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Designing outdoor spaces with new porcelain solutions for exteriors

Trends and inspirations for creating well finished, sustainable and functional outdoor designs with 20 mm outdoor surfaces

The design of outdoor spaces is an increasingly popular and important activity, not only in the panorama of modern architecture that is attentive to the issues of sustainability, ethics and the development of green areas, but also from the perspective of personal care and well-being.


With the evolution of construction technologies, outdoor porcelain tiles have established themselves as the most innovative and versatile material for outdoor paving and walls, especially due to their eco-compatibility, resistance, durability and functional aesthetics, which make them the surface par excellence for the design of open-air environments such as gardens, swimming pools, verandas, balconies and more.

Optimal for private use as well as on large-scale works, porcelain tiles for exteriors are continually renewed in identity and form through collections that combine classic looks with the most modern and sophisticated tastes.

These collections include new multifaceted and easy-to-install solutions, which we will explore in the following paragraphs.

Design trends with porcelain tiles for exteriors

While the 5 reasons to choose porcelain tiles for outdoor use may be familiar to industry insiders and enthusiasts, design trends shift over time and open up new horizons for the latest-generation collections of ceramic tiles.

The 20 mm (2 cm) thickness with a rectified format is the preferred choice for outdoor design, thanks to:

  • Resistance to heavy loads 
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Resistance to temperature changes, frost, stains
  • Easy cleaning and installation
  • Variety of formats

The selection of Hithick porcelain tiles for exteriors features even more benefits: 

  • ISO 17889-1 and LEED V4 sustainability certification
  • ISO 14021 and GREEN GUARD green building compliance certification
  • Maximum continuity between indoors and out

Hithick is therefore the perfect combination of performance and prestige for exterior paving and walls thanks to the numerous options available that guarantee unrivalled creative freedom.

Porcelain tiles for gardens: wood effect and more

For those looking to create cosy commercial spaces or design a home like a resort, you can’t go wrong with the wood effect.

It adapts perfectly to outdoor spaces, recalling the warmth and natural character of the original material, with the addition of all the advantages of porcelain tiles: durability, impeccable beauty over time, safety and style.

For example the Hithick range includes Fiemme, the wood-effect collection with a vintage allure that, in its Bruno and Beige shades, replicates all the knots and veins of antique strips.


But the porcelain tiles for gardens aren’t just limited to those with a traditional look.

In fact the iridescent, magnetic lookof Vulcanica is also now available for the outdoors, the new metal effect that celebrates elegance with concrete, captivating details, adding an earthy feel and flashes of Brass to exterior designs.

Vulcanica comes in two different finishes

  • Grip, ideal for maximum indoor-outdoor continuity and designed for high-traffic environments.
  • Textured, thus well-suited for outdoor use and in situations where non-slip performance is required due to the presence of water or particular environmental conditions.

Porcelain anti-slip solutions for swimming pools

Safe options for wet areas, walkways and edges, porcelain slip-resistant solutions for swimming pools include a wide range of choices.

The metal effect and the wood floor effect mentioned before are also present here, accompanied by the stone effect and the concrete look in varied shades of grey.

Compared to the latter two possibilities, the Arkistyle collection offers a new approach to the natural stone effect, with surfaces that range from warm shades of sand to limestone with fossil inclusions that distinguish the product’s look in its most classic variants.

This range also features the  Shade Cold decorative option that amplifies the stylistic fusion thanks to the Terrazzo motif with its strong visual impact, for a perfect indoor-outdoor combination that’s easy to mix and match even with more neutral materials.


As for the concrete effect, Hithick’s porcelain tiles for exteriors with a non-slip surface manage to surprise even here.

With the Multiform Dune collection we find new minimal chic inspiration with the Frammenti decor in the 80x80 format with a 20 mm thickness.


With its soft nuances, Multiforme Dune in the Frammenti decor variant is distinguished by a pattern that perfectly balances simple and dynamic elements, ideal for creating striking geometries in both residential and commercial outdoor projects.

For both collections, special pieces are available for pools, including:

  • Polished and bullnose edges
  • Grids
  • Internal and external corners
  • Steps
  • Edging

and many others, even customised.


Outdoor raised floors

Also known as "outdoor floating floors", outdoor raised floors are increasingly common in outdoor projects, especially for allowing access to lighting, irrigation, piping and/or wiring below while maintaining a stylish look.

For outdoor floating floor projects where there’s a difference in floor level, the HiBase elevated floor solution is included with Hithick.

This is an innovative installation system for raise floors which includes a load-bearing structure and height-adjustable supports to ensure the perfect stability and uniformity of the walking surface. 

With Hibase, outdoor raised floors are easily removable and repositionable over time, even with different types of formats and sound-absorbing panels to improve insulation.

As for the style of the floating outdoor floors, the Arkiquartz stone-effect collection gives the look of quartzite a new natural elegance and technical performance.

The textured finish with a 20 mm thickness is specifically designed to create refined outdoor spaces combining sophistication and optimal performance, even when raised or around swimming pools.

With the Leaf decor and its foliage motif, Arkiquartz reveals another unusual facet of porcelain tiles for exteriors thanks to its striking stylistic details


To design outdoor spaces it’s therefore essential to be able to rely on specific solutions that make a difference.

Learn more in the new Hithick catalogue, available here as a preview.

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