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Holiday homes: 3 ideas to renovate the inside and the outside

Find out how to refurbish your holiday home with Marca Corona ceramic tiles

Every self-respecting holiday home must accommodate two essential requirements, namely comfort and practicality, to allow its occupants to relax and forget all about the stress and worries of everyday life. Whether it is by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside, a holiday home should be designed with the same care as your main residence, taking into account your usual habits and your additional holiday requirements.


Think for instance of the frequent showers after diving in the pool, the sand or soil residue after a day at the beach or surrounded by nature, the scorching hot days when the sun beats mercilessly down on outdoor furniture and decorations or, for more festive holidaymakers, the intensive foot traffic during cocktail parties or bustling dinner parties. Irrespective of the environmental and mechanical stresses it is subjected to, a holiday home should also offer impeccable styling and maximum practicality when it comes to cleaning.

Exterior of a renovated summer house

Usually the square footage of a holiday home is more contained compared to the main home: the furniture and finishes should be carefully selected, without exaggerating, favouring those that are more practical, versatile and easy to upkeep, to avoid wasting precious time doing chores! 

We often forget that, since it is only inhabited for short periods of time throughout the year, a holiday home is especially exposed to the risk of mould, mildew and damp patches, due to the lack of proper airing during those months it is not used. Indoor and outdoor surfaces thus play a vital role in designing welcoming settings that are above all healthy, safe and easy to upkeep.

For all these reasons, to design a holiday home, it is essential that you opt for quality materials, built to withstand all weather, bacteria and wear, as well as being versatile from a styling perspective, to create a style in keeping with your personality. Mission impossible? Far from it! Ceramics are made from a reliable, durable and safe material, capable of accommodating all the functional and styling requirements of our little getaway from the city!

Ceramicsare easy to clean using regular detergents, are resistant to corrosion, foot traffic and chemicals, are non-absorbent, thereby avoiding the spread of mould, mildew, bacteria and fungi, averting unpleasant surprises when you return to your holiday home the following year. Since they are of natural origin and totally inert, porcelain tiles do not release harmful substances, even in the event of a fire. Ceramic tiles are therefore the ideal solution to develop comfortable, healthy and safe settings.

Over the years, Marca Corona has developed an extensive, versatile range of floor and wall tiling, ceramic tile solutions in keeping with the latest design trends and capable of transforming any domestic setting, guaranteeing maximum styling continuity and appeal.

Here are some suggestions and inspirations to refurbish your holiday home with Marca Corona ceramic tiles.

Interior of a renovated summer house

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

After a whole year of waiting, it’s finally time to go the beach!

To all those sea lovers out there, we have dedicated Oceano, the decoration of the new Terra.Art collection. Using these square or hexagonal encaustic tiles, we can dive into the deepest shade of blue, downplaying using geometric-floral patterns with a vintage allure.

For fans of the sea and of its myriad different colours, Marca Corona also offers its new Foyer Royal marble effect stoneware wall and floor tiles: the Green Ama surface perfectly replicates natural Amazonite which brings to mind tropical waters, an eccentric and exclusive motif, devised to imbue small alcoves or entire settings with elegance and character. The decorative appeal of the Green Ama surface is expressed to the full in the large 6 mm-thick 120x278 wall slab.

If the word sea brings to mind the Mediterranean and the coasts of Southern Italy, then opt for the Maiolica and Storie d’Italia collections, two small-size offerings from the Linea 1741 that reinterpret traditional decorated majolica tiles.
Maiolica focuses on the bright hues of blue and white, which have been reinvented thanks to original geometric and floral patterns. Storie d’Italia on the other hand offers a broad, lively colour palette, available in both the glossy and matte version, as well as several high-impact multi-coloured decorations. Two porcelain tile collections to delve into the past and customise your domestic settings to the full

Private Spa... with a view of the mountains

It’s just a short step from the sea to the mountains! When thinking about the mountains, high-altitude lodges immediately spring to mind, where warm and welcoming wood plays the undisputed starring role. Wood effect stoneware tile surfaces succeed in perfectly replicating the natural material, both in the styling and in the sizes, while at the same time ensuring greater strength and practical cleaning. Ceramic tile surfaces are therefore the ideal solution to design holiday homes in the mountains, to be enjoyed for short periods of time in winter and summer alike. With their practical and versatile sizes, similar to natural wood boards, wood effect stoneware floor and wall tiles are also incredibly easy to install.

The Elisir collection draws its inspiration from natural oak, reinterpreting it in the form of ceramic tile surfaces with enveloping hues. Recommended for installation as both floor and wall tiles, Elisir is perfect both to decorate interior settings for an enveloping total wood look as well as in combination with other materials, such as stone, cement or marble, generating more original and modern atmospheres. 

Interior of a renovated summer house

To make Outdoor spaces equally welcoming and safe, Marca Corona offers its Fiemme outdoor collection of 20 mm-thick antiqued wood effect stoneware tiles. Fiemme extra-thick surfaces guarantee maximum resistance to all weather, to sudden temperature changes, to chemicals and mechanical stresses: you won’t need to pay much attention to the floor tiling in your second home, because they are reliable, durable and impeccable with time! Thanks to the R11 textured finish surface, these ceramic tiles are perfect for tiling gardens, terraces, poolsides and other settings with a constant water presence, where outstanding anti-slip performance is a must.

Like an enchanted garden 

If you would rather escape the city traffic and reconnect with nature, then opt for more charming and soothing designs. The Green theme, floral elements and Nature are now must-have essentials for contemporary interior design. The Indoor Garden trend specifically aims to create maximum continuity between interiors and exteriors, transferring colours, textures and elements from the outside world into everyday settings

To embrace this new decorative trend, Marca Corona has developed 2 refined collections of wall tiling capable of recreating the cosy and regenerating atmosphere inside residential spaces.

Interior of a renovated summer house

The Lilysuite wall tiling accommodates the need to reconnect with nature through patterns and hues inspired by the beauty of impressionist gardens. The colour palette combines neutral hues with bright splashes and is supplemented with two floral patterns: the variegated canvases of Villa, with their gentle iridescent touches, and the elegant blooms of Biloba, with their pleasant textured reliefs.  Thanks to the 50x120 size, designed to minimise the number of joints, Lilysuite surfaces guarantee the utmost decorative continuity, which is indispensable to make bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and other rooms in the home magical and cosy.

If you prefer a more ethnic setting, like Japanese Zen gardens or Moroccan Majolica-tiled Riads, then opt for the Soul Bay wall tiling.

Soul Bay comes in a cool, natural range of colours, including the stylish Watery Blue, and its broad-ranging decorative offering is mesmerising. Beside the three-dimensional decorations with a textured feel - Line and Form - the offering in fact also includes precious wallpapers, with floral Arab-like motifs or geometric patterns inspired by Japanese fabrics. The ideal solution to be welcomed by surprising visual and tactile emotions when you manage to get away.

These are just some of the proposals offered by Marca Corona if you’re looking to renovate your holiday home, focusing on practicality and hard-wearing resistance, without compromising on style.

How about you? Have you decided on the perfect mood for your holiday home? With Marca Corona floor and wall tiles, you can let your imagination run riot!

Exterior of a renovated summer house
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