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Marca Corona Gallery, the historical archive of Rubbiani Collection, the ancient heritage of the Sassuolo ceramics and the genetic legacy of Marca Corona, represents the source of inspiration for this small-size collection: tradition is reinterpreted from its most appreciated form – white and blue majolica – through an extensive graphic research and an innovative decoration technique, to give these floors and walls a modern look, suitable for the most sophisticated and trendy residential and commercial spaces.
Proposed in the classical formats - 10x10 and 20x20 cm - Maiolica is characterized by a lively handcrafted look and 3D touches. Proposed in monochromatic scheme or laid in contrast, the white and blue backgrounds match a rich selection of decorations, with geometric and floral motifs: besides the 6 different glossy decors, blue on white background, designed for 10x10 cm coverings, for the 20x20 format the Collection presents also 2 patterns, extremely elegant in total white, suitable also for flooring installations.

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