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For furnishing or renovating residential and commercial properties, it is essential to choose the right floor and wall coverings.
There are two main aspects to consider:

  • safety and maintenance: surfaces must be sturdy, safe, resistant to impact and chemicals, and easy to clean and take care of.
  • style and design: floor and wall coverings are important furnishing elements, able to create just the right style and atmosphere.

Ceramic tiles are the best option in terms of both style and performance. Why?

We’ll be explaining why in this brief tutorial “Why choose ceramic tiles”, one of the new videos by Marca Corona designed to offer a simple, interactive explanation of all the advantages of this material: although popular and widely used, it’s not a material customers know very much about!

On our website and YouTube channel, you’ll find all the videos designed to answer the most common questions regarding the choice, cleaning and maintenance of surfaces for the home.

Ceramics: a safe, stylish, lasting choice 

Even Confindustria Ceramica, the Association that for over 40 years has been representing the outstanding quality of the Italian ceramic industry worldwide, has chosen the video format to illustrate all the advantages of Italian tiles. The Association’s new campaign “Ceramics, a safe choice” features a series of short films illustrating the characteristics that make ceramics the ideal solution for modern architecture, always able to keep pace with the most demanding of tastes and the most challenging of project requirements. 

But what makes it the best choice, with all the materials there are on the market?

Because ceramics is a guarantee! Ceramic tiles offer unrivalled performance, even in the most adverse conditions. Hail, ice and snow have no impact on them, and nor does burning hot sun, because it’s resistant to UV rays, so their beauty remains unaltered over the years.

Ceramics: a safe, stylish, lasting choice
Ceramic tiles are easy-going!

Ceramic tiles are easy-going! 

Even if you’re not exactly kind to them, they’ll always look as good as the day they were laid, despite getting things dropped on them, abrasions and the use of detergents or aggressive chemicals. 
You can trust them!  You’ll never slip on them, and they’ll never catch fire, not even if you drop red-hot embers on them, because ceramic material is inert, and does not give off fumes or volatile substances that are dangerous for your health or for the environment.

Ceramic tiles are your friend!

Does your little one like to explore every single inch of the house? You can let him crawl wherever he likes, because ceramic tiles are safe for her health: they contain no plastic, asbestos, formaldehyde or other harmful elements. 
They’re non-allergic, they don’t capture dust, dirt, stains or bacteria, and they’re completely odourless, making them perfect for contact with children or particularly sensitive individuals.  And they couldn’t be easier to clean: no more weekends spent scrubbing the floors and walls! 

Green & Glam

But most importantly of all, tiles are green! They’re produced in compliance with rigorous international standards so as to reduce pollution and environmental impact at the supply and production stage.

The environmental commitment of Marca Corona and the other manufacturers belonging to Confindustria Ceramica is guaranteed by numerous environmental certifications and declarations.

Tiles are made exclusively from materials of natural origin, such as sand and clay, and they can contain varying percentages of recycled material, in order to reduce waste and environmental impact. Once removed, they can be reused as a base for new road surfaces, thus keeping them out of landfills and avoiding the need to source new materials.

Ceramic material is also an excellent conductor of heat, and helps cut the cost and environmental impact of domestic heating systems.

So no more sky-high bills!

Versatile, beautiful and classy. Surfaces can reproduce any material and effect – from wood to stone, as well as marble and concrete – and allow you to experiment with colours, glazes, textures, design effects and three-dimensional, raised looks.


Easy to lay, perfect for both floors and walls throughout the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, as well as the living room and bedrooms, and even outdoors.

Resistant and practical, tiles are suitable not only for residential settings, but also for commercial environments such as shops, spas and public facilities.

Marca Corona and Confindustria Ceramica agree: ceramic tiles are perfect for every project!

Like to find out all the advantages?

Take a look at our video tutorials or consult the website!

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