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Five reasons to choose porcelain stoneware in outdoor flooring

Spring is coming and outdoor design takes centre stage. Our five suggestions.


Why choosing porcelain stoneware for outdoor flooring? Fine weather is approaching and the desire to be outdoors, surrounded by greenery and the breeze of spring days, is growing.

Anyone who has an outdoor space looks forward to use it. Whether for gardens, patios, terraces or balconies, the design of the outdoor flooring becomes an absolute priority to make the most of these places.

Porcelain stoneware surfaces are the most widely used by architects, designers and construction professionals in the realisation of both residential and commercial outdoor areas, due to their features and advantages, as they are:

  1. safe for users
  2. easy to clean and maintain
  3. easily integrated with the surrounding environment, because they are sustainably produced and hence respect the ecosystem
  4. beautiful and versatile, with many textures and natural effect patterns
  5. ideal for every type of exterior flooring project, thanks also to the various installation methods

But these five reasons do not end there. Let us see them in more detail below.


The resistance of porcelain stoneware tiles for exteriors

Thickness, drainage , non-absorbency, frost resistance: these are just some of the properties that make porcelain stoneware tiles for exteriors the main outdoor solution.

A real guarantee of strength, which is reinforced by robustness and durability under high loads, sudden temperature changes, chemicals and more.

Speaking of thickness porcelain stoneware outdoor floors are increasingly innovative and offer high consistency, thus guaranteeing even safer and solid usability.

An example of this are the 20 mm (2 cm) thick porcelain stoneware tiles for exteriors with a textured finish, created to solve the needs of landscape design in public, professional and residential building contexts.

Cleaning outdoor porcelain stoneware

How to clean and maintain outdoor porcelain stoneware flooring?

It really only takes a few steps. And this also applies to the rougher tiles, which contrary to popular belief are non-absorbent, stain-resistant and extremely easy to maintain.

All porcelain stoneware surfaces are in fact already naturally hygienic, practical and easy to clean. For everyday use, simply use a sponge or mop and neutral detergent, paying attention to the instructions for its use and dilution percentages.

For any extraordinary cleaning, it depends on the type of intervention and its particularity; in any case, with our cleaning and maintenance manual you can tackle any type of stain.

The colours of porcelain stoneware for exteriors

The new ceramic inspirations have brought much variety and novelty to outdoor porcelain stoneware colours.

If until a few years ago the undisputed king of outdoor areas was the grey of stone floors or concrete effect, now other solutions with different features are also making their way in.

For example, wood-effect porcelain stoneware flooring, previously relegated to indoor rooms only, is spreading not only as an en plein air trampling surface, but as a true element of outdoor furniture to reconnect with nature.

The colours of porcelain stoneware for outdoors are therefore constantly evolving, as are the projects where they can be used.


Porcelain stoneware in exterior garden, patio, balcony and swimming pool flooring

The main objective of garden, patio, balcony and swimming pool flooring is to fully ensure the enjoyment of outdoor areas.

Porcelain stoneware is the right choice for any context.
Imagine a holiday home where we want to create:

  • an outdoor relaxation area
  • a small zen garden
  • a cosy balcony

With porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor use, the Mix & Match is absolutely possible. And even for the swimming pool, safety and durability are guaranteed.


Projects and realisations with porcelain stoneware for outdoor floors

We discovered how porcelain stoneware for outdoor floors allows many outdoor projects and realisations such as swimming pools, courtyards, gardens, terraces and balconies to be 'laid down' .

However, these are not the only opportunities.

Think of the need to build outdoor driveways, raised floors, driveways, pathways or other pedestrian areas. How to proceed and what are the suggestions?

Find out in our vademecum on the best outdoor porcelain stoneware solutions.

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