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Stoneware and Industrial Green: modern living embraces a new style

The interior trend combines porcelain stoneware and essential furnishings with an industrial flavour and green-friendly elements.

Industrial style and green contaminations: the world of sustainable building is enriched by new trends to create exclusive, ecological, and healthy spaces for people and the environment.

It only takes a few steps to create an eclectic and functional industrial green kitchen, thanks to the choice of urban furniture, essential design elements, and safe environmentally friendly materials such as porcelain stoneware.


Why choose the Industrial Green style for living

Opting for an industrial style is certainly nothing new, rather a habit whose origins date back to the 1950s. It was the versatile Andy Warhol who launched it in New York with his famous Factory, reclaiming disused and unused factory premises, abandoned offices, and empty warehouses.

As well as a necessity, Warhol's industrial style represents a very precise signal to move in the direction of reclaiming existing spaces, limiting items of furniture and everyday objects as much as possible.

A kind of primordial minimalism, now more than ever back in vogue.

Getting rid of unnecessary objects not only makes for a more liveable and functional home but also restores value to the elements within a space, reducing waste and pollution. This emphasises fine furniture and materials that will last.

The Industrial style has subsequently evolved over time along with the fashions and changes in society while maintaining its rigorous and essential soul, re-proposed in a softer and more adaptable version:

  • the cold, minimalist colour palette is now enriched by more textural and cosy nuances, ranging from beiges and grey scales to warm earthy shades;
  • austere and often non-functional furniture is now replaced by more comfortable elements,  designed to facilitate daily gestures and maintenance
  • the few decorative objects available converse with the surrounding nature and its elements, eliminating the distance between indoors and outdoors;
  • the preferred materials for floor and wall tiles are ecological, strong, durable and with an exquisitely 'raw' aesthetic, enhanced by specially designed lighting systems.

And, speaking of materials, porcelain tiles are the most widely used to transform anonymous, characterless living spaces into refined, contemporary Industrial Green spaces.

Porcelain tile surfaces, in fact, make it possible to create dynamic and safe architectural projects, perfectly reproducing even such a particular and authentic style as that of industrial inspiration, revisited in a green key.

Get inspired by our ecological tiles and start your Industrial Green project.

Industrial Green porcelain floor and wall tiles: the coolest effects for your project

Marca Corona offers numerous collections and effects that can transform your living area into an ambience with perfect Industrial Green style. Depending on your needs and preferences in terms of colours and effects, you can obtain different interpretations of this style that has been so loved and appreciated for over half a century, including surprising small-size variants in green, coral, agate, and amethyst porcelain tiles

But let's see some of them together!

When you think of industrial style, the association with the cement effect is almost immediate: cement-effect stoneware floor and wall tiles, with their 'raw' and unfinished appearance, are in fact a great classic of industrial buildings.

The collezione Multiforme, designed to support the design of different types of space and create lively and characterful total look environments, offers a new interpretation of cement and resin-effect stoneware, through a range of ultra-modern surfaces and decorations: from large-size proposals rich in material irregularities and reliefs, to glossy surfaces with saturated accents and expressive decorations inspired by Indoor Garden, perfect for transforming biophilic interpretations and stylistic requirements into new realities.


A 'softer' alternative to the cement effect is undoubtedly stone-effect stoneware: the reproduction of cracks and material nuances of rocks and natural stones worn away by time contribute to making the living area a chic, essential and luminous space, transferring all the beauty of majestic and millenary landscapes onto top-quality porcelain stoneware.

The new Arkiquartz series takes its cue from the instinctive charm of quartzite, creating a proposal based on the ultimate fusion of Indoor and Outdoor. Ideal for designing essential spaces in dialogue with their natural surroundings.

Exposed bricks are another great classic of industrial-style living: an original and impressive solution to give character to lofts and open spaces, transforming them into cosy and atmospheric spaces.

Bricklane brick-effect tiles bring out all the eclectic and retro spirit of brick on porcelain stoneware surfaces with superior technical performance, reproducing the red bricks of the London street of the same name.

Finally, let's not forget the worn wood planks that characterise many industrial dwellings, giving them a touch of naturalness and warmth, as well as mitigating their original cold and austere appearance.

If you are looking for a similar solution for your living room, the Elisir Royal wood-effect collection could be the right one for you!


This precious porcelain tile collection interprets wood from the most majestic trees with ultra-realism, proposing textures rich in knots, veins, and colours that emphasise the naturalness of the material consumed by time: perfect, therefore, to be combined with a more minimal and rigorous stone or cement.


Let yourself be won over by the latest stoneware proposals from Marca Corona.
Do you want to transform your living area into a modern, trendy Industrial Green space?

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