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Marca Corona for Education. With schools to rediscover the history and evolution of the ceramic district

Involving the new generations in the past and present of the district, to build a new tomorrow together.

A historic company in the Sassuolo ceramics district, Marca Corona has always been closely linked to the territory and the community it belongs to.

When it comes to tradition, culture and identity, the local dimension is for us the fundamental element to refer to and on which to lay new foundations for development and growth, without forgetting the past that has allowed us to get to where we are today.


From the sharing and participation of people in our improvement process, unprecedented perspectives arise to expand the targets of our work, with a focus on the future of society and the industry in which we live.

Marca Corona follows this path, already started with various activities such as:

Let's find out more about what it is and why involving new generations in the knowledge and understanding of yesterday, today, tomorrow is so important.

Experience, community, territory in the encounter between school and industry

The project of Marca Corona is aimed at schools of various degrees and specialisations in the Sassuolo and Modena area.

Thanks to a series of training sessions at the Marca Corona plant and the Galleria Marca Corona, this project aims to tell and bring young people in the local community closer to the history of the world's longest-lived ceramic district, where tradition and avant-garde still go hand in hand and contribute to success on a global scale.

From 1741 - the year of foundation of the "Fabrica della Majolica", later to become Ceramiche Marca Corona - to the present day, various technologies, trends and innovations have alternated, but above all protagonists. The evolution of professionalism, social and economic changes, quality and research have thus written the history of an uncommon industry and district.


This is why making the changes in the district known helps to understand the past, present and future of a land and the society that inhabits it.

So ceramics reinterprets its history through the active experience of the middle and high school students who took part in the project.

The training days at the various institutes included a visit to the Galleria Marca Corona, the new showroom and the production site.


In the Galleria Marca Corona, students were able to learn what ceramics was like then and what it is like now thanks to the in-text and interactive storytelling in our company museum.

Here, historical evidence is flanked by the socio-political-industrial memories of the area and of Marca Corona as the district's first manufacturer, which then led to the birth of tile in the Sassuolo area.


After the Galleria, a tour of the factory provided further insight into how the creation of these surfaces evolved over the years, observing the entire manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials to full production.

Last stop of the experience, the new showroom by Marca Corona.

Recently inaugurated, this exhibition space hosts the latest ceramic collections in various application contexts, giving insight into the complete cycle of these materials: it is the right conclusion to a journey that takes the students from the history of the district, to the actual production process and to the finished product.

From this point of view, Marca Corona pursues a Made-in-Italy increasingly conscious and sustainable approach, not only in the realisation of the product itself but also with regard to other processing steps and resource supply, such as packaging, energy and use of water.

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