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The current trend for home design starts with the outside of the home, creating new dimensions of comfort where you can retreat.

The garden, terrace, porch or veranda thus become personal oases dedicated to relaxation; the home as a resort offers wellness and mindfulness, with outdoor furnishing solutions featuring modern outdoor flooring.


More and more we hear about the "natural luxury" of being able to experience your outdoor spaces with safety and peace of mind, thanks to the latest generation of anti-slip outdoor floors that increasingly focus on sustainability, even allowing for concrete-free garden paving solutions.

Anti-slip outdoor porcelain stoneware: where aesthetics and reliability meet

Anti-slip outdoor porcelain stoneware is a high-quality ceramic material characterised by a compact structure and exceptional resistance to weathering, staining and foot traffic, as well as a natural and elegant appearance.

These characteristics make it perfect for outdoor garden paving, swimming pool flooring or for application in terraces, entrances, porches and other outdoor areas subject to a wide range of uses and weather conditions.

See the detail of the outdoor collection Fiemme

Fiemme Collection
Fiemme Collection

Additionally, in the area of modern outdoor flooring, porcelain stoneware offers a huge choice of effects, styles and sizes.

From the wood effect to natural stone, to designer outdoor flooring, the possibilities are endless.

One example is the Hithick 20-mm collection by Marca Corona, designed specifically for open-air spaces and for excellent aesthetic and technical results.

The Hithick 20-mm collection offers premium finishes to further enhance outdoor spaces, with a wide range of custom-made trims to meet all different design needs.

Further figures in this selection of outdoor surfaces include fascinating outdoor decorations such as:

From small to large size, these proposals include floors with refined geometric or flowery patterns, ideal for constructing refined and distinctive settings.

Finally, the Hithick 20-mm collection also includes solutions for maximum continuity between indoors and outdoors, with floorings that, thanks to special technical and aesthetic features, are available with equal performance and beauty, both indoors and outdoors. This creates a design without limits, expanding space in a perfect balance between elegance and functionality.

Universe Collection
Universe Collection

Concrete-free garden paving: the outdoor design revolution

After exploring the many reasons for choosing porcelain stoneware in outdoor flooring, here is one of the most appreciated advantages of modern porcelain stoneware outdoor flooring: the possibility of creating a concrete-free garden paving.

Outdoor architecture, outdoor design and landscape design are constantly evolving disciplines, requiring creative and functional solutions to make outdoor spaces a harmonious extension of the home, in continuity with nature and the surrounding environment.

See the detail of the outdoor collection Universe

To this effect, the new ceramic inspirations of modern outdoor flooring have revolutionised the traditional concept of the tiled garden.

Thanks to its installation on adjustable supports, porcelain stoneware outdoor garden paving can be laid directly on grass, gravel or sand, avoiding the complex traditional concrete paving installation.

See the detail of the outdoor and indoor collection Multiforme    See the detail of the outdoor collection Overland

Multiforme and Overland Collection
Multiforme and Overland Collection

Once again, ceramic surfaces prove to be the perfect choice for creating attractive, durable and functional outdoor areas through innovative installation methods with low environmental impact.

Whether it is:

  • modernisation of front garden at the home entrance
  • renewal of tiles for outdoor garden or swimming pool
  • redevelopment of the porch into a scenic entrance
  • creation of porches, terraces, courtyards, verandas

Modern porcelain stoneware outdoor floors allow outdoor spaces to be customised according to the desired taste and style, offering all the additional benefits of the durability and ease of maintenance peculiar to this material.

See the detail of the outdoor collection HiThick 20-mm

HiThick 20mm
HiThick 20mm

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art design solution to transform your outdoor spaces into true private designer resorts?

Tell us your idea and discover with us all the versatility of outdoor porcelain stoneware by Marca Corona.

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