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Mirabilia: wallpaper effect tiles revolutionise interior decoration

Discover the charm of jungle decorations and flowery patterns to decorate your walls in style

Wallpaper effect tiles intercept a trend in the world of design and interior architecture that has already been present for some years, focusing on a new way of living in the home and a renewed connection between man and nature.

Indeed, we know how rapidly houses have evolved into multifunctional spaces. For some time now, our house has also become:

  • a place of study and work;
  • an environment dedicated to conviviality;
  • a space where you can recharge you batteries and carve out a few hours of relaxation after the exhausting daily tasks.

For all these reasons, furnishing and the choice of suitable decorated walls and wall coverings play a fundamental role in ensuring functional, aesthetically pleasing environments that make us feel comfortable at all times, regardless of the activities carried out within the home.

White-body wall tiles decorated with nature-inspired patterns are an excellent response to new living needs, recreating all the magic, bucolic and carefree atmosphere of exotic and lush landscapes, fields of colourful flowers and clear skies... a true joy for the eyes and spirit, as well as an attractive and original design solution.

Abstract decorations and nature-inspired patterns are used on walls to create unusual perspectives and combinations with subdued tones, tone on tone or bold colour contrasts.

Marca Corona has always been sensitive to the latest trends and suggestions from the world of interior design and developed several collections of white-body and porcelain stoneware wall tiles inspired by nature.

The latest addition, presented at Cersaie 2022, is the Mirabilia wallpaper effect tile collection: a rich and versatile white-body collection that explores the botanical world in all its facets.

Discover all Mirabilia decorative proposals and how to make the most of them for your project.

Mirabilia: new sap of expression for the wallpaper effect

The Mirabilia wall tiling collection explores as many as five different interpretations of the botanical-inspired wallpaper effect: variants rich in precious details made possible by technological interventions, such as grit applications that give surfaces brilliance and tactile richness, and elements that have been carefully designed down to the smallest detail to decorate rooms with creative elegance and a unique, refined style.

But let us see them together in detail: 

  • Floral Bay, a delicate flowery decoration embellished with a thickness that lends threedimensionality and a slightly satin texture;
  • Floral Clouds, a surface decorated with delicate watercolour petals and embellished with an application of glossy grit;
  • Clorofilla, a lively interpretation of English wallpapers, a riot of colourful flowers and leaves made even more vivid by a refined insert of thick glossy material;
  • Coral Jungle, an unusual matt finish pattern on which exotic plants and flowers come to life in black and white, enriched with contrasting orange accents;
  • Wild Foliage, tiles with tropical leaves that bring an exotic richness and intensity to the room design, becoming a perfect compendium for junglestyle décor.

Beauty, however, is not everything!
We know how practicality during installation and ease of maintenance are essential to ensure a durable and resilient product.

For this reason, all Mirabilia decorations are available in the rectified 50x120 cm size, the most suitable solution to fully enhance the beauty of the details and colour nuances of this collection.


This rectified size ensures maximum installation versatility: Mirabilia tiles can be installed either horizontally or vertically, depending on the intended use and desired effect.

White body resistance makes Mirabilia perfect for installation in more difficult environments exposed to mould, moisture and temperature sudden changes, such as kitchens, bathrooms or even restaurants and bars.

And after the installation?
To keep Mirabilia wall tilings always in top condition, simply wash them with water and a neutral detergent, without worrying about further investment.

Trendy colours and decorations inspired by nature: create your dream project with Marca Corona

In its expressive richness, Mirabilia is carefully designed to offer harmonious combinations with many other Marca Corona collections.

From textural and authentic effects such as stone, wood and marble effect porcelain stoneware tiles, to urban-inspired surfaces, including resin and cement effects, to proposals inspired by the latest design trends, such as Optical style or colourful glazed bricks.

To better orientate yourself in this fascinating but very rich range of ceramic products, Stili di Marca was developed, the guide in e-book format that explores the main trends most loved and used by designers and planners, proposing different solutions of combinations between effects, colours and decorations to realise projects with superior technical performance and unique style signed Marca Corona.

From bathroom to living or dining room renovation, Stili di Marca facilitates every step of the process of choosing the right combinations for your interior and exterior architecture project, always offering a solution to any problem or need.


Are you ready to be won over by the beauty of Mirabilia and the other matching collections?

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