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Porcelain Stoneware and Large Sizes: the right effect for every room

Discover all the versatility and elegance of porcelain stoneware large slabs for your interior design projects

Stoneware large slabs, enveloping refinement and reliability for life.
Prestigious in appearance and incredibly high-performing as for technique, large size ceramic surfaces are unrivalled, especially when used for innovative and trendy projects.


High-end hotels, elegant and modern open plan spaces, exclusive boutiques, but not alone: even the design of private residences can make use of large size tiles to make the most of the available space and the chosen furnishing style.

There are plenty of reasons - but above all advantages - that lead more and more planners, designers and contractors to rely on this type of surface. These include:

  • very small clearance and seamless application between interior and exterior;
  • durable and unalterable material over time;
  • easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • sustainable and eco-friendly product, from production to the disposal of waste or discarded product;
  • wide choice of styles and effects to unleash your imagination;
  • maximum freedom in the design phase.

Do you want to learn more about all the advantages of the Porcelain Stoneware Large Slabs by Marca Corona? Discover them here.

Porcelain stoneware large slabs for kitchen

An essential, modern and stylish kitchen is always a good idea, especially when you are lucky enough to have ample space and want to minimise the presence of bulky objects and elements, so that the room is always tidy and easy to clean after preparing meals.

Large ceramic slabs are the ideal solution for providing the kitchen with floor and wall tiles that are resistant to heat, moisture and steam, water-repellent and, of course, easy to maintain. You can also choose the style that best suits your interior design projects thanks to the manifold effects available.


Have you ever thought about the concrete and marble effect combination?

This original coupling of an apparently rough and austere material such as concrete with the opulence of marble-effect large slabs creates a pleasant and unexpected contrast, characterising your cooking area with the use of very few elements.

But let's look at a concrete example: the floor and wall tiles of the Multiforme Dune concrete-effect collection with their silky touch and enveloping nuances, serve as a perfect frame to enhance all the vibrancy and nuances of the large Green Ama marble-effect slabs from the Foyer Royal collection, used here as tops for the hob/dining table.

Essential, though anything but ordinary!

Large ceramic slabs to decorate the living room

The living area is usually the room with the largest surface area of the entire house: the ideal place, therefore, to exploit the full technical and aesthetic potential of large size ceramic slabs.

From a stylistic point of view, the options available are almost endless: for those who love to indulge in moments of relaxation in a stimulating and evocative environment, the ideal is to opt for large-size floor and wall tiles inspired by the Indoor Garden trend, a decorative trend that reinterprets the relaxing and fairytale-like atmospheres of lush, exotic and fascinating landscapes. An effective trick for bringing a bit of nature into the home!


The Multiforme large size decorated tiles depart from the traditional essence of concrete-effect stoneware by exploring all the dynamism and beauty of Nature, in a proposal that makes use of:

  • nature-inspired patterns and decorations, delicate foliage of creepers, precious bunches of colourful flowers and realistic and expressive foliage patterns;
  • fresh, conciliatory tones;
  • large sizes - including the innovative 120x278 slab - to shape rooms with great visual impact, without compromising practicality and functionality.

Those who wish to recreate a warmer, more enveloping atmosphere can rely on Overclay and Multiforme Dune: both these ceramic collections display a series of large slabs that reinterpret the Thousand and One Nights atmospheres of faraway deserts.

What makes it even more realistic is the silky finish to the touch and the possibility to mix and match with different patterns and effects.


Large size tiles to decorate the bathroom

Porcelain stoneware is the most widely used material for floor and wall tiles when it comes to bathroom renovation.

The main reasons lie in the excellent technical performance of stoneware, such as resistance to moisture, mould and bacteria, easy cleaning, water resistance and excellent anti-slip properties.

But appearance matters, too! The bathroom is the ultimate place devoted to the well-being of the body, where you can take care of yourself and enjoy pure relaxation. It is thus essential to carefully choose floor and wall tiles that meet design needs, functional requirements and stylistic preferences.

Porcelain stoneware large slabs are an excellent solution to multiply brightness and perception of space: the minimal presence of joints ensures a pleasant effect of visual continuity, particularly suitable in spaces that are not very large and not very airy.

With reference to space, air and light, marble-effect stoneware slabs are the ideal solution to revolutionise your bathroom, giving it a precious and contemporary appeal through the combination of rich and refined textures of the finest marble and cutting-edge technology.

The Foyer collection of large size floor and wall tiles reinterprets the aesthetics of marble through new glamorous and luxury contaminations. Foyer bets precisely on 120x278 slabs with a reduced thickness of 6 mm. They are perfect for designing high-performance, trendy spaces that have nothing to envy from the bathrooms and spas of luxury hotels.

The extreme versatility of this collection also makes it possible to install them both on floors and walls, providing a refined and ultra-bright final effect.


Maxi stoneware slabs to renovate exteriors and façades

Are you engaged in the design of an outdoor area or the renovation of a façade? Once again, extra large stoneware tiles can help you with an effective and extremely valuable solution.
Stone-effect large slabs restore all the authenticity of natural stone and transform gardens, terraces, swimming pools and entire façades into striking, high-impact projects.

These peculiarities come along with the already mentioned characteristics and qualities of porcelain stoneware, the material that more than any other resists the stresses, atmospheric agents and sudden temperature changes that our outdoor spaces are constantly subjected to over time.

Among the latest Marca Corona proposals, the collections stand out for their originality and attention to detail:

  • Arkistyle, which offers a dual, refined interpretation of limestone and the terrazzo effect;
  • Arkiquartz, the natural elegance of quartzite stone reworked;
  • Arkistone, a modern and exclusive stone effect characterised by material reliefs and precious geometries embellished by elegant metal profiles.

These stone-effect collections are extremely varied in their decorative and chromatic proposals and their common denominator is the ability to transfer all the realism and authenticity of the finest natural stones onto slabs in thin, large size, light and at the same time incredibly resistant, versatile and perfect for making your outdoor project truly unique.

Marca Corona large stoneware slabs represent a quality and trendy solution for state-of-the-art, efficient interior and exterior architectural design with timeless elegance.


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