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Another successful edition of the Coverings show comes to a close, with plenty of inspiration for interior and exterior design. Discover them all with Marca Corona.

New trends, technologies and materials for decorating rooms of undisputed charm and elegance. This is Coverings 2023, the international event dedicated to innovations in the field of indoor and outdoor furniture surfaces.


Marca Corona proposals could not miss this appointment. And as announced, recently released collections such as Arkistyle, Mirabilia, Multiforme Dune were joined by the latest launches in the sign of small size tiles with the Miniature collection.

But this is not the end of the story. Even the marble effect did not fail to amaze. Without neglecting the leitmotif "What's your favourite mix?", the common thread of the Marca Corona history that unites past, present and future in style propositions that are always authentic and adaptable to different needs or rooms.

A truly kaleidoscopic array, all to be explored in the next few lines.

The new Marca Corona collections among the trends at the Coverings 2023 show

The new Marca Corona collections were among the main protagonists at the Coverings 2023 show, ranking high among the most striking trends of the event.

Already on display as a preview at Cersaie, the Miniature collection enriches its range with two new entries with an urban and contemporary flavour: Miniature Fornace and Miniature Cera.

The 'gems' in this precious casket become five: the mini rectangular element (brick) is enhanced by antique and modern fine workmanship, while surfaces express great design and creative possibilities.


1. Miniature Soda
Colour details, dances of reflections and elegant transparencies inspired by Italian blown glass come to life in the small 6x24 cm size.

The bright texture of Miniature Soda brings glass moulded with mastery of craftsmanship to life. The material reproduces the gradual transition from one colour tone to the next, enhancing accents and shades.

2. Miniature Fregio
The collection's essence brings together the beauty of Mediterranean traditional majolica and sensitively selects different decoration subjects to recompose them according to an unprecedented decorative blend with a high aesthetic impact.

The Bianco Naturale finish of Miniature Fregio has a matt appearance and features graphic patterns that give surfaces a worn and experienced look.

3. Miniature Fuoco
Energy and warmth enhance the small 6x24 cm size, which is filled with the brilliance and shades associated to man-shaped metal aged by time.

The ceramic surface takes on a delicately shiny look: this aesthetic quality, owing to the special reflection of light, infuses each project with naturalness and realism.

4. Miniature Fornace
Styled, long-standing but genuine industrial style. Miniature Fornace variety and three-dimensionality confirm all the attention to detail conveyed precisely by the care of the handmade process.


The suggestion and enchantment of the Formella decoration starts from the so-called "frog", the indent that most London bricks had on their long side, usually bearing the stamp with logo and name of the manufacturer.

The concepts of tradition, ruggedness and craftsmanship are absorbed and revisited in a contemporary key, proposing a new and aesthetically refined version.


5. Miniature Cera
Soft and welcoming touch, blending pigments into a satin finish. Thoughts turn to an artisan's workshop amidst coloured blocks ready to be melted down to create balanced, contemporary environments.

The compactness and harmony of this proposal reflects a careful search for wealth of details, accompanied by the decorative potential inherent in the small 6x24 cm size.

Different installation techniques can be used: vertical, horizontal, staggered or in weaves such as chevron, opting if necessary for a more contrasting or homogeneous effect overall.

To crown and complement the previous new entries, Coverings 2023 welcomed another pleasant preview: the Scultorea collection, an expression of the new Marca Corona research in the field of marble-effect porcelain stoneware.

Cladding everyday rooms with conscious surfaces that fully express the natural, living and bright dimension of the marble-look is now possible.


Mix&Match: the most creative ideas for floors and walls at Coverings 2023.

While the individual collections offer countless ideas for development and design in both residential and professional settings, the question remains of how to sublimate the potential of different solutions into combinations that go beyond the single theme.

Mix is cool: the most creative ideas for versatile yet rigorously durable and reliable floors and walls arise from this choice.

At the Marca Corona booth, Mix&Match is a certainty and an established identity, thanks to the skilful merging of complementary and coordinated propositions.

In this way, large slabs and small porcelain stoneware tiles captivate the senses in settings of guaranteed aesthetic and performance impact, with nothing left to chance.

And so Miniature Cera, Miniature Fornace and Scultorea ally on the notes of bianco with argento veins, verde muschio, nero fumo and amaranto; or in combination with Miniature Soda in verde perla glossy, for harmonious glossy/matt contrasts.


The opportunities of the Marca Corona Mix&Match are endless.

Would you like to learn more about the range of combinations and unleash your creative inspiration in every design challenge?

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