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Even in 2023, bathroom tiles are one of the key elements in creating a sophisticated atmosphere and transforming the home interior decor.

The latest trends reconfirm this line, especially with regard to the decorative power of these surfaces: in addition to being practical, durable, water-resistant and easy to clean, they have the great advantage of completely furnishing spaces while improving their appearance


Choosing the right design is therefore crucial: the wrong bathroom tiles can make this room cold and unwelcoming.

Among decorated, coloured, relief flowery surfaces and various sizes, the opportunities are many. Discover them below, thanks to the season's latest trends.


Designing a dream bathroom with decorative tiles 

Synonym for unique and personal touch, decorative tiles are increasingly fashionable in the world of interior design.


Whether we are talking about bathroom renovation or thinking up a room design from scratch, decorative tiles make it easy combining functionality and beauty

For example, with the 20x20 cm square size or the hexagonal one you can create delightful mosaic effects, both for floor and wall tiling.

Or the coloured relief tiles become a perfect decorative wall tiling for bathroom and, for an even more attractive result, can be combined with bathroom tiles with relief flowers. 

This year's inspirations do not stop here, however: among the latest trends for 2023 bathroom tiles is the versatile 6x24 cm rectangular brick heir to the London Brick, in glazed, polished, velvet, raw and metallic.

At last, while small size decorative tiles remain the most frequent and popular choice for customers and designers, the large stoneware slabs are also becoming popular in bathroom use thanks to their characteristics as continuous surfaces with a high aesthetic impact, for a uniform and consistent look from every point of view.

In any case, it is important to consider that one option does not exclude the other: the current year is in fact marked by the new maximalism, namely the harmonious and surprising combination of different textures, patterns, shades and effects, for a unique and characterising Mix&Match.


How to choose bathroom tiles 

To choose the right bathroom tiles and bring your project to life, five elements are to be taken into account: 

  1. functionality 
  2. style
  3. design
  4. finishes
  5. installation schemes

For example, if you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere, you will go for neutral colours and a graceful style that emphasises a high level of practicality, with classically inspired finishes and not too eclectic installation layouts.

Or for a romantic setting, you will give more weight to the style and design of the materials in a chic perspective, through sensual finishes and exciting installation patterns, without forgetting functionality and ease of maintenance.


Returning then to the categories outlined at the beginning of the article, here are some suggestions for bathroom decorative tiles:

  • for an original, brightly shaded look, coloured tiles are definitely a good choice; colour block or patterned, they make the style unmistakable with just the right amount of originality;
  • for a 3D, out-of-the-box effect, tiles decorated with geometric patterns are an impressive choice for both walls and floors. And thanks to new production technologies, they guarantee durability and long-lasting resistance;

last, to bring nature into the home and immerse yourself in an oasis of elegance, bathroom tiles with relief flowers are that special touch that elevates the room and transforms it into an extraordinary setting.

Realising the Mix&Match of bathroom tiles following the latest trends 

We said that one of the most interesting trends of 2023 is precisely the possibility of mixing and matching distinct types of bathroom tiles in the same project. 

Whether it is a customer's home or something of your own, you would like to be able to get the right ideas in a simple and intuitive way, without wasting days leafing through catalogues or searching for ideas around town. 

Our Mix&Match guide was created precisely as an immediate and comprehensive support for those who, like you, want to satisfy any taste and design need, taking care to combine stylistic flair with excellent technical performance

In this free document you will find inspiration for every need: laying schemes, settings, moodboards and more to help you create your vision in just a few steps. 

Because the happy ending for your interior design projects is just one click away.

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