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Zen vs Urban. What’s your mood for the summer?

Hedonism and design move outdoors!

Abolishing the distinction between in and out is the new trend for this coming summer: lines become blurred and furnishings take on an esprit nomade that makes them perfect for any area of the home. Terraces and gardens become an extension of the house, where comfort, an informal style and painstaking attention to detail are a must.

Hybrid, cocooning furnishings for the design lover’s wishlist! Padded poufs and soft, inviting armchairs and sofas, in technical fabrics, with nature-inspired colour ranges: from ice white, cream and beige to cord and wood brown.

The relaxing atmosphere of the garden and lounge area meets technology at its most sophisticated: modern kitchens and barbecue areas with every accessory you could wish for, bioclimatic pergolas, high-tech sunshades with integrated lighting, solar-powered or photovoltaic outdoor showers, a must for the pool area or sun terrace.


Zen-style outdoors

In the Zen garden, empathy with the surroundings is the key.

in project design, the key concept is cocooning! Style becomes contemplative and relaxing, with the promise of a satisfying experience for all the senses.
Nothing is left to chance (and chaos): simple style, with elements arranged in a rigorous order


Each furnishing element slots seamlessly into the natural setting, governed by the three essentials of zen style: water, gravel paths and ornamental stones, strictly Kikyaku, Reisho, Shigyo, Shintay, Taido. For the wishlist, oriental pieces in dark wood or bamboo, garden futons, accessories and cushions in beautiful natural fabrics.

Lighting follows the same “comfy and cosy” mood: LED lights, zen lanterns and candles. The paving is also laid right on the ground or the lawn, elegantly marking off the green area.


Stone is of course a must, especially the natural slate Marca Corona has reproduced to perfection in the Matrix collection.

This stone-effect porcelain stoneware guarantees both beauty and top performance, thanks to extremely tactile surfaces, with rich veining effects, and to the technical properties of the finest stoneware.

Like all the collections in the Hi-Thick project, Matrix is designed for laying on grass, gravel, sand, concrete slabs or raised paving, offering maximum freedom for the project designer.

Urban-style outdoors

Eclectic and contemporary, urban style remains on the crest of design trends. Rigorous and minimalist like Zen style, enhanced with splendid metropolitan features, cosmopolitan atmospheres and alluring contrasts.

Clean-cut lines, open pipes, functional furnishings, unprocessed and industrial materials teamed with wood re-design accessories and vintage objects, skilfully arranged in line with the minimal mood. From trendy bars, urban style has confidently made its way into a more private dimension, turning gardens and terraces into industrial-style, open-air loft apartments, with a hugely striking effect.

Lighting is distinctive and imaginative: vintage lamps, industrial spotlights, but above all suspension lamps. Top materials are steel, metal, chrome-finish or painted aluminium, resin and concrete, while the colour range revolves around white, anthracite and metallic shades.

For urban style aficionados, the Hi-Thick ceramic project offers Street, a concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collection inspired by industrial settings, with a wealth of detail and graphic style, cracks, little stones and a “scorched earth” look.

Available in both textured and thickened versions, it’s perfect for creating continuity between the indoors and outdoors, offering a perfect blend of stylish appeal and performance.

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