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Camst Centralized Kitchen

Project type
Restaurants and Bars
Year of realization
Architecture firm
Domenico Racca
Architecture firm website
Articles used

Work 30x60 (Grey, Sand, Ice, Dark)
Work 45x90 (Grey, Sand, Ice, Dark)
Planet Grey 45x90

Technical solution

Ventilated facade

Camst kitchen chain: architecture and design

To improve the thermal performance of its new premises near Cuneo, the Camst kitchen chain has opted for an innovative technical solution. The Planet series is used for the facade of the building, part of an efficient system of ventilated walls designed to guarantee maximum functionality without compromising on style, given the pleasant combination between these metal-effect surfaces and the vibrant colours of the exterior door and window frames.

Featured in the interiors is the Work series, in a number of different shades, for a total of over 2500 square meters: from the kitchens to the offices, as well as the dining rooms and the toilets, these concrete-effect floor and wall coverings shape modern, inviting, informal settings.

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