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Cement-effect floor and wall tiles for endless decorative possibilities

When thinking of the cement effect, you immediately think of the large New York lofts in former factories and warehouses from the 1950s, characterised by the authentic roughness of the materials and the extreme rationalism of the furnishings.

Over time, however, this material has been able to evolve along with fashions and the new needs of interior designers, proving to be one of the most versatile and appreciated for the design of residential and commercial spaces that differ in style and atmosphere. Let's not be misled by the stereotype of grey, rough-looking cement: today, cement can easily be imitated by other materials - such as ceramics - which are capable of declining it in a plurality of trendy colours, finishings and decorative accents.

Concrete effect porcelain stoneware

What are the characteristics making cement-effect porcelain stoneware the new protagonist of interior and exterior design?

First of all, cement-effect stoneware is perfect for creating "total look" settings, i.e. complete design projects in which each element does not prevail over the others but is designed to enhance them. The term Total Look comes from the world of fashion, where an outfit is judged successful if all its elements - dress, shoes, accessories, make-up - interact and manage to convey unique suggestions and personality.

Cement-effect surfaces are a versatile material that can be easily combined with a variety of materials and styles, making them ideal for the design of striking, all-embracing settings.

Concrete effect porcelain stoneware

Multiforme: a ceramic total look that winks at natural suggestions and urban atmospheres

At Cersaie 2021 Marca Corona introduced a versatile and unprecedented ceramic innovation: the Multiforme cement-effect floor and wall tile collection. The name of this new series already reveals its intent: to create endless decorative combinations to obtain new and original designs, adapting to any taste and design need.

But let's discover in detail the many facets of this new proposal!

Multiforme offers a wide and ultra-expressive range of surfaces: 3 ceramic technologies (stoneware, white body and glazed stoneware), 8 sizes and 21 colours, designed to work in combination with each other to achieve a lively and characterful "total look" effect. The equation between cement and greyness is definitely outdated, as demonstrated by Multiforme rich colour palette: infinite shades, from elegant neutrals to aquatic tones and saturated accents, different depending on the chosen technology but all easily combinable with each other.

Concrete effect porcelain stoneware

In addition to colour, the Multiforme cement-effect surfaces also provide an all-round decorative theme through wallpaper-like floral motifs, original geometric patterns and bright glossy glazes. From the innovative large 120x278 ultra-thin slab to the modern 7.5x30 Brick, Multiforme lends itself to the design of any space, commercial or residential, indoors or outdoors. Even the most appealing and sophisticated ones thanks to the striking Fronde 120x278 cascade decoration!

But if it is true that appearance matters, too... the touch is no less important!

Multiforme also plays with surface finishes, offering not only the natural version, truly silky to the touch, but also a stylish Inciso finishing, rich in relief material irregularities, and an attractive glossy surface, designed to characterise the most modern interiors

A complete and up-to-date decorative proposal, designed to support the design of any environment, even the most challenging ones. The technical characteristics of ceramics, such as resistance, water tightness, resistance to mould, acids and bacteria, hygiene and anti-slip safety, allow them to be installed in any context, including high traffic public places, professional kitchens, spas and bathrooms.

Concrete effect porcelain stoneware

How can the decorative potential of Multiforme tiles be fully exploited?

Concrete effect porcelain stoneware

In the kitchen you can create design corners and decorated niches by inserting geometric mosaics, floral decorations or bright bricks. In the living area or the bathroom, you can dare on the wall with Fronde large slabs or floral wallpaper-effect wall tiles of great aesthetic impact. For the study or the bedroom you can recreate conciliatory and environmental-friendly atmospheres through aquatic and trendy shades.

For more eccentric and lively solutions, e.g. for the children's room, you will find glossy bricks in bright colours. For those who value not only colour and decoration, but also the tactile dimension, here come the stylish Inciso surfaces, wall tiles with authentic material reliefs, perfect for decorating kitchens and bathrooms.

Whatever your design requirements, Multiforme can offer you unique decorative solutions with striking aesthetics and maximum practicality and durability!

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