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When consistency… becomes boring!

Once again, a trend launched in the fashion industry has stretched to the world of design: we’re talking about mix and match, a trend entailing the use of different materials, colours and styles to create original and truly unprecedented combinations. To add a genuinely personal touch, in interior designs as in shopping, trend setters always end up mixing moods, inspirations and atmospheres.

Beware, however: to achieve a harmonious look between the various rooms of the home and avoid a result that’s kitsch and messy, it is a good idea to pick a specific leitmotiv and rely on the advice of an expert The mix and match trend is not a novelty... in old homes, such as those of our great-grandparents, one could easily bump into rooms with very different floor tiles.

As the years passed and, above all, with the ever-restricted square footage available, there has been a progressive standardisation of spaces: using surfaces that were similar to one another was an excellent trick to make spaces appear larger and more airy! Mixing and matching is however making a come-back, giving rise to modern and original interior design solutions…

In an open space or loft, for instance, the decision to vary the floor tiles could help divide the room into multiple settings, creating functional zones with different intended uses and personalities.  But who says you necessarily have to have a big house to combine several styles, materials and colours? By playing with chromatic, graphic and textured combinations, even small rooms can have outstanding personalities and appeal!

The most important aspect is without a doubt the choice of surface: floor tiles and wall tiles can in fact not only accommodate specific practical and functional needs but also several styling requirements. Each one of us can enjoy (perhaps with the help of an expert) designing a unique home, going wild with unusual combinations!

For those in search of versatility, porcelain tiles are without a shadow of a doubt the winning solution, because they are capable of replicating a multitude of materials, from marble to natural wood, while guaranteeing the utmost hard-wearing resistance and practicality at all times.

Some examples? Our Victoria white body wall panelling can be teamed with both stylish parquet floorboards and exclusive marble floor tiles to give rise to different yet equally chic settings. Authentic textured surfaces, such as the Phase concrete look collection, can become all the more modern and bold when teamed up with metal details and minimal design furnishings. Or even Cementine tiles, which are perfect for creating lively, eclectic and far from humdrum settings, as demonstrated by the colourful hexagonal Paprica.

Mix and match furniture to renovate your home

But let’s see how we can embrace this trend to renovate every room in the home!


The kitchen is the ideal room to experiment with several combinations, on both the floor tiles and the wall tiles.
The decorated Cementine tiles near the hob, used as a backsplash or as wall tiling for the worktop, are a stylish but above all a clever choice, because porcelain tiles are easier to clean than other materials.
They can be teamed up with other wall tiles or brightly coloured plasters and with wood look floor tiles of Scandinavian inspiration.
The look is completed by bowls, vases, utensils, pot holders and tablecloths in the same colours as the Cementine tiles... to cook and eat with style!

Mix and match furniture to renovate your home

Living room

Mix and match furniture to renovate your home

It is a well-known fact that carpets embellish a living room with that added touch of style! But all that glitters is not always gold… carpets get dirty very quickly, they are cumbersome to move, impractical to clean and above all they trap so much dust, so they are not recommended for youngsters or people who suffer from allergies. Combining several surfaces or mixing different decorative patterns proves to be an excellent alternative to create a carpet look in the living room without forgoing hygiene and practicality! The delightful Tortona Cementine tiles and the fun Paprica hexagons are the perfect match both for the concrete look surfaces of Phase and for the stone look Arkistone ceramic tiles. And don’t forget to combine some interior furnishings too, such as small ornaments, cushions or curtains, which recall your porcelain tile carpet in their colours and moods.


Over the years, the bathroom has become one of the most important and exploited rooms of the home. Why not experiment a little to turn it into your very own private SPA, to get away from it all? If you’re a fan of industrial style, your bathroom will stand out for the presence of cold hues, an understated cabinet and brick surfaces, like the small bricks in the Regoli collection.

To turn this room into a genuine oasis of relaxation, opt for the neutral hues and Oriental-inspired decorations of the Soul Bay white body wall tiles, which can easily be teamed up with authentic materials such as stone. If on the other hand you prefer your bathroom to have a more welcoming and family-feel, there’s nothing better than the Storie d’Italia Cementine tiles, applied all over as both floor tiles and wall tiles, or combined with colourful plaster, resins or natural parquet floorboards.

Mix and match furniture to renovate your home

The mix and match trend is already playing the starring role of amazing interior designs... So what are you waiting for? Use it to renovate your home too!


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