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A project to rediscover, from a contemporary point of view, patterns
and shapes of small sizes.

The 1741 project.

The authenticity of material, the care for detail and the decorative variety. These are the values that inspired the “1741 by Marca Corona” line, a project that reinterprets traditional motifs in accordance to today’s trends.

The logo is the first feature that attests to the continuity between past and present, between memory and innovation: from a graphical point of view, inspiration is drawn from the relics kept at the Galleria Marca Corona, the historical heritage of Marca Corona. The key player is the small size in its many variations and with its capacity to convey a sense of handmade preciousness. Lozenges, hexagons, bricks, listels and cementine of a small size but with a great aesthetic impact, especially designed to give life to geometric and decorative compositions that are both unique and in line with the latest trends. The 1741 project, launched in 2014 by means of the Terra series, now includes 12 collections, different in inspiration and style but all animated by the same painstaking stylistic research. Among them Terra.Art, the brand-new cement tiles collection with a ambitious mission: pay homage to Terra while reinterpreting it with a creative twist through the use of colour.

The decorative variety and the versatility of 12 different collections, resulting from a research on patterns and style that is inspired by the past but that looks towards the future.

The aim is to achieve the utmost power of expression and versatility and to transform small sizes into a sophisticated decorative detail or into a design solution with a wider scope.

Irrespective of the mood - retro, refined, rustic, Nordic or urban - each collection is the perfect synthesis of realistic surface effects, captivating colours, refined patterns and innovative shapes. 1741 floors and walls give any space an intimate and personal touch that cannot go unseen.

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