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Porcelain stoneware floors for outdoors: new ceramic inspirations

The evolution of the outdoor world thanks to furnishing solutions to discover

Why have porcelain stoneware floor tiles for outdoors become such an essential component of today's interior design choices?

Time spent indoors has increased considerably in recent years, shared between work from home and private life. For this reason, new residential requirements place the emphasis on optimising and defining space, both indoors and especially outdoors.


Outdoor areas have become an indispensable part of the research and design stage of a home and are taking on new meanings, being complemented with suggestions that were previously sought outside the home.

So, terraces, courtyards, balconies - and for the luckiest, gardens and swimming pools - become a place for socialising and gathering, or even a means of cultivating one's hobbies, practising sport or simply finding a moment to relax and escape from daily worries.

Transforming your outdoor areas with ceramics

If you have an outdoor space, now is the time to exploit its potential to the full, to make it into a place of calm and leisure.

Designing attractive outdoor areas is important, but it is even more essential to think about functionality: regardless of the available space, opt for resistant and comfortable furniture, practical to clean and durable over time.

The same applies to the world of floor and wall tiles.

Porcelain stoneware tiles are among the few materials on the market that can provide you with all the practicality and safety that an outdoor flooring should have:

  • frost-proof, i.e. inert and unable to absorb water
  • anti-slip
  • resistant to atmospheric agents and sunlight. Ceramic outdoor tiles do not discolour and are also resistant to mildew
  • durable, able to withstand weight, impacts, scratches or minor damage from our pets (or from some unsuccessful DIY experiment in the garden) without any problems.

Ceramics is also a material that has become famous for its ability to reproduce any effect, colour or decoration, amplifying its potential and allowing the designer to play with different styles and inspirations, thus combining functionality and cosmetic results.

Enhancing small areas or redefining large spaces: with ceramics, this and more!

Even a small garden can easily be transformed into a multifunctional space, by strategically placing a few pieces of furniture or by using porcelain stoneware floor tiles for outdoors to enhance this space. You can choose, for example, to play with different effects or shades of colour to delimit certain areas, or alternate stoneware tiles with green elements such as plants and bushes, or even decide to focus on a beautiful lawn in combination with large ceramic slabs or wood-effect boards.

For projects that are always on the move, 20-mm thick outdoor flooring offers great versatility. With the dry installation technique, you can create applications on residential green areas.

  • To this effect, installation on grass is the perfect solution for creating private gardens and outdoor areas such as islands and walkways;
  • new outdoor projects, e.g. transforming barbecue areas and outdoor spaces into even safer and more welcoming places. In this case, the recommended method is installation on gravel or sand, which is particularly suitable for solving the problem of water drainage.

Marca Corona offers a wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor use, including the thick line HiThick, 20 mm thick, able to meet any type of technical need and evolving its offer in step with the latest trends from the world of Outdoor Design.

Which types of external flooring should be used? You just have to read on to find out.


Minimal and modern porcelain stoneware outdoors

Lovers of a more sober and essential style can relax: Marca Corona has also thought of you!

The brand-new cement-effect series Multiforme, the flagship of Cersaie 2021, combines technological innovation and aesthetic originality.

Forget the cement effect as you know it, cold, austere and somewhat commonplace: Multiforme ceramics play with elements borrowed from the world of Nature and matter to create new expression possibilities, through high-impact graphic details and soft colour shades, perfect to give character to contemporary outdoor spaces.

The stone-effect Arkistone collection is perfect for ensuring continuity with interiors, giving a chic and evocative effect: you can rely on its large sized slabs to design environments with neutral and relaxing tones, without sacrificing functionality and practicality.

Recreating rustic and authentic exteriors with ceramic floor and wall tiles


Country cottages, with a romantic and gentle soul, are the dream of many nature lovers or simply of those who like to take refuge in comfortable environments surrounded by greenery, to find relief and relaxation from hectic everyday life.

Transversal and timeless, the rustic style focuses on the most emotional component of design, combining retro and handcrafted elements with cutting-edge and functional - but no less attractive - materials.

Even those who do not own a house surrounded by nature can carve out their own little corner of well-being, recreating that same lived-in, authentic effect: the Historica collection, for example, draws inspiration from ancient stones, reinterpreting five different, well-known stones, from precious travertine to limestone, in evocative and versatile stoneware surfaces.

Designed to give open-air spaces an authentic personality and timeless charm, the Vie della Pietra collection is made up of eight different patterns, each inspired by a different natural stone, and is available in two small modular sizes, 9 and 20 mm, ideal for both customising large outdoor areas and stylishly enhancing smaller spaces.

Both series are available in sizes designed for different installations and uses, such as swimming pools, verandas or gardens, ensuring maximum safety and ease of maintenance and making your environment the perfect location for parties, outdoor dining or just plain fun!

Small outdoors... but with a great style

Small courtyards or balconies also deserve consideration. With the right care and clever tricks, even these places can be transformed into design corners with a unique style.

If you are looking for an elegant and durable porcelain tiles for balconies, we can only recommend the precious ceramics of Elisir Royal (even more impressive if applied in continuity with the interiors): thanks to the brightness of its natural tones, this new series provides surprising surfaces, reworking the colours and shades of precious woods enhanced by time.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more urban and underground style, you'll be won over by the bricks Bricklane, a collection with an eclectic and irresistibly trendy spirit.
Inspired by the London street of the same name, the Bricklane brick effect tiles are the ideal choice to add personality and style to small outdoor places, recalling the typical "exposed brickwork" effect in the original hexagonal 25x21.6 cm size or in the more typical size used on the walls of the British capital.


To design versatile outdoors in line with the new emerging living needs, rely on the outdoor floor and wall tiles by Marca Corona, a true symbol of excellence and quality Made in Italy in the world of ceramics.

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