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The year of the wall tiling bricks. Miniature Fornace wins Archello and Archiproducts Design Awards

Two important tributes for the small size collection whose aesthetic is inspired by cotto bricks and London bricks.

There are special moments when a product can achieve truly extraordinary goals.
This is the case of Miniature Fornace, the porcelain stoneware wall brick collection that in 2023 was awarded twice with the prestigious Archello Awards and Archiproducts Design Awards, in the "Wall Finish" and "Finishes" categories respectively.


But what distinguishes Marca Corona Miniature Fornace from other indoor brick tile solutions?

Miniature Fornace gathers inspirations from London bricks - the famous exposed London brickworks - in the proposal of 6x24 cm ceramic surfaces featured by versatility, richness and textural originality.

This collection therefore brings expressive innovation and urban flair to a wide variety of rooms, from the more classical to the more design ones.

Want to know more? Below are the details


Archello Awards 2023: Public Vote Award for Miniature Fornace stoneware brick wall tiling

At Archello Awards on December 2023, Miniature Fornace won the Public Vote Award in the "Wall Finish" category of the year.


An extraordinary result that reaffirms the strong interest of interior design experts and enthusiasts in solutions that enhance the latest trends through innovation and quality.

From this point of view, the Miniature project unites all the creativity of the 6x24 cm brick-effect porcelain stoneware sizes in a complete proposal of options with high technical performance and different craft-inspired aesthetics.


Among them, Miniature Fornace revitalises the originality of cotto bricks with a material twist that welcomes relief, depth and colour shades.

Each piece in this collection has a unique colour and texture, thanks to the firing and modelling process resulting from the careful Made-in-Italy research by Marca Corona.

What is more, the irregular texture of these brick tiles - soft and pleasant to the touch - captures and multiplies light in any place.

Creative freedom is amplified in every project, combining the soft touch with the brightness of saturated and contemporary colours, which can thus accompany the most traditional to the trendiest furnishing notes.


Miniature Fornace interior wall tiling bricks also won Archiproducts Design Awards

We saw how Miniature Furnace expresses all the warmth and intimacy of its history, allowing light to be absorbed in a unique way in all places.

These features did not go unnoticed by the expert jury of the Archiproducts Design Awards (ADA), which included our interior wall tiling bricks among the winners of the "Finishes" (wall tiling) category, on 16 November 2023.

During the awards-giving ceremony - which featured many leading professionals from the world of design and architecture - the international and transdisciplinary panel of over 40 jurors highlighted the uniqueness, versatility, preciousness and practicality of Miniature Fornace among the reasons for the award.

This collection of decorative bricks restores lustre to the ancient processes of manual shaping, thanks to the special surface with Formella decoration that is inspired by the 'frog', the characteristic recess in London bricks where the trademark was usually stamped.


A process that makes the wall tiling bricks lighter and more manageable as well as more stable, while leaving the handcrafted charm of this new and fascinating stylistic reinterpretation unchanged.

On top of this, the added advantage of the collection's warm, enveloping tones, which can be individually combined to meet different furnishing needs

Miniature Furnace can be used for:

  • tile not only traditional flat surfaces with originality, but also curved volumes and surfaces. Installation is possible both on walls and floors. 
  • decorating differently-sized spaces
  • designing both residential and commercial contexts

The easy size and colour range ensure perfect integration with other proposals in the Marca Corona range, from the marble-look to the industrial style with solid colour, up to the wood and wallpaper effect.

Alone or juxtaposed, the Miniature Fornace collection expresses in rooms all the thousand lives of the decorative relief wall tiles elevating the appeal of contemporary materials in raw style.

Would you like to learn more about all the opportunities of Miniature Fornace and discover in detail the colour and decoration variants available?

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