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Find out about all the new projects and ceramic tile collections by Marca Corona developed to support tomorrow’s designs

The new 2021 Marca Corona catalogue is here: Download the catalogue to browse through all the new projects and collections of porcelain tile and white body floor tiles and wall tiles, designed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s residential and commercial designs.

Marca Corona’s ceramic tile offering continues to grow into an increasingly versatile and functional range: from the large 6 mm thick 120x278 slabs to the extra-thick line of stoneware for outdoor use, the decorative small size offering and the new 80x80 size, the Marca Corona product range is designed to accommodate architecture and design projects of any size, type and style. Let’s discover all the new products and technologies developed for 2021 together.

Marca Corona Tiles Collections 2021


To create exclusive and functional spaces, contemporary architecture gambles on large surfaces, top-performing materials and versatile solutions. To satisfy design requirements, Marca Corona has decided to expand its ceramic tile offering with the Large Slabs Project, a selection of maxi-sizes capable of conveying the technical and stylistic potential of porcelain tiles in settings with a strong styling impact and with the utmost visual continuity.

The Marca Corona range offers the 2 trendy and versatile maxi-sizes, namely 120x278 and 120x120cm, which are available across the stoneware collections with various aesthetic effects, such as marble, stone and concrete, in keeping with the latest design trends.

Marca Corona Tiles Collections 2021

The innovative 6 mm thick 120x278 ceramic slabs constitute a cutting-edge tiling solution; on the one hand, they make it possible to reach the full height of the ceiling, without the need for additional cuts, thus minimising the presence of joints, and on the other thanks to their reduced thickness, they prove lighter and easier to handle, and are particularly suitable for refurbishment work on existing materials. The 9 mm thick 120x120 size on the other hand is recommended for both floor and wall tiling installations, and is therefore particularly versatile and popular thanks to the visual continuity it lends various public and private settings.

The Large Slabs offering has today been supplemented with Foyer Royal, the new collection of marble effect stoneware floor and wall tiles with a scenic personality. Foyer Royal comes in 5 different marble-like graphics, 3 of which are more versatile and 2 accents with a significant decorative impact, Drama and Green Ama, which stand out for their eccentric hues and ultra-expressive vein patterns.

To enhance the value of this exclusive collection, Marca Corona is in fact wagering on large rectified sizes: the 6 mm thick 120x278 maxi wall tiling slabs are available for all colours, in the exclusive reflex finish, while the 9 mm thick 120x120 maxi-size is available with both the reflex and matt finish. Allow yourselves to be astounded by the brilliance and expressiveness of the new Foyer Royal collection.


With spring now upon us, it is time to rethink our Outdoor spaces and choose new, hard-wearing, practical and safe floor tiles for gardens, terraces and poolsides. To accommodate the specific needs of Outdoor designs, Marca Corona is presenting 2 new porcelain tile collections, Fiemme and Historica, two new products in the HiThick 20 mm thick extra-thick outdoor line. 

The stoneware floor and wall tiles in the Historica collection draw their inspiration from the charm of ancient architecture and reinterpret 5 different stones, including travertines, calcareous rocks and fossil stones, in the form of 20 mm thick rectified large sizes (45x90, 80x80 or 60x120 depending on the chosen graphics). Thanks to the R11 textured finish, Historica guarantees maximum hard-wearing resistance and slip resistance in outdoor settings subjected to mechanical stresses, the constant action of atmospheric agents or the presence of water. The Historica outdoor collection is also ideal for installation as wall tiling, bonded or ventilated façade, to optimise the energy performance levels of the buildings where it is used.

Marca Corona Tiles Collections 2021

On the other hand, the Fiemme porcelain floor tiles are devised to convey the authenticity of distressed wood to residential and commercial Outdoor settings thanks to expressive surfaces, capable of faithfully replicating recycled wood, along with its knots and natural grain. Fiemme is available in 3 different, warm and cold hues, and in the practical rectified 30x120 cm size. The new addition to the Hithick 20 mm thick outdoor Line, the Fiemme series guarantees all the superior technical performance levels of stoneware in terms of hard-wearing resistance and immunity to dirt, mould and mildew, and is designed to provide guaranteed safety and slip-resistance for gardens, swimming pools, terraces and areas where water is constantly present, thanks to the R11 textured finish.

In addition to the HiThick extra-thick surfaces, Marca Corona’s outdoor offering also includes 9 mm thick stoneware collections dedicated specifically to Outdoor use, such as the Vie della Pietra stone effect small sizes, and multiple matching collections, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, devised to guarantee maximum visual continuity.

Marca Corona Tiles Collections 2021


Paying tribute to Terra, one of the Marca Corona’s most popular collections and infusing it with new personality through colour: that’s the mission of Terra.Art, the new range of porcelain floor and wall tiles. Terra.Art reinterprets the theme of Cementine tiles through a palette of 7 unprecedented hues, testifying to the bond between legacy, excellence and innovation skills, two values which have always been part of Marca Corona’s very DNA.

Faithful in terms of sizes, the classical 20x20 classic and the versatile 25x21.6 hexagon, but at the same time revolutionary in style, Terra.Art relies on trendy, fresh and expressive colours: from the neutral hues of sand and white, to cool tones such as blue, sky blue and mint, as well as the enveloping, warm shades of custard and sunset, which have all been selected to generate a cosy, welcoming and pleasantly vintage atmosphere in any surroundings.

The most characteristic decorations in the Terra collection, 6 different motifs and an original Mix, have been reinvented through 3 different colour variants and are now available to design new residential and commercial interiors with a strong decorative impact. Browse the entire Terra.Art range and don’t miss the dedicated Social Media Campaign!

Marca Corona Tiles Collections 2021


To complete a new design project, you need to select materials offering the utmost functionality, practicality and styling value. To accommodate these design needs, Marca Corona has decided to supplement its porcelain tile range with the new 80x80 size, which is a hard-wearing, versatile mini-slab that is practical to install.

Thanks to its dimensions, this size in fact still proves easy to manage by a single operator and is suitable for tiling large contemporary spaces quickly, both residential and commercial, indoors and out.
The 80x80 size makes it possible to reduce joints to the minimum, along with the unsightly “grid look”, while maximising the visual continuity of the setting.


We are the oldest ceramic tile manufacturer in Sassuolo, an impressive legacy, which we are proud of. We feel a strong connection with our History, but feel even more Responsible towards the future, both ours and that of the Community.
For this reason, we are committed to working in a sustainable way every day, to making safe products, and to reducing our environmental impact.

Our Green Mission is achieved through lots of small everyday choices, in investments, in technology, in our conduct and in our supplies.
An example? In 2020 we obtained the ISO 14001 certification, a voluntary standard of our Environmental Management System, aimed at monitoring and progressively reducing the environmental impact of our company’s various activities.


In 2020 we were also among the first companies in Italy to introduce grass-based paper packaging, which has a much smaller environmental impact than other types of packaging, such as wood, polystyrene or other traditional materials. Grass-based paper is made from natural grass and is an environmentally-friendly, recyclable and totally biodegradable material. Grass is readily available in nature, has a short supply chain because it is harvested in ecological compensation areas close to the paper mills, and is processed with reduced environmental impact.

The grass-based paper production cycle allows for a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions, a significant decrease in pollutant emissions since no chemical substances or treatments are used, and a net decrease in electricity and water consumption. Just 2 litres of water are needed to produce one tonne of grass-based paper compared to the 6,000 litres consumed to produce normal paper. Find out all the concrete actions taken by Marca Corona to support the Environment and People here.

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