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Indoor Garden trend: when nature inspires new designer floor and wall tiles

Floral patterns and Green-inspired decorations come to life on ceramic floor and wall tiles to create conciliatory and irresistible settings

Over these last few months of social distancing and lockdown spent stuck indoors, we have understood one thing quite well: how great is it to spend time outdoors, surrounded by untouched nature? Whether it’s a local park, a nature reserve, or simply your own terrace or garden, it doesn’t matter: what does matter is greenery, nature and floral elements which help us reconnect body and soul, relax and recharge our batteries!

Indoor Garden Trend: nature and interior design

Unfortunately, not everyone has an outdoor space to potter around and do some gardening or simply take a break from our hectic lifestyles: most of us have to make do with a small balcony, just large enough for a couple of pot plants or a pair of chairs on which to wait for better times for a full immersion into the beauties that only nature can offer us.

It is therefore no surprise that the Green issue and natural elements have become popular and appreciated features also in the design of indoor settings, both commercial and residential. The prolonged confinement to our homes and the temporary suspension of outdoor recreational activities have essentially changed our everyday habits, our lifestyle, and above all our way of living and conceiving the spaces in our home: behind private doors, now more than ever before, we pursue a sense of relaxation, harmony and light-heartedness, the same feelings which make us love and dream of spring and its blooming gardens.

An indoor garden to stay in touch with nature and the outdoors

The Indoor Garden trend meets a growing need for naturalness and reconnecting: nature has become the inspiring muse of architects and interior designers, contaminating every aspect of the design of spaces and the interiors of any setting. The starring role in these new Design spaces is played by recycled interiors with soft shapes, natural and authentic materials, bio-compatible fabrics featuring tactile patterns, floral decorations with fresh colours, inspired by blossom and tropical plants. This careful selection of elements brings to life settings packed with suggestions and sensory stimuli, capable of creating unique and enveloping atmospheres.

Floor tiles and wall tiles play a key role in conveying personality and colour to indoor spaces and in the new Indoor Garden trend, they turn into expressive and fascinating surfaces, characterised by unprecedented and carefree hues, lush naturalistic patterns and authentic details with a textured touch.

The new Marca Corona wall tiles bring the charm of nature indoors

Marca Corona reinterprets this new decorative sensitivity in Lilysuite, a collection of 50x120 wall tiles devised to transfer the beauty of nature inside contemporary commercial and residential spaces. 
Appreciating Lilysuite settings will be like walking through an enchanted garden, cradled by gently tactile surfaces, floral elements with an ethereal feel and a sophisticated and conciliatory bouquet of colours.

Indoor Garden Trend: nature and interior design

Lilysuite offers an elegant and well-balanced palette of colours, including 7 different hues, from soft pastel tones to fresh and lively accents, all inspired by the natural environment and its many wonders. The chromatic offering of Lilysuite white body wall tiles is easily matched with other trendy colours and a multitude of natural materials, such as wood, marble and stone, in order to interpret many different domestic styles and to design any setting, from kitchen furniture to bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, without forgetting the most exclusive hospitality and commercial settings.

The decorative force of the new Marca Corona wall tiles is expressed to the full in the form of two different wallpaper effect decorations, two floral patterns with a graceful elegance, available in two different colour variants. The Villa decoration brings to mind the blooming gardens pictured in refined impressionist paintings through shimmering variations in colour with iridescent touches; the Biloba patterns instead feature elegant relief flowers, embellished by pleasant textured details.

But beauty is nothing without versatility: on the one hand the 50x120 mini-slab is introduced as a practical and lightweight size tile, easy to handle and install, and on the other the white body constitutes an incredibly easy to clean, hygienic and anti-bacterial material, resistant to mould and mildew, chemicals, sanitising products and high temperatures, and thus capable of remaining impeccable over time, even in settings which are subjected to humidity, constant washing or frequent stresses.

If the Indoor Garden and the graceful charm of Lilysuite have managed to win you over, you will also love the Soul Bay collection, 40x80 wall tiles inspired by Biophilic Design, another interior furnishing trend again inspired by nature and focusing on physical and mental well-being in everyday settings.

Soul Bay surfaces pay tribute to the authenticity of natural stone and reinterpret it through a palette of neutral and aquatic hues, three-dimensional patterns with a textured feel and sophisticated Oriental cross-contaminations.

The collection of white body wall tiles in fact includes 2 different colours: Flowery, which replicates precious wallpaper with floral and Arab-like motifs, and Japanese, which reproduces the elegant geometries of Japanese fabrics. The ideal choice to reproduce a Zen garden in the comfort of your own home, in your private bathroom!

Indoor Garden Trend: nature and interior design

To emphasise the Indoor Garden style and enhance the value of the Lilysuite and Soul Bay wall tiles, Marca Corona offers an extensive choice of porcelain stoneware floor tiles capable of faithfully replicating the most authentic and precious natural materials, such as wood, stone and marble.

What better than a wood effect floor to emphasise wall tiles with a floral mood? The enveloping woody hues of the Elisir range have been devised to convey a feeling of intimacy and warmth, whereas the Lagom ceramic floorboards immediately bring to mind the charm of Scandinavian interiors, harsh and minimalist yet far from unwelcoming.

Indoor Garden Trend: nature and interior design

However, Nature also, and above all, means material…and the authenticity that only a stone effect can lend a setting! If you enjoy bold yet concurrently refined hues, you can only opt for the new Star Road and Tide Road collections.

To put together this new series, Marca Corona drew its inspiration from natural elements specifically, in particular the Sky and its constellations for the Star Road line, and the Earth and the authentic force of the material for Tide Road.

The Star Road ceramic floor and wall tiles combine large-size authentic surfaces with innovative decorative hexagons: the geometrical graphics of Cosmos and Moon have been devised to create endless different installation patterns, to customise commercial and residential interiors with a bold, modern and science-fiction touch.

Indoor Garden Trend: nature and interior design

Tide Road on the other hand offers two different authentic and bold ceramic surfaces: Cross Cut constitutes a perfect base, in the large size, to design refined yet character-packed settings. The Vein Cut surface, devised prevalently for use as wall tiles, is also supplemented with the 7.5x30 size, an eccentric design detail to lend public and private spaces personality.

Indoor Garden Trend: nature and interior design

With the new Marca Corona series, nature designs the settings in your home!
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