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Marble trend and large slabs to embellish your bathroom: discover the new Foyer series

Discover the large marble-effect slabs by Marca Corona, and give your bathroom a luxury, ultra-pop style!

There are some design trends that literally never go out of fashion. Among these are undoubtedly the stars of projects past and present; the exclusive marble-effect surfaces, with their timeless allure.

From the Greek “mármaron”, meaning shining stone, natural marble is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious materials, characterised by its elegance and its ability to brighten even the smallest spaces, and to adapt to a variety of styles, from the most classic to the most eccentric. However, it is time-consuming to quarry, difficult to work with, expensive and considerably heavy, which often makes it inaccessible or unsuitable for everyday architectural products.

Marca Corona: large slabs

This is why there is a widespread preference for marble-effect ceramics, able to offer a perfect reproduction of the natural material, together with superior performance in terms of resistance, safety, ease of installation. It is also practical to maintain and clean, and significantly less expensive.

In leading-edge interior design projects, the choice almost always falls to large-size ceramics, such as the 120x240cm or 120x278cm slabs, able to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the materials they are inspired by and to create a pleasantly smooth visual effect, thanks to the limited number of joints: suitable for both walls and floors, maxi slabs are the ideal solution for designing or renovating a variety of residential and commercial settings, even small ones.

Of the most recent ceramic products, the 6mm-thick 120x278 size is undoubtedly the most interesting and practical in terms of design and installation: on the one hand, the reduced thickness makes it lighter and easier to handle, and thus easy to lay, especially on walls, and on the other, the 278 cm height is designed to cover the whole of the wall, from the floor to the ceiling, thus reducing the number of slabs necessary and avoiding needless waste and cutting of the material.

The visual continuity created by the small number of - virtually imperceptible - joints guarantees a striking aesthetic effect, whatever the style of the room to be decorated.

The role of floor and wall coverings is all too often underrated, but they are essential to enhance the style of a home, boosting both its appeal and safety.

Of all the areas where large slabs can be used, they are particularly ideal for the bathroom, an area subject to specific stress and risks.

Porcelain Stoneware Large slabs

For our daily oasis of relaxation, we all seek style, comfort and above all maximum safety and easy maintenance. This makes the choice of bathroom tiles the most delicate of all – definitely more important than the choice of bathroom fittings, furnishing accessories or lighting elements!

Marca Corona Foyer large format ceramic slabs

Speaking of marble-effect surfaces and large sizes, we’re pleased to present our new Foyer series, a collection of stoneware floor and wall coverings that seek to bring a new pop-luxe twist to the marble look. Foyer focuses on the 120x278 size, with the exclusive marble effect joining forces with the functionality of stoneware and the practical appeal of the 6 mm reduced thickness. The Foyer large slabs, in an innovative size for the market and a new addition to the Marca Corona range, are the perfect choice for high-performance, trend-inspired spaces, from the living area to the kitchen, without forgetting our beloved bathrooms.

The Foyer series comprises five elegant marble surfaces, the result of a painstaking graphic and colour process, ranging from the pale shades Joy, Pure and Clear to more striking solutions Elegant and Intense. Cutting-edge and versatile, the ultraslim maxi size is available only for the three lighter colours, designed to enhance their bright, elegant appearance. The purity of marble also gains an ultra-modern touch, thanks to Inlay, a brand-new terrazzo effect decoration. Available in a 120x278 and 60x120 version, Inlay brings a new slant to the three lighter surfaces, with strikingly sophisticated, original spider’s web effects, in green, sky blue and taupe respectively.

If you’re looking for large surfaces with a flawless appearance for your renovation projects, be ready to fall in love with the ceramics in the Foyer collection, perfect for bringing a touch of sophistication to any setting, including the bathroom!

large ceramic slabs
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