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Telling Cersaie. Latest news and ceramic suggestions from the 2023 edition.

Have a look at Cersaie 2023 where, once again, the Marca Corona stand surprises with new and original ideas that respond to the evolution of living and dwelling.

With the 40th edition of Cersaie over, it is now time to reflect on the latest ceramic innovations and suggestions that will dominate the months to come.

Already a protagonist in 2022 with the ADI Booth Design Award, Marca Corona confirms the great success of the new stylistic proposals united by the concept Feeling at home and the extraordinary versatility in designing spaces, thus expanding the possibilities of Mix&Match between the vintage collections and the more recently launched surfaces, such as Scultorea, Vulcanica, Iridea and Miniature.

Also at Cersaie 2023, Marca Corona won the ADI Design Award for the "Ceramics and Bathroom Design" category thanks to the avant-garde and engaging inspiration of the new Iridea series, designed to create unprecedented colour harmonies by combining with the other solutions in the catalogue.

At Cersaie, interior design and outdoors to feel at home, always and anyway

This year's Marca Corona exhibition space emphasised the design character of the product range for interior design and outdoor living, perfectly integrating: 

  • The need for increasingly customised and multi-disciplinary comfort-oriented solutions, in response to the new lifestyle and space usability sensibility
    From this point of view, Feeling at home represents a universal feeling expressed in the individuality of the single project or context, where everyone is at the centre in terms of characteristics, values and emotions.
  • The consistent vision between tradition and change, in which each new collection integrates with the proposals already in the catalogue to offer solutions to be combined, mixing sizes - from the smallest 6x24 cm to the large 120x278 cm slabs - different textures, styles, finishes and colours. 

    The ability to develop new opportunities each time that dialogue with the previous ones is an identifying characteristic for Marca Corona

    Hence the Mix&Match theme, which had already emerged in the previous edition of Cersaie, is perfected in its proposition with an invitation to create that combines aesthetics and functionality, allowing you to compose your ideal space through the combination of different materials.

In this respect, the link with creativity is the leitmotif that links Marca Corona to contemporary art

So during Cersaie 2023, the stand had the entire bar and lounge area dedicated to Galleria Marca Corona and Marca Corona per l'Arte.


Visitors were thus able to interact with the participatory culture underlying the Marca Corona per l'Arte project, recounted here through a time-lapse video exhibition to discover the different initiatives implemented from its origins to the present day.

Marca Corona per l'Arte in fact entrusts an important artist each year - Giuseppe Stampone in 2022 and Stefano Arienti in 2023 - the realisation of a work in collaboration with the people of Marca Corona.

The unique result of this dialogue and co-creation process is shown in the Galleria Marca Corona, a museum with free access to the public that since 2010 has guarded the history of the entire Sassuolo ceramic district and since 2021 has also been part of the national association Museimpresa.

Added to this is the Marca Corona Prize, established in 2022 to support emerging artists under 35 and which has already rewarded two talents through the "Equilibrio Percettivo - Perceptual Balance" contest.

Presented at Cersaie 2023 the latest collections by Marca Corona

The International Exhibition for Ceramic Tile - Cersaie 2023 is the unmissable appointment to get to know all the latest collections and trends.

Three new proposals enter the Marca Corona universe:

1. Scultorea - soft and authentic splendour, releasing light and revealing harmonies, with marble effect.

Marca Corona's research draws its inspiration from precious stones with decisive nuances, which take you back to Eastern lands and legendary landscapes.

This gives rise to surfaces that are dressed in unmistakable sheens and veins, the spirit of a material that never stops enchanting.

Sculpture enhances the functionality of different sizes with absolute wonder. A collection that dresses floors and walls through an uninterrupted play of contrasts, colour shades and polychrome inlays, with sizes from 6x24 cm to 120x1278 cm and a new velvety touch finish.


2. Vulcanica - energetic spirit and originality of detail in the collection that brightens up rooms with fiery-looking iridescent shades.

The delicate reverberation of the metal-effect finds new form and soul in this proposal, which, through the interruption of oxidation, fully recovers the suggestive patina left by time as well as special graphics and details.

Of great scenic impact, Vulcanica in the Patina decoration features the typical glazing, darkening and alteration effects caused by the action of time on the surface layer of metals.

Abstract patterns are thus revealed and resemble tapestries woven in wire, through a process that frees the traits of the original design.

3. Iridea - interpreting the Colour Shift trend - is a collection that awakens the personality of colour thanks to a colour palette of pastel shades, which creates a continuous spectrum of moving light.

Shades thus envelop the walls, creating sinuous degradès that recall nature's sunsets or waterfalls.

A dialogue that privileges the balanced chromatic proposal and the unmistakable material research.

The light three-dimensional wallpaper-effect relief makes this collection particularly pleasant to the touch. A soft effect that gently moves the walls and is able to high even the most minimalist environments.

In the unique 50x120 cm size, Iridea finds its distinctiveness in the nuanced decorations that make it precious to the eye and to the touch.


At the 40th edition of Cersaie Bologna, this collection is the chosen one for the ADI Ceramics and Bathroom Design, a prestigious award that every year rewards product proposals that can best combine design, innovation and design excellence.

In the case of Iridea, the particular aesthetic proposal with a woven wallpaper effect, the different installation methods with enveloping shades with gradual transition, and the underlying avant-garde inspiration were decisive in the decision.


The latest creation of linea 1741, Miniature, also complements these innovations.

Homage to Italian style and timeless craftsmanship, Miniature is the boxed set that collects 5 different fine stories in the 6x24 cm brick size: from Mediterranean majolica, to the luminescence of oxidised metals, passing through the iridescent colours of coloured glass, to the texture of brick in its contemporary variants, up to the satin colours of waxes.


Miniature Fregio, Miniature Fuoco, Miniature Soda (already introduced at Cersaie 2022) and the new entries Miniature Fornace and Miniature Cera furnish spaces of all sizes with marked adaptability, covering not only flat surfaces but also curves and volumes.

Discover all the latest ceramic innovations and inspirations by Marca Corona.

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