multiforme collection are a perfect choice for playing with furnishing elements and fostering new expressive possibilities. The surfaces in this series aim to promote originality in design by making the most of technological innovation and original new sizes.

Three different production techniques, a wide range in eight sizes and twenty-one striking colours and textures allow the creation of unusual combinations for minimalist total looks that are always interesting.

Are you looking for highly suggestive innovative material coatings?


The concrete effect can become the focal point of the room

When it comes to interior design, considering a focal point for the room is crucial. Choosing a concrete-effect wall or floor is a bold and sophisticated choice. This type of solution instantly catalyses the attention of guests, giving the space a significant visual weight.

While other ceramic trends focus on bold patterns and bright colours, the concrete look focuses on more discreet and minimalist fascinations, exploiting its characteristic textures and important material references.

The expressive potential of concrete is no longer the prerogative of large commercial environments and deserves a prominent place in the interior design of modern and contemporary homes.

Choose a coloured resin effect to create surprising state-of-the-art interiorse

In the collective imagination, concrete effect tiles evoke the image of industrial-chic environments with grey tones and a post-industrial mood. The colourful resin-effect stoneware collections prove the opposite, exploiting the brilliance of bright colour accents to make the most of urban, vintage-inspired yet trendy interiors.

The striking colours of resin effect walls can create a dynamic mix with surfaces, giving contemporary commercial and residential spaces a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Concrete and resin effect stoneware tiles from the Multiforme 1741 collection are the perfect choice for exploring new expressive possibilities, exploiting the surprising brightness and opalescent reflections.

The enveloping earthy tones of the Overclay collection lend personality and prestige to expressive and trendy interiors, declining its warm nuances in a palette of seven colours. The floors and walls of Ossidi and Terra.Art exploit the richness of the graphics and the originality of the sizes to create suggestive settings of unparalleled aesthetic value, influenced by the fascinating stylistic features of the encaustic tiles.

In the resin-effect collections of Marca Corona, the typical essence of the concrete effect is enriched with details to consolidate a metropolitan, young and innovative design.


Indoor and Outdoor: the versatility of the concrete effect lends itself to every environment

Concrete and resin-effect floors and walls enliven every type of environment, offering numerous advantages, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, thanks to the high performance of porcelain stoneware.

The technical characteristics of stoneware are an important plus: resistance to abrasion, trampling and impact, easy cleaning and maintenance make concrete look ceramic tiles a perfect candidate also for outdoor use, with the possibility of adopting a single collection to give continuity between an outdoor and an indoor environment. The moisture absorption coefficient of less than 0.5% makes porcelain stoneware waterproof, making it possible to invest in floors and flooring that are unaffected by water and liquids.

Stoneware ceramic is fireproof and do not emit toxic substances in the event of a fire. Ceramic is not only able to withstand high temperatures, but also frost, and can tolerate sudden temperature changes.

The colours of concrete-effect claddings and surfaces do not fade over time. This characteristic becomes especially important for the maintenance of outdoor tiles, which are continuously exposed to the effects of sun, pollution and other deteriorating atmospheric agents.

The question of which environment to use the concrete effect in becomes self-evident. This type of choice offers designers impeccable reliability and a huge range of inspiration, lending itself to every room. Here are some examples.

Concrete effect tiles for a contemporary hallway

What better way to achieve a chic entrance than with a concrete look hallway? A white concrete-effect floor can give the entrance an airy look, while dark grey concrete-effect tiles can create a cosy atmosphere when combined with light-coloured walls and accessories.

Large size tiles provide the hallway with a more uniform appearance. Hallways are busy spaces and relying on the durability of porcelain stoneware may not be enough: an anti-slip finish is the perfect choice to make practical use of the textural details of some collections.

Concrete effect for modern and expressive bathrooms

Dove grey or grey concrete-effect tiles are perfect for completing the style of modern, contemporary loft-style bathrooms. The concrete style gives the bathroom an elegant and sophisticated look. The single-colour look of the floor can be used in combination with lighter colours, giving the bathroom a relaxed and informal look.

Marca Corona interprets this trend with the Phase collection, a range of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles that give concrete a new visual flair. Phase tiles make the minimal look a strong point, offering a benchmark for safe, chic and trendy bathroom environments.

Looking for a bathroom capable of thrilling you at every glance?


Concrete-effect bathroom with Phase tiles
Concrete-effect bathroom with Phase tiles
Kitchen with Multiforme concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles
Kitchen with Multiforme concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles

Concrete-effect tiles for contemporary kitchens

Concrete-effect tiles are an excellent choice to give the kitchen a minimal and industrial touch. The high performance of porcelain stoneware is once again a bastion of practicality and safety in an environment that by nature is particularly challenging, subject to different types of stress.

Grey and neutral tones of the tiles make it easy to match with any type of furniture, facilitating the study of restyle and renovation projects. Furniture elements reminiscent of wood or natural fibres can be used to soften cooler tones, balancing the colder atmospheres of the industrial style.

Looking for the perfect tile for a contemporary kitchen?


Concrete-effect tiles for elegant and creative living rooms

Concrete-effect tiles are not just for floors: some collections exploit textures and finishes for walls with a dynamic and colourful look, perfect for making a living room with a minimalist look lively and original.

The task of enlivening the room is not only up to furniture and bright accessories: finding the perfect tile is essential to complete the look of a modern, minimal, but still cosy living room.

Looking for a concrete effect for a lively and innovative living room?


Living room with Multiforme 1741 concrete-effect wall tiles
Living room with Multiforme 1741 concrete-effect wall tiles


Use the look of concrete to make a professional room look like an office

In today's world, working from home is the new norm. Renovating a room to create a studio means elevating the professionalism of a space, distinguishing it from other rooms.

Concrete-effect tiles are a perfect choice: not only do they give a home office an elegant look - also perfect as a backdrop for remote calls and meetings - but they give the room a relaxing atmosphere.

Open space with Overclay concrete-effect tiles
Open space with Overclay concrete-effect tiles

Concrete-effect large sizes: the ideal solution for an open space

The concrete-effect large slabs are perfect for achieving stylistic and visual continuity in large living spaces.

Open spaces make flexibility their greatest strength: an extra-large tile size is capable not only of enhancing the space, but also of enhancing this feature.

The large slabs also help to break down the boundaries of modern homes characterised by large spaces, creating a harmonic continuous flow between rooms. Grey is very often the predominant choice for urban and minimal spaces, but when it comes to large sizes it is not the only option.

Looking for an extra large tile for a modern, yet colourful and original open space?


Concrete-look for dream bedrooms

Choosing a concrete-effect tile for a bedroom is by no means a foregone conclusion, especially when it comes to a large size. Soft colours and spaciousness can become a plus point, giving the bedroom the atmosphere of a real luxury hotel.

The concrete effect emphasises the furnishing of a room, enhancing soft pastel colours, delicate flowers and natural fibres with a striking monochrome look.

Would you like to experience the charm of the extra-large size for your room?


Bedroom with Phase concrete-effect ceramic
Bedroom with Phase concrete-effect ceramic
Outdoor and poolside setting with StoneOne concrete-effect tiles
Outdoor and poolside setting with StoneOne concrete-effect tiles

Concrete-effect ceramic for sophisticated, contemporary exteriors

The concrete effect is an extremely popular option for gardens, swimming pools and outdoor environments, particularly when combined with green areas and wooden surfaces. The minimalism and homogeneity of concrete-look tiles are ideal for bringing out the colours of plants, bright accessories and colourful furnishings.

Visual continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces is a must in the most exclusive environments. Using the same ceramic collection to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces gives the design a seamless and elegant look, both homogeneous and uniform.

In contrast to concrete surfaces, ceramic is more pleasant to the touch of a bare foot. What's more, a porcelain stoneware floor is anti-slip, offering greater stability on rainy days or in watery environments such as swimming pools or whirlpool bathtubs.

Looking for a reliable and trendy tile for your outdoor space?


Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is a must for industrial style

One cannot think of industrial style without considering concrete. This type of material - with a metropolitan vocation - blends urban suggestions with the pragmatism typical of avant-garde béton brut, making any room the perfect setting to enhance contemporary furniture pieces and vintage accessories.

A concrete-effect stoneware floor is a privileged starting point for transforming a room into a creative workshop, dictating new ideas for interior design.

Exploiting rough, shaded surfaces to create a metropolitan look would be limiting. Concrete stoneware is a perfect asset to create industrial green style environments: the urban jungle can open the door to a decoration with strong references to the world of nature, enhancing by counterpoint the charm of floor or hanging plants.

Let's not just dwell on the surfaces: concrete-effect porcelain stoneware walls lend themselves to a multitude of creative solutions, with details and textural suggestions to make a simple, minimalist look also captivating.

Stage concrete-effect porcelain stoneware flooring
Stage concrete-effect porcelain stoneware flooring

The Stage concrete-effect tile collection is perfect for giving any room a cosmopolitan and sophisticated look, making every space a sensory experience to be relived daily. Stage by Marca Corona is the ceramic collection of reference for creating eclectic indoor and outdoor spaces with an unmistakable style. The suggestions of the concrete effect combined with the high technical performance of porcelain stoneware originate safe and reliable tiles, dedicated to an urban aesthetic that is as precious as it is evolved.

Looking for new inspiration for industrial-style walls and floors?


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