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The countdown for Cersaie 2017 has begun. The International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings will be held in Bologna from September 25 to 29. Marca Corona 1741, leading company in the history of the ceramic district and trend-setter on an international level, will be proudly taking part in this 35th edition.

The unmistakable style of Marca Corona comes to life in 4 new projects both ambitious and innovative: 4 new collections that will surely guarantee great aesthetic impact.


Bleecker, a series inspired by reclaimed wood and recalls, already in its name, the bold and metropolitan style. Surfaces with a strong substantial feel, capable of bringing to mind intimate atmospheres by virtue of the authentic look and to 2 daring accents of colour, creating a harmonious contrast with the 4 neutral tones.

Type, a new vision of metal, where slight oxidation effects offer a surprising elegance to the raw nature of metal sheet. 3 sophisticated tones to make industrial minimalism compatible with elements of contemporary design. 


Chalk, a tribute to the genuine appearance of concrete, a skilful combination of powdery tones and innovative sizes. Geometric compositions and chalky shades enriched by 38 decorative patterns with a sophisticated flair, to bring vitality to this extremely elegant collection.

Maiolica, an innovative interpretation of tradition, a clear tribute to the Galleria Marca Corona, historical treasure-house, since 1741 up to the present day, for the entire ceramic district. The antique artefacts are the inspiration behind Maiolica, behind the 2 sizes and colours, the most traditional ones, and behind the geometric and floral patterns.

A tradition that is rediscovered by means of cutting-edge decorating techniques that can combine the authenticity of craftsmanship with a modern three-dimensional effect.

Marca Corona is however not settling for the mere presentation of new irresistible collections, we want to make your visit to Cersaie unforgettable too.. How?

With a brand new Stand, a multi-purpose space designed to express the bold and sophisticated personality of the Brand. The painstaking work made to develop the interiors has allowed us to create a real path to follow, to guide visitors and help themdiscover the 2017 Collections. Theatrical atmospheres and sophisticated details are the elegant setting for the new series,Bl’ker, Type and Motif Extra, with their 120x240 cm slabs. The path ends in the Agorà 1741, a spacious and evocative square inspired by the renowned Corso Como, the trendy street for shopping in Milan.

Matching collections so different in terms of appearance, character and size has been a really stimulating challenge for Marca Corona. We have paid a great deal of attention to the environments, the tones and the lighting solutions.


To ensure aesthetic consistency within the stand, we have chosen to include an element of continuity linking the settings, namely an elegant base colour that truly means something for Marca Corona. Which? To discover it, pay us a visit at Stand B2-C1 (Hall 18)!

But the surprises do not end here! To make the Cersaie experience more playful and interactive, this year Marca Corona is launching its “Scan & Like” photography contest: each environment of the Stand will have its own QR Code, connected directly to the Instagram profile of Marca Corona. By scanning the QR Code with a Smartphone or Ipad, each visitor will land on Instagram to “vote” and comment the photos of his/her favourite setting!

To take part, just download a QRCode Reader free app (for IphonesIpad or Android) and come to visit us at Cersaie (Stand B2-C1).

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