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Miniature: Contemporary ceramic tiles look to the past, celebrating the italian tradition of timeless artisanal crafts

Marca Corona presents the new small-size collection of the 1741 line with materialistic and chromatic effects inspired by majolica, glass, metal and clay


There’s a special place in the world inextricably linked to the tradition of ceramics that has become synonymous with Made in Italy excellence. We’re talking, of course, about Sassuolo, the heart of a highly specialized productive district that has long played a leading role in the field of high-end tile coverings, hosting some of the most prestigious companies in the sector. As a historic brand and manufacturer inaugurating the ceramic tradition in the Sassuolo area, Marca Corona proudly reaffirms its roots and identity intimately connected to historic artisanal crafts through the 1741 project.
It’s a line conceived to celebrate the company’s centuries-old background encompassing an array of collections directly inspired by the images and stylistic features of a timeless heritage, all reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The star here is the small size, whose numerous variations are capable of enhancing any environment with rich details and sophisticated combinations. The variety of the offerings, which include rhombuses, hexagons, bricks, listels and cement tiles, build an extensive catalog of solutions with a bold aesthetic impact designed to breathe life into geometric and decorative compositions with an exclusive tone.


Articulated in the new 6x24 cm size and entirely dedicated to the exploration of ceramic’s expressive possibilities, Miniature is the latest arrival in the microcosm of the 1741 line. A versatile and multifaceted collection made in porcelain tile, Miniature explores different materialistic and chromatic features at 360°, evoking the savoir-faire of a historic artisanal craftsmanship while rediscovering the beauty of majolica, glass, metal, wax and brick.

The small size distinguishing the range in a single format is not only a reminder of the artisanal tiles of yesteryear, but also an opportunity to experiment with original combinations and installation methods, telling a different story each time. The choice of the rectangular mini-element reveals a significant advantage, allowing us to intervene in spaces and environments of all types and sizes, covering both flat surfaces and curved volumes and walls, while the multifaceted range of aesthetic variations promises an infinite range of potential combinations in the name of creative freedom.

The result is a patchwork of small masterpieces of high craftsmanship that casually spark a dialogue with concrete, solid colors, wood finishes and wallpapers, meeting the tastes and needs of any contemporary interior design project. It’s no coincidence that the different inspirations represented in the collection include the refined charm of Mediterranean majolica in Miniature Fregio; the magic of iridescent effects in Miniature Soda’s colored glass; the gleam of oxidized metals in Miniature Fuoco; the satin tones and velvety touch of Miniature Cera; and the warm shades of brick in Miniature Fornace.

Intended for those who prefer luxurious and prized surfaces, the Miniature Fregio series reinterprets the classic elements and unmistakable graphics of Italian majolica from a decidedly modern perspective, giving life to fascinating surfaces with a bold visual impact articulated in the colors Bianco Naturale, Verde Maiolica, Blu Maiolica and Nero Maiolica.

Never out of style, the popular designs of the ceramic tradition emerge from the glossy surface, proposed in a fragmented form recalling typical handmade embossing, chipping and cracks, which testify to the value of a decorative craft to be preserved and passed down.

Opaque surface areas recreate the etching of time across the material, imitating the aged appearance of salvaged majolica tiles.



Miniature Soda also draws on the excellence of a historic craftsmanship by revisiting the transparencies and reflections of Italian glass, all transferred onto today’s high-performance ceramics.

Recalling the echoes of an art that knows no comparison, every element of the collection appears different from the rest in an expression of style and refinement guaranteeing a unique look. Meanwhile, extremely luminous surfaces become the focus of the space, releasing the full power of color through a palette including Bianco Sale, Grigio Luna, Rosa Corallo, Verde Perla, Verde Malva, Azzurro Artico, Blu Galassia and Nero Magma.


Colors and shades of oxidized and aged metal are transformed into unique effects for the Miniature Fuoco series, a ceramic product with a refined contemporary personality.

Juxtaposed with each other to create vivid and hypnotic coverings, formats available in Rame, Brunito, Blu Iron, Corten Bruciato and Bianco Argenteo give life to dynamic surfaces with oxidized reflections evoking the charm of a material forged and embellished over time by gleams, streaks and opacity.



The versatility of Miniature Cera is based on a broad palette of pigments giving rise to the chromatic articulations of Bianco Latte, Cashmere Melato, Grigio Cenere, Nero Inchiostro, Blu Notte, Verde Candito, Verde Foresta and Amaranto Jam.

It’s a collection to be concocted and shaped, conceived for fluid surfaces pleasant to the touch and animated by delicate chiaroscuro effects typical of the reference material.

Thanks to the new Velvet finish, which is satin-like to the eye but waxy to the touch, the series stands out with a unique density and depth, perfect for heterogeneous combinations with resins, marbles and woods.

A prominent element in the constructive history of mankind with a leading role in architecture, the brick is the theme explored by Marca Corona for Miniature Fornace, a series inspired by clays and an age-old tradition that closes out the range.

Born to distinguish contemporary and reclaimed environments recalling the aesthetics of a refined industrial style, it’s offered in the colors Bianco Minerale, Argilla Naturale, Rosso Mattone, Bruno Bistro, Nero Fumo and Verde Muschio.

The collection also includes a variant influenced by the bricks of London from the late 1700s — complete with the Formella decoration — recognizable by the recess that originally bore the trademark impressed on the long side: an intelligent addition that made the brick lighter and more manageable, it restores rational appeal to its modern reinterpretation.



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