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Marble effect porcelain stoneware. New creative applications for interior design

The extreme realism compared to the source material from which it is inspired frequently leads to a preference for this solution for its aesthetic appeal combined with various technical benefits. And that’s not all.


From floor covering to wall cladding, marble effect porcelain stoneware has been among the top interior design choices for many years now.
Its creative applications are indeed countless and feature an ever-increasing versatility. This is also due to the constant innovation of the material, which combines the refinement and timeless beauty with the reliability and functionality of the latest generation of porcelain stoneware. 

Events dedicated to the world of furniture and interior design, such as the 2023 edition of Cersaie, have further boosted the use of this surface, also following the design trend that sees the return of maximalism in modern house projects

From this point of view, what certainly surprised and represents the true evolution of marble effect stoneware is its renewed identity: not only as 120x278 cm large slabs, but also in intermediate sizes, such as 60x120 cm, and small sizes, such as the 6x24 cm brick, the hexagon and the tesserae.

In this article, we will deal with the latest cutting-edge applications, also answering the main questions and doubts on the subject.


Why choose marble effect ceramic

Marble effect ceramic is therefore not only beautiful and elegant, but also offers durability and ease of cleaning.

These are already very good reasons for choosing it, but there is more: 

  • Durability. Marble effect ceramic is designed to last. It retains its integrity and beauty over time, without compromise. Its ability to withstand mechanical stress and wear makes it an unbeatable option.
  • Practicality. Marble effect ceramic adapts to a variety of backgrounds and settings, proving to be a highly practical option for furnishing homes and commercial premises.
  • Waterproofing. Water, moisture and even odours are not absorbed by marble effect ceramic. This is an advantage especially in highly stressed places such as bathrooms, spas, kitchens and restaurants.
  • Resistance to stains and chemicals. Marble effect ceramic will not be damaged when stained or brought into contact with chemicals. Moreover, stains can be easily removed in just a few steps.
  • Hygiene. Linked to the above, marble effect ceramic is a highly hygienic and safe material in its very essence. It requires no special treatment to remain as such, which makes its maintenance very easy and straightforward.

So when it comes to creating high-performance spaces that are, at the same time, pleasant to live in, marble effect ceramic is the ideal surface to combine the demands of design, function, versatility and resistance in a single solution.

What is the right size for marble effect stoneware?

The range of sizes for marble effect stoneware today includes many opportunities, each with its own aesthetic and functional characteristics.
From large slabs to new small-sized offerings, finding the right match for every room has never been easier.


Among the most popular sizes are the 80x80 cm and 120x120 cm, along with the rectangular 60x120 cm solution and the 120x278 cm slab.

In this sense, the latest collections in marble effect stoneware such as Scultorea show numerous innovations regarding the 60x120 cm and the 120x278 cm slab:

  • The 60x120 cm size incorporates the 6 mm thickness, which guarantees greater lightness and ease of installation, as well as better workmanship and cutting.
  • The 120x278 cm size evolves into a unique wall continuity with endless veining and great impact. In addition, there are decorative options such as the mosaic with gradients with a floral pattern.
  • Both of these sizes offer the new velvet finish, which restores a feeling of comfort and smoothness to the surface touch, together with three-dimensionality of the veinings or decoration.

As far as distinctive sizes for marble effect stoneware are concerned, small sizes such as the 6x24 cm brick, the 25x21.6 cm hexagon and the 41.2x30.3 cm tesserae represent an absolute novelty. The collection introducing them for the first time in design choices is always Scultorea.

Referring to textures and friezes typical of classical culture, these surfaces allow the creation of uninterrupted plays of inlays and colours, exploiting dynamic and ornamental combinations such as the chevron.

In conclusion, whether large or small size, the right one depends on your style and the specific requirements of the project you are working on. This is why it is also important to consider combinations according to different types of settings, as explained in the next section.


Trends in interior design with marble effect porcelain stoneware

What are the latest trends in interior design with marble effect porcelain stoneware?

While the preference of architects, interior designers and enthusiasts for this material has never slowed down, current trends focus on the renewed versatility of marble effect stoneware, with a focus on both single uses and combined uses with other surfaces such as wood effect or decorative tiles.

All calibrated to the different settings, ranging from commercial to residential for day/night and bathroom areas.

Let's look together at some examples for inspiration.


Refinement and light for the living room with calacatta marble effect porcelain stoneware

The living room is the centre of the home and the use of marble effect porcelain stoneware can give it timeless refinement.

Specifically, the polished marble effect in the Calacatta option expands the space, reflecting natural light beautifully and creating a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

So imagine a living room with large windows overlooking the green garden.

As in this picture, the floor and wall tiles in Calacatta Vena Antica marble effect porcelain stoneware with a polished Reflex finish- of the Scultorea collection draw bright and welcoming dimensions, complemented by the wood effect surfaces of Elisir Royal in the Dorato variant and the large cement effect slabs of Multiforme Dune Tufo together with the raw bricks of Miniature Fornace

The result is a harmonious space that combines aesthetics and functionality, releasing light and multiplying emotions.

Matt and polished marble effect stoneware for the contemporary bathroom

The bathroom is another space that can benefit greatly from the creative use of marble effect porcelain stoneware, both matt and polished.

From floor to wall, this material can transform the bathroom into a true oasis of style and functionality.

For a contemporary design with a glamorous touch, daring with colours, sizes, finishes and patterns is always a good idea.

As in this proposal on gradients from dark to light, where colour contrasts intersect with various installing combinations, all through surfaces of different sizes and dimensions.


Let’s see here the two identities of Scultorea Dark Diamond matt velvet finish in the 6x24 cm brick size: on the floor, with the characteristic crossed chevron pattern, and on the wall, aligned in uniform, perpendicular rows.

The same surface in completely different application modes, creating immediate freshness and originality to the entire interior.

Scultorea River Grey, in the polished Reflex finish and large slab size 120x278 cm, is another cladding option. A marble effect stoneware in shades of grey that draws inspiration directly from nature, recalling the nuances of tree roots and branches with its veining. A warm and enveloping combination that lends brightness and depth to the whole setting. 

Would you like to learn more about the Scultorea collection in marble effect porcelain stoneware? 

From micro to macro, with Marca Corona surfaces you can always customise your projects and create unique spaces that reflect your specific style and needs.

If you would like to further explore the opportunities of our collections for your own project, contact us today.

We are here to guide you in choosing the ideal option to turn your vision into reality. Elevate your design with our materials and let beauty and practicality make you feel at home, whatever the background. 

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