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In search of a collective identity

Marca Corona has decided to engage in a dialogue with the contemporary, bringing its own tradition into communication with Master Giuseppe Stampone and letting him guide in a game that takes the form of art and participation.

How do you build a collective identity? What are the words and images that determine it? Starting from these questions, the work carried out in the company is a look at contemporary society in a globalised world, where the concept of identity is blurred while, at the same time, the boundaries between one identity and another are well defined. With Master Stampone, on the other hand, we went from the universal to the individual and vice versa, encapsulating in 21 words and 21 images the identity of a company through its individuality. In Stampone's already realised works, the vision of an individual reflects our collective culture.

For Marca Corona, Stampone decided to exhibit some of his most famous works and create an unprecedented work that is part of his project called Global Education: a large spelling book composed of 21 tables and 21 images, through which the story of the Marca Corona company unfolds.

The spelling book on display is the result of a moment of reality, sharing and connection. Applying the practice developed by the Master himself, the employees of Marca Corona gathered in one classroom and, under the guidance of Giuseppe Stampone, chose and created their own spelling book from an experience of collective discussion.

The exhibition is completed by a series of works that Giuseppe Stampone has created in recent years observing and representing the surrounding reality. Images of landscapes alternate with complex, layered works in closed places, both of which find their fulfilment over time. Stampone's drawings explores themes such as immigration, politics, power games and subjugation.

Giuseppe Stampone

Born in 1974, Giuseppe Stampone is a French-born artist who moved to Italy at the age of 7. He lives and works between Italy, Belgium and the USA.  His practice consists of drawings made with a Bic pen strictly in Stamp-One blue. It is a window on physical and digital reality, which involves the viewer in a metaphorical approach to the image: Stampone is never didactic, even if the immediacy of his language seems to suggest it.

Are you a young artist?

Participate in the Marca Corona EQUILIBRIO PERCETTIVO competition.

Marca Corona has always wanted to be a promoter of new languages and new artistic influences, embracing the combination of craftsmanship, company and contemporary art, supporting young artists. The competition offers the opportunity of pursuing a journey between art and manufacturing that began in 1741, to promote your own work and to contribute to the birth of a new stylistic period.

Registration for this contest is now closed.

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