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Japandi style: the new 2020 Trend for a home worthy of a glossy magazine

Find out how to recreate the perfect fusion of Scandinavian style and Japanese charm in your own home!

Japandi design

What do Scandinavian and Japanese styles have in common in terms of design and interiors? Nothing, you might reply: they are extremely different trends... but that is not so! They are much more similar than you might think, because both focus on simplicity, preferring clean-cut minimal settings, and they pursue the utmost sense of relaxation and balance.

So why not try to mix Japanese and Scandi Styles for truly unique results? Indeed, it is the fusion of these two particular Design Trends that has led to Japandi design, among the hottest this year. State-of-the-art designers and interior designers are embracing Japandi style to put together unconventional spaces, free from complications and superfluous ornaments, to make the home a place to express oneself and where body, mind and nature become one!

Inside the home, the rooms where Japandi style is most effective are doubtless the sitting room and the bedroom, two ideal venues to relax in, spend time on our hobbies and recharge our batteries, as well as the bathroom, a place that is dedicated to well-being and pampering par excellence.

Creating a Japandi home means choosing materials and interior furnishings with the utmost care, focusing on striking simplicity and quality. In absolute contrast with the hectic consumer trends of recent years, fans of Japandi prefer to opt for a handful of elements, preferably natural, versatile and durable, to create well-balanced, sophisticated and far from excessive settings.

While Scandi and Japanese styles are similar in some aspects, there are some significant differences when it comes to the choice of colours: Japanese style pursues elegant and refined muted shades for floors, walls and furniture, whereas Scandinavian style is decidedly more informal and cosy. In Japandi style these two colour identities mix together to give rise to new suggestions: the cold, deep colours typically found in Japanese homes, such as teal, green or blue, are blended with the paler, natural and enveloping shades of Nordic woods.

Interiors are given an even more authentic touch by inserting hand-crafted or design furniture, made of wood or eco-friendly materials. North and East are in fact in perfect synch when it comes to sustainability since both prefer green-oriented designs and select natural materials, such as cotton, silk, wood or jute, along with authentic patterns with strong references to nature.

Light is another fundamental feature of Japandi style: to add vitality and a warm welcome to domestic settings, large windows are designed, to flood the interior with natural light, and latest-generation lighting systems are set up, devised to minimise the environmental impact and maximise the natural effect produced by light, even in the evening.

Japandi design

The decorative elements have been reduced to a bare minimum, the result of meticulous and painstaking research: in Japandi homes, attractive modern design statement pieces are alternated with gentle tributes to more traditional Oriental culture, with sophisticated prints and precious patterns inspired by the ancient homes of Samurais or Maiko apprentice geishas. The settings take on a unique charm and a warmer, suggestive atmosphere compared to Scandinavian style alone, which is already packed with personality.

If you have been officially won over by Japandi style, all you have left to do is start to imagine your surroundings, beginning with the most intimate and personal space: the bathroom. Among the multiple bathroom collections by Marca Corona, you will find several Japandi-inspired offerings, devised to design accommodating, functional and safe interiors.

Japandi design

The Soul Bay collection for instance features nuances inspired by the aquatic world, textured surfaces with an authentic touch and sophisticated patterns, which pay tribute to the elegance of Oriental wallpapers and textiles. The 4D wall tiles are on the other hand perfect for adding character to the bathroom, thanks to relief geometrical and floral patterns, which bring to mind precious Japanese bonsais and delicate origami. The White and Deep blue colours available emphasise the scenic effect of the multiple three-dimensional textures offered, and they match multiple types of sanitary fixtures and furniture with understated silhouettes, as well as taps and fittings and accessories in many different colours and finishes.

To add style and personality to the bedroom and living room, on the other hand, you can opt for the enveloping nuances of the Elisir wood effect wall tiles or the bold graphics in the cold hues of the Encode floor tiles. These porcelain tile collections are extremely versatile and functional, designed to accompany you in your daily relaxation, accommodating you and your guests, and above all withstand the multiple everyday stresses incurred.

If you want to reinforce the Japandi personality of your domestic spaces, don’t forget to add furnishings and prints featuring Oriental-style decorations, minimal and elegant at the same time, and especially to create small green spaces, which are absolute must-haves for a genuine Oriental home. Miniature greenhouses, Zen gardens, plants, bonsais, Ikebana flower compositions, aromatic herbs or simple bouquets of ornamental flowers are indispensable to convey radiance, positivity and colour to your residential settings!

Japandi style is definitely one of the most exciting trends of recent years and, thanks to its myriad facets and contaminations, it lends itself to a multitude of interpretations and arrangements. Choosing this trend means designing wonderfully unique settings, in harmonious balance between two extraordinary cultures, with timeless charm and space. All you have left to do is find the combination that’s right for you and create your dream home, one that is simple yet striking, relaxing and above all functional!

Japandi design
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