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Sustainable ceramics: Marca Corona obtains ISO 17889-1 certification

A new certification that attests to the sustainability of our ceramic tiles, for increasingly ecological and sustainable production

Committed to sustainability and the optimisation of its business processes for many years, Marca Corona recently reached a new, important milestone, enriching the range of environmental product declarations achieved in recent years.
We are talking about the new company certification UNI EN ISO 17889-1 "Sustainability issues for ceramic tiling systems", a standard issued in June 2021 that qualifies ceramic tiles in terms of sustainability, enabling designers and end customers to select materials and products that contribute to green-oriented projects.


Developed following a whole product life cycle analysis approach, ISO 17889-1 certification assesses corporate sustainability performance, specifically including as many as 38 indicators covering environmental, functional, economic, and social requirements, including:

  • Recycled and/or utilised waste content
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency management system
  • Fuel used
  • Water specified consumption
  • Wastewater discharge
  • Reuse/recycling of packaging materials
  • Criteria for VOC emission by the product
  • Environmentally friendly tile installation/demolition
  • Worker health and safety
  • Information provided to the user on the correct use of tiles


The metric values used to certify a sustainable company are in line with the highest international standards and meet requirement 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 agenda, which focuses on achieving responsible consumption and production patterns, an essential goal to protect the environment and the survival of our planet.


A prestigious award that rewards Marca Corona's constant commitment to achieving increasingly sustainable production, adding further value to the long list of green certifications obtained.
 The ISO 17889-1 certification is concrete proof of our focus on environmental protection, together with the reliability and quality of an environmentally friendly, recyclable, practical, healthy ceramic product that perfectly meets all sustainability and efficiency requirements demanded by planners, designers, building contractors, and end customers.

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