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Arkiquartz: new stone-effect porcelain tiles for indoors and outdoors

A new, exclusive stoneware proposal for safe, refined, seamless, and attractive spaces between indoors and outdoors

Stone-effect stoneware tiles continue to be a prestigious choice for functional, elegant, and contemporary indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings.

The design trends of recent years speak for themselves: for the realisation of modern, avant-garde projects, the choice is increasingly falling on sustainable materials inspired by nature - in particular those with a natural stone effect - to recreate modern, refined, and balanced settings, in perfect harmony with a rediscovered interest in the environment and its fascinating elements.


The world of ceramic surfaces was among the first to encourage this trend, focusing on the development of stone-effect floor and wall tiles certified from the point of view of sustainability, with proposals featuring a material mood perfect for stylish plus unique commercial and residential environments.

And it is right the uniqueness that makes this effect so popular with designers and planners: the fascinating imperfections, colour nuances, and scratches reproduced on tiles in neutral, balanced tones make each project precious and inimitable, just like a rare diamond or a rock sculpted by the ocean or the passage of time.

After all, isn't it true that true beauty lies precisely in the diversity that surrounds us?

Why choose stone-effect stoneware tiles

Textural, authentic, reliable: stoneware tiles elevate the primordial beauty of the material and evoke a return to environments that are essential in their lines and shapes, but no less aesthetically impactful.

There are many reasons to choose stone-effect floors and walls for your project. Here are just a few:

  • versatility: thanks to this peculiarity, stone-effect porcelain tiles are not only able to replicate different textures, decorations or finishes, but also to adapt effortlessly to any request or design requirement, such as recreating an effect of visual continuity between indoor and outdoor environments.
  • functions and technical performance: resistance to stains, mould, atmospheric agents and temperature sudden changes, impacts, foot traffic, and anti-slip properties make porcelain tiles the most reliable material on the market for creating floor and wall coverings that are destined to last over time, always as perfect as they were just after installation. Extreme ease of maintenance optimises the cleaning process and drastically reduces replacements.
  • sustainability: like all ceramic wall tiles, stone-effect porcelain tiles are produced in an environmentally friendly way. They contain no plastic, do not release VOCs or formaldehyde.
  • one effect, infinite stylistic choices: characterised by neutral shades and minimal, refined decorations, stone-effect porcelain tiles are the ideal choice for designing essential spaces where ever-new furnishing elements and colour accents can be accommodated, in evolution along with the trends of the moment. A real starting point from which to create your dream project!
  • aesthetic and design continuity: stone-effect ceramics, thanks to their aesthetic references to nature and the environment, are perfectly at home in open-air contexts, enhancing swimming pools, gardens, and terraces to the utmost; at the same time, it lends unparalleled refinement to interior spaces, ensuring a pleasant effect of aesthetic continuity and designing striking design corners.

Arkiquartz: the perfect synthesis of the natural elegance of quartzite stone and the technical vocation of Marca Corona

Arkiquartz, the new stone-effect collection by Marca Corona, is the result of skillful research and interpretation of the thousand-year-old Kavala quartzite and other natural elements.

Arkiquartz comprises a surprising series of floor and wall tiles where textural structure and elegance come together to create a ceramic product that responds to the new demands of living, combining beauty, functionality, and practicality.


Arkiquartz is a true voyage of discovery into the aesthetics of captivating and precious 'split' natural stone, capable of transferring all the majesty of textural scenarios into refined and exclusive indoor and outdoor projects.

With this new stone-effect series, the deepest naturalness is elevated and embellished by the hand of man, amplifying the tactile and visual range, enhancing the technical and design performance of premium porcelain stoneware tiles.

Pronounced scratches and marks, 3D relief textures: every detail of Arkiquartz bears witness to the passage of time and the history of a material that is rough in appearance but soft and pleasant to the touch.

The calm and balanced colour palette of delicate 'rust effect' shades is complemented by a rich decorative proposal consisting of graphically refined geometric and floral solutions.

The decorations on offer range from large 60x120 tiles for both indoor and outdoor use in 2 cm thicknesses, to 7.5x30 cm brick tiles, whose edges have been skillfully designed to reproduce the traditional splitting of quartzite and recreate a refined urban effect or modern, informal wall niches.

When installed in fusion between indoor and outdoor settings, Arkiquartz chooses to reveal all its extraordinary expressiveness: stone-effect porcelain surfaces for indoors accentuate their natural appearance, while those for outdoors make it seem softener.

A path of mutual rapprochement that results in a new way of understanding aesthetic and design continuity, indoors & outdoors, giving rise to new and exciting scenarios.

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