Advantages of 2cm for Outdoor


Marca Corona assortment also includes Hithick, the ceramic line especially developed for Outdoor projects, where design meets with the maximum resistance and reliability, as well as compliance with environmental and safety standards. Our HiThick Line consists of porcelain stoneware collections boasting several benefits:



Marca Corona quality is not afraid of outdoor life, passing of time and the elements. Irrespective of the condition, Hithick guarantees maximum resistance

1 - Resistance to heavy loads, thanks to a high breaking load
2 - Resistance to abrupt temperature changes and frost. These extra thick collections do not absorb water and therefore resist the formation of ice that may cause internal breakage and splitting
3 - Resistance to stains, acid, chemicals and atmospheric agents, for surfaces that remain unchanged over time
4 - Resistance to the corrosive action of salt
5 - Resistance to mould, for surfaces without stains





Hithick respects the safety of people and the environment thanks to superior technical properties and a low environmental impact

1 - Non-slip, in wet and dry conditions
2 - Hypoallergenic, does not emit polluting substances
3 – Recyclable, guarantees Leed credits, which attest the sustainability of projects realised
4 – Fire-resistant and flame-proof, does not call for surface treatment
5 - Does not contain asbestos and chemical surface treatments so it is safe both for people and animals





Technical and aesthetic quality support creativity to give life to modern and complex outdoor projects. Hithick enhances the characteristics of each project and ensures style, practicality and durability

1 - Versatile and suitable for installation on grass, gravel, sand, screeds or raised systems
2 - Easy to clean, no special treatments needed
3 - Versatile in terms of colours, effects and formats available, it offers designers maximum continuity between interior and exterior spaces
4 - Easy to remove and reuse, for dynamic projects and spaces that change continuously
5 - Rectified, for easy installation