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Marble effect: inspirations for modern bathroom design

The use of the marble effect in bathroom wall tiling has established itself as a major decorating trend. The expressive versatility of porcelain stoneware made it possible to fully exploit numerous textural designs inspired by nature, expressly reinterpreted to satisfy every taste and decorative style.

The bathroom with marble-effect ceramics is a styled, bewitching creation, ideal for adding timeless charm to exclusive, harmonious settings.

However, it would be limiting to imagine the bathroom simply as a room with classic look. Decorations, finishes and evocative colour shades: marble-effect stoneware becomes the perfect choice for the designer bathroom, completing the most contemporary and modern stylistic requirements thanks to its iridescent flexibility.

Marble-effect ceramics are therefore also an excellent choice for the interior design of a modern bathroom. Its flawless finish helps furniture and sanitaryware stand out, turning a simple bathroom into a luxurious private spa.

To create prestigious trendy bathrooms, Marca Corona offers new contemporary marble-effect solutions that make the most of the aesthetic and technical performance of porcelain stoneware.

Let's discover together how to use the marble effect for an eclectic, sophisticated design, offering surfaces and tiles that make the bathroom modern and elegant.


Large marble-effect slabs for a modern designer bathroom

Through a wide range of colours, textures, and veining, Marca Corona is able to offer architects and interior designers original and expressive marble-effect ceramics, created to furnish the bathroom both in a versatile and contemporary fashion.

The potential of porcelain stoneware is further enhanced by the extra-large marble-effect slabs, ideal for original, scenic, and creative walls, floors, and other furnishing elements.

The charm of large size is masterfully interpreted by the Marca Corona Foyer Royal collection, perfect for giving a designer bathroom an exclusive and precious character.

Marble-effect tiles of Foyer Royal offer five high-valued graphic patterns from an aesthetic point of view: the three refined Cozy, Delicate and Chic patterns and the more intense Drama and Green Ama ones, with eccentric shades and expressive veining.

Do you want a modern and prestigious bathroom?




Turn your bathroom into a true oasis of relaxation

Which colours should be chosen for a marble-effect bathroom? When we think of the 'ideal bathroom' we conjure up an image of purity and well-being, favouring a white or light-coloured appearance, such as pale pink or pale grey.

The use of textured materials has been a real game changer in the trends of recent years, adding spectacular looks with a contemporary feel, often inspired by nature, to the expressive opportunities of softer colours.

Modern bathrooms take advantage of the elegance of the marble effect by reinterpreting its style, combining floor and wall tiles with black and brass finishes, or combining the marble look with minimalist effects such as stone or cement. The right finishes and colour nuances can transform even the smallest bathroom into a place of rare and styled elegance.

The Foyer ceramic collection proposals are perfect for transforming your bathroom into a true oasis of relaxation, creating a cosy and elegant environment.

The five marbles in the collection thus become completely new "pop-luxe" ceramic solutions, exploiting a skillful reworking of graphic patterns and colours.

Are you looking for the perfect inspiration to create a refined space of absolute relaxation?



Light and bright tones for a shiny marble effect bathroom


Marble-effect tiles in lighter shades give brightness and breath to even a small modern bathroom, positively influencing the perception of space.

Synonymous with purity and luxury, the marble look is distinguished by its characteristic sinuous veining, with refined style effects to enhance any bathroom.

Light marble effect porcelain wall and floor tiles elegantly decorate flawless bathroom settings, enhancing the light in the room with smooth, shiny surfaces.

Motif Extra expresses the full expressive potential of porcelain stoneware: bathroom design solutions with great visual impact. The floor and wall tiles in the collection make the most of the marble appeal of the tiles, with a surprising maxi slab, size 120x240 cm. The inclusion of metal profiles and small glamorous glows make the surfaces crystal clear and precious, ensuring a strong decorative impact and brightness.

Do you want to bring whiteness and elegance to the centre of your bathroom?



Elegantly modern: use the white marble effect for a total white bathroom

When it comes to trendy bathrooms, the total white look is always an extremely popular choice, capable of superseding all fashions. A white marble effect bathroom is instantly associated with a feeling of well-being and purity, though its aesthetics do not have to blindly follow the canons of a classic environment.

"All that glitters ain't marble": as mentioned porcelain stoneware is able to compete with natural marble tiles, proving particularly competitive in a challenging environment such as the bathroom.

Porcelain wall tiles are not only useful from a functional point of view; they also add a creative touch of glamour and contemporary style to the bathroom with their different effects.

Marble-effect tile patterns give wall tiles a modern, clean, and uniform appearance, achieving a level of purity and perfection that cannot be achieved with natural marble, due to the organic imperfections of this stone.

The Deluxe White tiles of Marca Corona exploit the most virtuous characteristics of marble stoneware to create minimal and bright bathrooms that never fail to amaze.

The total white furniture is enhanced by harmonious floor and wall tiles that are never lacking in personality, adapting in a balanced way to the most sophisticated bathrooms.

Deluxe White porcelain stoneware surfaces and white-body wall tiles embody the prestige and luxury of Italian style.

Are you looking for new ideas for furnishing your bathroom in white without giving up style?



Choose the marble effect to enhance the appeal of your new bathroom

The versatility of marble-effect porcelain stoneware revives the style of the bathroom setting, enriching it with new magic. A marble look for the bathroom means embracing a safe choice that will stand the test of time in terms of style, performance, and maintenance.

Porcelain stoneware not only guarantees great material and reproduction accuracy, but also excellent performance and ease of maintenance, making ceramic tiles preferable to their natural stone counterparts, which are more expensive and difficult to preserve.

Natural stone tiles need to be sealed and cleaned regularly with care to avoid the impact of stains, scratches, or damage caused by moisture - a sensitive yet inevitable element when it comes to a bathroom.

In contrast,  porcelain tiles:

  • are easy to clean
  • are wear-resistant
  • counteract the effect of erosions and scratches
  • maintain the integrity of the colour over time, as explained in the article "Why choose ceramic tiles".

Marca Corona combines the know-how of an ancient ceramic tradition with the advantages of the latest technologies to offer architects and designers marble-effect tiles with a look that is as realistic as it is varied, making every project a modern classic.

The aesthetic of the marble effect is perfect for a contemporary bathroom: its shiny finish and delicate veining elevate the style of the setting and transform any room into a luxury spa, regardless of size.

Are you looking for a modern, practical, and trendy marble-effect bathroom?



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