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Ceramic on the other hand...will never let you down! Highly reliable styling and safety

Do you want to renovate your home or design a new commercial space, but have no idea which materials and solutions to choose?
Take a few minutes to discover the advantages and properties of ceramic, the ideal material to have durable high-performance floor and wall tiles and design attractive, practical and safe settings!

Ceramic for floors: safety and design

Commercial premises, offices, hotels, restaurants, private homes... whatever project you’re working on, it is essential that you be aware of the solutions the market has to offer and understand what furnishings, floor tiles and wall tiles are most suited to your specific intended use, lifestyle and personal taste.

Now more than ever, the choice of materials to design everyday spaces constitutes a key element to guarantee the safety and functionality of the premises, and hence the peace of mind and physical and mental well-being of the occupants. Certain technical features, which are often ignored or underestimated, are in actual fact determining factors to create safe residential and commercial projects, which are healthy and practical to use.

Many people think that it is the furniture which defines a setting, as it expresses the personality of its inhabitants; in actual fact, the true heart of any project is the envelope: the floor tiles and the wall tiles make the difference, both from a styling perspective as well as the durability and functionality of the space!

The market offers a multitude of materials suited to interior design and outdoor designs too… but they’re not all the same! Indeed, each material offers different features, advantages and limitations: some focus entirely on aesthetic styling, compromising on functionality and safety; others, perhaps more affordable and easy to install, tend to damage easily, with the risk of having to replace them after just a few years; others still, although beautiful and hard-wearing, are simply too expensive and thus remain a distant dream from a glossy magazine cover…

Ceramic is capable of combining a variety of technical, aesthetic and financial advantages and of accommodating the demanding requirements of contemporary residential and commercial designs. Ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles constitute one of the highest performing solutions available on the market: irrespective of the intended use, porcelain tiles guarantee superior performance levels in terms of functionality, hard-wearing resistance and safety, as illustrated, simply and ironically, also by the new videos: “Ceramic on the other hand” produced by Ceramica Info.

So let’s find out together all the features and advantages of ceramic!

Ceramic is naturally sourced, completely recyclable since it does not contain plastic, and is even and compact. Unlike other stratified materials, which require specific separate disposal to separate all its component layers, ceramic is not stratified, and therefore easily recycled.

Ceramic constitutes a safe choice for both the environment and for our health: unlike other materials which, in the event of a fire, release acidic, corrosive and toxic smoke, ceramic is flame-retardant and does not release VOC, fumes or other harmful substances. Porcelain tiles do not even contain asbestos or other substances which are harmful for human health.

Ceramic is devised to withstand high temperatures, sudden temperature changes and atmospheric agents, while retaining its original flatness and sizing intact, without warping or altering with time; ceramic is therefore perfect for outdoor spaces or areas exposed to all weather, or to trim the areas of the kitchen near the oven and hob.

Ceramic is a stable material, designed to minimise the risk of tripping and accidents: professionally installed ceramic, using dedicated adhesives, ensures stability and durability of your floor tiles and wall tiles, for safe beauty that will stand the test of time.

Ceramic for floors: safety and design

Ceramic is one of the most hygienic materials ever: easy to clean and sanitise using common neutral detergents, it is the perfect choice for those who have very little time to devote to household chores, who live in large spaces or need to look after highly frequented public venues. Ceramic wall tiles are immune to fungi, bacteria, mould and mildew, which makes them one of the most recommended solutions for bathrooms or extremely humid environments. Ceramic surfaces are extremely compact and uniform, they do not trap mites or bacteria - unlike other more porous or absorbent materials - and are totally hypoallergenic and odourless. If you opt for large sized tiles, you can also minimise joints and dirt build-up.

Choosing porcelain floor tiles or wall tiles means relying on durable, but above all ever-perfect surfaces: ceramic is one of the most popular materials in large public settings, hotels, shopping centres and areas susceptible to wear from trampling.

You will be able to enjoy your space with complete peace of mind, without worrying about scratches, scuff marks left by shoes and moving furniture or other surface damage: unlike other materials, which damage irreparably after just a few years, ceramic is made to last and to stand the test of time. Fewer worries and plenty of savings too!

However, let’s not forget about another essential aspect: the styling! Ceramic surfaces succeed in perfectly replicating infinite materials, effects, colours, patterns and even 3D reliefs, allowing you to design your dream settings! Marca Corona, a brand that has always focused on anticipating the requests of consumers and the latest trends from the world of design, offers multiple ceramic collections which differ in style and effect, devised with painstaking care for details to accommodate various needs and suitable for any intended use.

Ceramic offers the utmost versatility and choice also in terms of sizes: the Marca Corona series ranges for instance from the small sized tiles in the 1741 Line, decorative cementine tiles with a retro or designer look, to large sized ultra-slim slabs. The large sized offering includes an incredible range of surfaces, from the wood effect to the natural stone effect, from prized marble varieties to sophisticated wall panelling, from textures inspired by natural materials to surfaces with an ethnic soul.

Ceramic for walls and floors

The reasons for choosing ceramic are truly abundant, and with the help of a designer or an expert in the field, it will be even easier to find the most suitable solution for your needs!

Discover all the advantages of ceramic in the new videos: and allow yourselves to be enchanted by Marca Corona !

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